I will survive…

As far as I can remember, when I was little, there were only three main restaurants in Sibu – Yien Kien, Hock Chiu Leu and New Capitol. The first one had since closed down (Didn’t this one belong to your family, Alex? Andrew?) while the second one is still in business, I think…though I’m not sure who goes there these days;I haven’t been there for ages. The New Capitol Restaurant, however, is enjoying a thriving business in the face of stiff competition from the newer establishments, and it’s best known for its kampua (the authentic stuff…with lard) and Hainan Chicken Rice, the proprietress being Hailam.

I was there a few days ago on Monday (Wesak Day, so it was a public holiday here) for a Teachers’ Day lunch reception hosted by the tuition centre where I’m presently moonlighting to make ends meet. It started off with the hot combination dish…..

Hot combination dish

Ooo…just look at those slices of ham (over RM10 for around 4 slices here!!!)! And the stewed beef was absolutely tender and delicious…and there were abalone and prawns!!! I really feasted on the selections like there was no tomorrow. (How come nobody’s surprised? LOL!!!) After this came the soup dish that I shall not name…and anyway, it was just the usual stuff, nothing to shout about, but the dish that came after that was really worth dying for…

Grilled ikan terubok 

One of the teachers managed to get fresh ikan terubok from Mukah…and the restaurant really did it superbly, with the special sambal seasoning and grilled to perfection – the fish was still juicy and sweet!!!! I went to see the proprietress to see if I could tapau one home…but she said it would only be available upon special order!!! I ate and ate and ate…and still yearned for more!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Yes, it was THAT nice, I tell you! Anyway, the poultry dish was served next…

Poultry dish

They had deep-fried honey-coated sesame chicken on one side and on the other, some yam thingy stuffed with duck. The latter was a bit dry but was not too bad with the special sauce provided.  Personally, I do not eat anything with sauce unless the taste leaves much to be desired. Then there was this broccoli and mushroom dish… 

Broccoli mushroom

My friend with me whispered to me that mine was nicer.  I had cooked it once when he dropped by my place for lunch, so either he was hoping for another free meal…or I really am a good cook!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!! Then there was this sea cucumber dish which they served in individual bowls so I could not snap a picture of it, but I didn’t like it. I thought it had a bit too much ginger…and I hate getting the thinly-sliced strips of the root in my mouth.

After that came the dessert…

Sio bee and pancake

In the past, people had to travel long distances to attend such feasts, so to ensure that they would not go hungry on the way home…the banquet would end with very heavy stuff like sio bee (siew mai) and Foochow fried noodles. So in line with the tradition, we had, together with the fried pancakes with red bean paste, sio bee – the way we knew them to be. They’re different from what we have at dim sum places today and needless to say, they taste as nice as they used to when we were little children, fighting to eat as many we could before all of them were gone.

Well, it was different from what we can get in the newer restaurants but if that’s what diners can expect at New Capitol, I’m pretty certain it will survive…..


AMERICAN IDOL UPDATE: David Archuleta was in perfect form tonight PLUS his perfect choice of songs especially his trump card – “Imagine”.  Throughout all three rounds, it was clearly a clean sweep over David Cook who was tense and looked as if he had not slept the whole night and his choice of songs did not allow him to actually shine in any way.  As the Cow put it, “It was a knockout!!!” Being a reality show, I only hope the voters will not turn the tables on Ar…chu! Ar…chu! Ar…chu! God bless you!!! LOL!

A man and a woman…

Often has it been said that women are from Venus, men are from Mars, and indeed, they are different physically, emotionally and psychologically. Well, I received these (from that someone in Kuala Penyu) via email, and I wonder how accurate they actually are. I guess all of you can be the judge of that. Now, the first one is a diagram showing a woman’s brain…..
The female brain
So, what is your opinion? On the other hand, the brain of a man is portrayed as being quite different, like this…..

The male brain

LOL!!! The original that I received was animated, so you would get to see the “pulsating” movements. Well, I don’t know but maybe Cocka’s brain is like that but as far as STP’s is concerned, it is quite obvious that mine is filled mostly with FOOD. What about yours??? ROTFLMAO!!!

