Be patient…

when my legs are weak and wobbly.

Hold my hand

the way I held yours

as you took your first steps.


Be patient…

when I make a mess when I eat.

Remember that

you used to do that too

those times when I tried to feed you.


Be patient…

when you can’t understand what I say.

I had to try to figure out

what you were babbling about

when you first started to speak.

Holding hands

Be patient…

when I keep repeating the same things.

I had to repeat the same stories

to you night after night

until you fall asleep.


Be patient…

when I can’t put on my own clothes.

I spent hours, remember,

teaching you how to do that

when you were small.

Dressing up

Be patient…

even when I get impatient.

You too were frustrated

when nobody seemed to understand

what exactly it was that you wanted.


Be patient…

and sit awhile with me when you can.

You always wanted me to be around

for it gave you the reassurance

that someone is always there.

Holding hands 2

Be patient.

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Thanks to everybody for your Father’s Day greetings. You may have heard this song on the radio even though comparatively, it does not get very much airplay – Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman. You can click on this link to listen to it if you have not had the opportunity before.

It was my daughter who first drew my attention to it; she said that she would hear it quite a lot on one of those radio stations that we cannot receive in our little Sibu town…so I texted TraxxFm and requested for it. I liked it a lot and I was particularly touched by the lyrics. It certainly got me thinking…that as parents, we would carry out our responsibility in bringing up our kids the best we could, showering them with all our love but perhaps someday, we would need to let go…..

She spins and she sways
to whatever song plays,
Without a care in the world.
And I’m sittin’ here
wearin’ the weight of the world
on my shoulders.
It’s been a long day
and there’s still work to do,
She’s pulling at me
saying, “Dad. I need you!
There’s a ball at the castle
and I’ve been invited
and I need to practise my dancing.
Oh please, daddy, please!”

My Cinderella

She says he’s a nice guy
and I’d be impressed
She wants to know
if I approve of the dress
She says “Dad, the prom
is just one week away,
And I need to practise my dancing.
Oh please, daddy, please!”

Well, she came home today
with a ring on her hand
just glowing and telling us
all they had planned
She says, “Dad,
the wedding’s still six months away
but I need to practise my dancing.
Oh please, daddy please!”

So I will dance with Cinderella
while she is here in my arms
’cause I know something
the prince never knew
Oh I will dance with Cinderella
I don’t wanna miss even one song
’cause all too soon
the clock will strike midnight
and she’ll be gone

 Steven Curtis Chapman
Extracted from the lyrics of the song
CINDERELLA by Steven Curtis Chapman

To all fathers reading this, a Happy Father’s Day to you…


Birthday cake

Well, it isn’t my birthday. In fact, it isn’t anybody’s birthday. It’s just that this is my 100th post in this blog of mine which has survived up to over three months (on the 7th to be exact, last Saturday that is).

My friend, Cibol, asked somebody to set up this thing for me and having got that done, he sent me an sms to let me know and ask me to log in and post something! Good grief! I didn’t know what the hell to do. But after struggling through, I managed to post my first post – “Like a virgin” on the 7th of March. I was still very blur at the time…and the second post only appeared a week later – the 14th of March. The third one was six days afterwards on the 20th…and by then, I think I was getting used to it already.

Initially, I did not have any photographs and people started complaining. Gosh! My head was spinning just to get the posts published…and now they wanted pictures!!! So I had to learn the ropes…and my first photograph appeared. More complaints! So small! Not clear! Get a new/good camera!!! Gee!!! I never expected it to be so difficult!!! Come to think of it, even though I was not exactly computer-illiterate, I was not really into it…..

Checking emails
Well, I would not want to bore everybody to death with a long account of the “history” but for the record, to date, I have had, 21,072 visits and 2,010 comments. I do not know exactly where I stand, probably not as good as some but better than others. For one thing, I have been branded a “commentwhore” because I have always been concerned about the comments that I get every day. The comments will give me some feedback as to how I am doing. It is like this, you see – if a teacher is teaching to a class of students, how does he know that they are listening if they all keep quiet?

