Last Friday, our no-meat day, I decided to cook Sarawak laksa

…for lunch and since we were out of bihun (rice vermicelli) I hopped over to one of the shops in the neighbourhood in the next lane, right round the corner from my house, to grab a pack.


…is another Thai brand that I like very much.

I find that this one is finer than the other favourite brand that I often buy…

…so it may not be that good for vigorous frying – it will end up all pecah-pecah, broken up into tiny bits.

I don’t know if it is the figment of my imagination but I actually feel that as far as the taste goes, this one has an edge over the other one. However, it is not in small pieces just nice for individual servings like the other brand.

There are four pieces in this large pack that I bought (RM5.00) and there are smaller packs with only two pieces, RM2.90 each. Of course I would not want to buy the latter – I could easily take two pieces and use those and I can keep the remaining two in any container, no need to be airtight or anything.

I still had some prawns left in the freezer and I fried some omelette and sliced them thinly for the topping. While I was at the shops to buy the aforementioned bihun, I stopped by another shop in the next block to buy some tofu puffs and taugeh (bean sprouts) and also some daun sup (Chinese celery) for garnishing.

I asked my sister to come over to our house for lunch and I panggang-ed (baked) another ikan terubok

…from the ones I have in my freezer for her to enjoy.

Of course she was delighted and enjoyed it to the max. Our late mum loved it so much too and I did cook it for her a few times when she was still around, those years when she was bedridden. After she had passed away, I believe my sister had not had the chance to enjoy the fish at all – as a matter of fact, neither did I as it is so hard to come by and I had not managed to buy any for a long long time.

That sure was nice that Friday, our simple no-meat lunch together.