P.S. This is just a “commercial break” from all the food posts, so don’t come up in arms against me for whatever is depicted in the images (Sources unknown).

What I’ve done…

I took a flight to Kuching on Saturday, arriving just in time for lunch…so I headed straight to the small coffee shop along Green Road for the best kolo mee in town…

Kuching kolo mee

It was heavenly delicious!!! But even though I was there past lunchtime I had to wait for a very long time…but it certainly was worth it.  It has been ages since I had kolo mee and once a friend ta-paued for me (not from this shop) but it just wasn’t the same. Later, after checking in at the hotel, I went for prawn cakes (hay pia) for tea…

 Hay pia

It was not as nice as Peterson’s, next to the Satok wet market but since it was the weekend, all the stalls for the Satok sunday market would be up and the place would be horrendously congested. I had two hay pia, one fried tofu and one stick of fried kiaw (wantons)…and that came up to RM3.00, and I felt that was a bit too steep for so little.

The main event, of course, was Sophia’s birthday which was the reason why I went to Kuching – to grace the occasion at the Sarawak Club (Ehem! Ehem!! LOL!!!).

Birthday girl and cake

There weren’t any candles on the cake in case it would trigger off the fire alarm and set off all the water sprinklers.  That place was razed to the ground not too long ago, remember?…..Now, what do you think was on Sophia’s or the other Dimong’s mind? Just for the fun of it, why not suggest a caption for the photo? How about this to start of? “Aww…why does she have to cut it? Just give the whole cake to me lah!” Hahahahahahahaha……

And after dinner, we headed to the karaoke lounge at the club. Sophia’s hubby sang, “Itsy-bitsy Teeny-weeny Yellow Polka Dot bikini”. No wonder Sophia’s keeping herself so pencil-slim; imagine if she were my shape and size and wearing a bikini like that, that would probably be the last song her hubby would sing!  And one of the younger Dimongs sang the autobiographic “Seven Lonely Days”. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! Kpg Nangka Boy sang “Beautiful Girl”, the Jose Marie Chan’s, thank God and not the Sean Kingston’s suicidal one…and Lionel Richie’s “Hello”…and one more English song, I just can’t recall which song now (…as Simon Cowell would say, “Very forgettable!” Hahahahaha!!!)…before he covered Peter Pan’s “Mungkin Nanti”. He sang it well…except that the thought kept crossing my mind that he must be at least four times Ariel’s size (Is that the name of Peter Pan’s lead singer?)! ROTFLMAO!!! And hey KNB!!! Stop looking at that young chick’s “cleavage” or “crack” as Cocka would call it…..!

Sarawak Club Karaoke

She’s got a tattoo on it?…..What?…..A cockroach???…Hahahahahahaha!!!!!! Sophia’s sis did an amazing rendition of Scorpion’s “Still lovin’ you” (Step aside, Cibol!!! You’ve met your match! LOL!!!) while I sang Joshua Kadison’s Beautiful in my eyes…and the P. Ramlee song about every man’s dream, “Madu Tiga” (isteri tuaisteri muda…and ana kawin tiga!!!. LOL!!!). We left the place past the witching hour…and the next morning, I had this at the hotel for breakfast…

Hotel buffet breakfast

The fried noodles -mamak style was a tad too salty, the omelette was bland…and the sausages and potato wedges tasted like…sausages and potato wedges. LOL!!! The bread pudding was absolutely divine though!!! I shouldn’t have wasted stowage space on the rest and feasted on the bread pudding alone! And I could not go for seconds as Sophia had said she would pick me up later to go for…..

Kuching laksa

Yup! We had Kuching laksa…and this was one of the best in town at Padungan (Chong Choon or something like that)…but honestly, the laksa that I usually cook at home is MUCH nicer!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!! Every ass loves to hear itself bray. Anyway, after that, she sent me to the Kuching International Airport…

Kuching International Airport

…and soon, I was home. It was indeed a wonderful weekend well-spent and a much-needed break for me!…..Well, one parting shot – does this mean that there are laws governing how patrons must say goodbye as they leave the place in question? LOL!!!!!