On the other hand, if they air their opinions or points of view, agree or disagree, elaborate and add details of their own, that will show their active involvement in the lesson. Likewise, I feel that the comments show interest in what I have posted and if you just drop by and read and move on, I would not have any idea what is going on in your head. Do you like it? Do you agree…or do you think I am a stupid, boring old man? 

Student sleeping
(amirahsyuhada2’s photo:…Good Lord! Even the book is upside down!)

If I were the teacher of such students, I would just sit down and refuse to go any further! Why waste my time when no one is listening?…Likewise, why waste my time when no one is interested? I might as well just sit around and talk to myself. After all, old people do that a lot, don’t they? LOL!!! So perhaps, you would like to post a comment to let me know how you feel – what you like, what you don’t like and so on…..

We can work it out…

I’ve got some more things here to share on the rising petrol prices. You may recall that in the previous post, I mentioned the absence of traffic jams during lunch hour in the town centre. Frankly speaking, that is not normal; well, even though there were no jams, there would be a lot of cars on the road. That was why I would go out to go my marketing around 6.30 a.m. so as to get back home before 8.00 a.m. when the traffic would get busier.

But when I went to town the other morning between 8 and 9.00 a.m. the roads were quite deserted, like 7 in the morning…and the following day, at 10.00 a.m. it was more or less the same. Today, when I took my daughter out for lunch, there were definitely more cars but I did not need to stall here, there and everywhere and parking spaces were easily available.

I am sure everybody’s trying to cut down on fuel consumption, otherwise it would burn a hole in their pockets…..

Fuel meter

…for filling up the fuel tank would simply mean emptying their wallets. But then of course, some may be worse hit than others…and those of us who have been humiliated and bullied all this while by those huge petrol-guzzling vehicles can now have the last laugh…

Big and small

I heard on the news today that there would not be any more increase for the rest of the year…but from past experience, we should know better than to believe everything we hear. Let’s just hope that it would not get much worse…..

Petrol vs perfume

Imagine petrol becoming more expensive that Chanel No. 5! Imagine if everytime you want to fill up at the petrol station, you will need to apply for a loan approval like buying property…

Loan for petrol

(Hmm…isn’t that in essence, the same as what many people have been doing all this time – paying by credit card?) Well, I don’t know how long this absence of heavy traffic on Sibu roads is going to last…but I do not expect it to go on for long.  Just like when we had to pay for parking, all the vehicles disappeared into thin air or people found all sorts of places to park their cars for free and just stopped short of suspending them from the trees…..but after sometime, finding a parking space became such a pain again.

Anyway, the fact remains that they have increased the petrol prices and those of other essential items have escalated as well, so we should find ways and means to reduce our expenditure and save…..

Saving on gas

(and since there is this scarcity of beef in Sibu, rearing cows may be a wiser alternative! You can sell the milk and the meat to supplement your income!)…and cut down on our use of petrol like this school bus driver…..

School bus

Somehow, if we put in some effort, instead of just complaining incessantly and moaning and groaning day in, day out, we can work it out or at least, make things a little bit better. Think positive…for every cloud has a silver lining!!!

Sources of images unknown:
courtesy of Gundot & Cocka
(the last one) via email.

My little town…

Sometime ago, Archie was asking me to post something about Sibu. Well, I managed to snap a few more photos to share with everybody in this post. The first one shows glimpses of something old and something new. Those buildings with the red roof (Obviously, the old roof had called it a day, so they probably had it replaced) are the old shophouses and in the distance at the back (the blue one) is the tallest building in Sibu, Wisma Sanyan.

Sibu old and new

And this one shows you the street scene in the town. This was around 1 something in the afternoon, peak hour and see! No traffic jam! Ain’t that great?