Sarawak Club sign

So…..how was YOUR weekend?

Family affair…

It was strictly a family affair last night (Saturday) when the Dimong cousins gathered at the Sarawak Club in Kuching to celebrate Sophia’s birthday. Regular readers would be familiar with names like Kpg Nangka Boy, Gerrie and Gundot who were all there but sorry…we’re all camera shy!!! (Well, the truth is there’s no camera with lens wide enough to fit all of us in!!! ROTFLMAO!!!) So all that you’ll get to see in this post is the food. We had the special birthday cake from Tom’s; was it coffee creme or something, Gerrie?…..

Tom's birthday cake

As for the dinner proper, we started off with this dish of birthday noodles for longevity… Ooo…got lots of quail eggs! I love those!!!!

Birthday noodles

I think this was something like those Cantonese fried noodles you get in KL. Then came the sushi platter. My daughter would love this dish as she loves Japanese food but unfortunately she was not able to attend…

 Sushi platter

After that, the combination platter…and the tofu followed…
Combination plate
Tofu dish

The tofu was very nice; its topping of minced meat had a hint of salted fish! They said it was dried anchovies (ikan bilis/pusu). There was also the yam basket…
Yam basket 

It was actually a mixed vegetable dish served in a “basket” made of yam…and then we had the specialty of the house – butter prawns! It was very different from the dish with the same name that we can get elsewhere. Here, they had prawn balls coated in some creamy buttery sauce…and I assure you it was very very nice!!!

Butter prawns

And on top of all that, we had dessert-the usual peach and longans and almond jelly, and coffee (with the yummy birthday cake, of course)…

Fruit and almond jelly dessert

…and after the delightful reunion/get together…with lots of hilarious jokes and explosive roars of laughter (much to the disgust of the other diners), we adjourned to the karaoke lounge at the club, but that will have to wait till another post…

Times of your life…

Happy birthday, Sophia…and may your days ahead be blessed with blue skies and everything nice! In conjunction with your Big 5-0, I would like to dedicate this song specially to you; I bet you’re familiar with it.  Well, you can click on the title below and listen to it on YouTube if you can’t recall how it goes. I find the lyrics very meaningful now…though I didn’t feel the same way when I was younger. The song I’m referring to is TIMES OF YOUR LIFE by Paul Anka.

Good morning, yesterday
You wake up and time has slipped away
And suddenly it’s hard to find
The memories you left behind
Remember, do you remember

The laughter and the tears
The shadows of misty yesteryears
The good times and the bad you’ve seen
And all the others in between
Remember, do you remember
The times of your life

STP and Sophia
Reach back for the joy and the sorrow
Put them away in your mind
The mem’ries are time that you borrow
To spend when you get to tomorrow

Here comes the saddest part
The seasons are passing one by one
So gather moments while you may
Collect the dreams you dream today
Remember, will you remember
The times of your life

The greatest love of all…

Teachers' Day

This poem is dedicated to all teachers…by profession and by obligation (parents included).



You take a piece of clay

And slowly fashion it day by day

Your fingers press it and press it still

It moves and it yields to your will


You add a touch of kindness, a touch of care

And you listen with your heart each passing day

You look beyond what it then appears to be

At the feelings, the dreams, the destiny


You take a piece of clay

And patiently shape it day by day

You handle it patiently with your tender touch

Nurturing the dreams that mean so much


You reveal what is right and what is wrong

You teach how it is to be steadfast and strong

You inspire values of respect and loyalty

To make it what you hope it one day will be


You take a piece of clay

And gently mould it day by day

You instil feelings of love in it

In all that you do, gradually bit by bit


And when you come upon it as the years fly by

You will look at it with a smile and a sigh

For the form you have given still it will show

And you know that you can change it no more



STP and students

The graphic above is taken from a special post dedicated to me by an old blogger-friend on Teachers’ Day 2006.