Sibu street scene

The next pic shows you one of the fountains that contribute towards enhancing the attractiveness of the town. The tall building at the back is one of the better hotels around here…

Sibu fountain

…and to solve the parking woes, there is this multi-storey carpark.

Sibu multi-storey carpark

One thing that impresses me most about my little town is that it was notoriously known to be the dirtiest town in the state, but today, I must say that generally, it is quite clean…even at the market!

Sibu Central Market

This is the section where they sell all the jungle produce…and where I will buy the fresh water prawns (udang galah), paku and midin (ferns), daun bandong (tapioca leaves), terung Dayak (Dayak brinjal) and so on…. Doesn’t everything look neat and clean?

Jungle produce section

I bought a big bundle of daun bandong for RM1, enough for frying one big plate of it…and using the rest to cook soup with ikan buris and anak jagung (young corn) which cost me RM1 a packet. However, I guess if you visit Sibu, you will not be buying those things…but I would insist that you buy some of these pineapples to eat (if you’re not going to Sarikei, that is). They’re different from those available elsewhere…and are sweet and nice, and the best part is they only cost RM1 each!!!

Sarikei pineapples

Well, that’s about it for this time. Do stick around…and I certainly will post more stuff such as these when I’ve more to share with everybody regarding my nice and pleasant, little Sibu town. 

I am…I said



I have been tagged by 8 random facts about me.

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Chronology of random events about suituapui .

1. 1994, September to December: Went for a short in-service course in Management in TESL (Teaching of English as a second Language) at the University College of St Mark and St John, Plymouth, England.

2. 2002, December: I celebrated my 50th birthday.
3. 2005, June: My family and I spent a two-week vacation with my brother and family in Auckland, New Zealand.

4. 2006, May: My missus celebrated her 50th birthday.
5. 2006: My daughter sat for the SPM Examination and attained As in all subjects except her additional option, English Literature (credit).
6. 2007,  July: Following my footsteps, my daughter secured a government scholarship to do a TESL overseas programme in Sungai Petani, Kedah, twinning with the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.
7. 2007, December:  I retired as a teacher in SMK Sacred Heart, Sibu.

8. 2008, March: I started my own blog – Still crazy after all these years (

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To each his own…

In Malaysia, we have all kinds of cuisines to choose from…but being from a Chinese family, on special occasions, we will have the typical banquet with at least 8 to 10 courses, starting with this hot combination dish perhaps… 

Hot combination dish

This was what we had the other day for the Dragon Boat Festival (Tuan Wu Chieh)…and this was followed by the soup that shall not be named. After that, we had a plate of chicken, done in two different ways – roast on one side and chicken with Thai sauce on the other…

Two-style chicken

and then we had fried snowfish with its special sauce and baked cheese prawns…

fish and prawn

There was delicious roast duck too, served with baked man tao and its special sauce…

roast duck Baked mantao

and after that, we had a plate of Foochow fried mee for the benefit of my deprived sibling, home for a few days from Auckland, New Zealand with his kids…and lastly, we had dessert. All that came up to RM350 for 10 persons, that is over AUS$100 and around NZ$150…

I guess if we opt for some Western cuisine, it may be more expensive but it is definitely not as heavy and once in a while, it may be nice to go for something different . Well, we had a lot of Western fare when we were in Kuching recently and around that same time, Gerrie had this beef tenderloin with shitake mushrooms at Grazie in KK…

beef tenderloin with mushrooms

and also this plate of pasta…

Grazie's pasta

But personally, after all that rich and heavy stuff, I would yearn for some plain porridge with omelette or salted/century eggs with salted fish and preserved vegetables…or those simple kampung dishes that my grandma and my mother used to cook and one thing’s for sure, this plate of umai (Melanau-style raw fish) that Gundot made would definitely be a welcome change…

Melanau umai

Well, you may not agree with my point of view. After all, one man’s meat is another man’s poison…so as the song title for this post goes, to each his own!!!