Think of me…

I had just had my lunch that day and had gone upstairs to have a nap when I heard a car at our gate. I was already horizontal so I did not bother to get up and see.

I checked my Messenger via Facebook and saw a message from Daisy, an ex-student of mine. She said that she was at the bakery in my neighbourhood when she thought of me so she picked up something for me for Chinese New Year from her, her hubby, also my ex-student and their son, Ian…and their mum, a retired teacher like me – she gave me the mint and oregano that are growing so well in my garden.

When I got up later, I went and had a look…

Louis Bakery

It sure looked like the people at the bakery had started stocking up on cakes and cookies for sale for Chinese New Year…

New Year 2021

Daisy had bought me a prune layer cake…

Prune layer cake

I have seen those pop-up ads on Facebook advertising the ones from Lavender in KL. My good friend, Mandy, bought me one once, without the prunes, and it was very nice.

I cut two thin slices from both ends and divided them into smaller slices so all of us in the house could try…

Louis Bakery kek lapis prune

Yes, it was very good – moist, not dry and hard and best of all, not sweet. We all loved it but I’m keeping the rest till Chinese New Year. At least, we’ll have cake, pineapple tarts, keropok and acar, come Chinese New Year.

Thank you so so so much, Daisy, and all in the family. That was so very sweet of you! May God bless you all abundantly in this coming Year of the Ox!

LOUIS BAKERY LW.Pattisserie (2.316411, 111.839847) is located along Jalan Ruby in the same block of shops as Kim Tak Co., right next to Ah Kau Cafe at the end of the block to the left.

Closed doors…

Chinese New Year 2021 is around two weeks ago on Friday, the 12th of February, but we shall be ushering in the Year of the Ox behind closed doors.

There will not be any need to go through weeks of strenuous spring cleaning, wiping and scrubbing every nook and cranny in the house from top to bottom, no climbing up and down putting up the lanterns and other decorations and of course, there will not be any welcoming of family and friends, unlike last year. In view of the current situation, we shall not be holding an open house this year.

Of course, we shall have a simple Reunion Dinner on the eve of the brand new year and we shall be inviting my sister to join us, that’s all.

No, we are not going out to buy anything special – we shall have to make do with what we have in the freezer and the fridge. We still have a few ikan bawal hitam/or chio (black pomfret) and those will have to do – nian nian you yu 年年有鱼.  We will probably cook sweet and sour fish with those as red is an auspicious colour. I don’t think we shall take out the otak-otak from Payung as they say we must have whole fish and we must leave a bit for the following day and not eat up all of it.

My missus made some Sarawak acar timun (pickled cucumber) and I’ve been frying keropok (prawn/fish crackers) – they go so well together and sitting down to enjoy them is a Chinese New Year thing here but the problem with being cooped up in the house all day long, the keropok kept running out.  We still have two packets left but I think I shall wait till the festival draws near before drying them in the sun and frying them.

She also made some pineapple tarts…

Missus' pineapple tarts

Usually, she would just go out and buy – there is a bakery here that makes them in the form of golden nuggets…

Daily Bread pineapple nuggets

They are getting more expensive and smaller each year but thankfully, when we bought some last year, they were still very nice.

It sure was extremely work intensive, making one’s own pineapple tarts. Preparing the jam was so tedious – I saw my missus stirring it slowly over a very small fire for hours and at times, she would enlist my girl’s help.

Getting the pastry ready isn’t so bad unlike in my younger days when I used to help my mum and aunties and my maternal grandma to make pineapple tarts. We would use bottle caps (Sun Valley orange cordial or grenadine) to cut circles in the pastry for the base to put the pineapple jam and then we would cut long strips of the pastry to line the sides and seal them. After that, we would clip the sides with brass clippers – a special instrument with serrated edges – to make a nice design.

Nowadays, there are special moulds for making pineapple tarts and you can just use them to stamp the pastry…

Pineapple tarts, pastry

…and after you have placed the ball of pineapple jam in the hole…

Pineapple tarts, ready for the baking

…they are ready for the baking.

My missus’ pastry is perfect! It is crumbly but it melts in the mouth and does not crumble in your hand. That is really quite a challenge to achieve. Ever so often, I’ve had pineapple tarts where the pastry was a bit too hard for my liking.

The pineapple jam was perfect when it came out of the oven – moist, not hard and not too soft and sticky but unfortunately, once it cooled down, probably due to the loss of moisture and the extended cooking in the residual heat, the jam got a little bit dry and hard. Still, it was very nice and we still enjoyed it very much. They’re all kept in tightly-sealed jars now – no eating till Chinese New Year or else they will all be gone in no time at all.

While she was busy with the tarts that afternoon, my girl made these lovely mini gimbap/kimbap aka mayak gimbap

Mayak gimbap

…for our dinner. There was rice, tuna and vegetables with some Korean sauce wrapped in the seaweed so it was a complete meal in itself and thankfully, there was no kim chi so I could enjoy it. LOL!!!


My sister celebrated her 60th birthday yesterday, the 13th of January, 9 years my junior. If I am not wrong, there was another one in between us but sadly, my mum had a miscarriage.

No, she did not have a grand celebration, not at a time like this but over the weekend, she did get us and also our paternal aunt and her family over to her house for a little get-together.

We ordered a cake specially for her…

Birthday cake from Marcus

…from Marcus, no less. She said that every year, when he was still around, fit and able, our father would call Marcus himself to order a cake for her and on the actual day, at exactly 3.00 p.m., he would drive over to his house to get it.

She ordered a few dishes from this very old-school restaurant, going all the way back to the 60’s and 70’s, at least,  one of the oldest survivors  in town and one of the most popular when it came to catering for home parties at the time and of course, she specially asked for the fried mee sua (longevity noodles) with the golden eggs…

mee sua with eggs

…by the side.

I did not take snapshots of all the dishes but I would say that they were all very nice including this braised pork leg…

Braised pork leg

Of course, I have a weakness for that and yes, I enjoyed it to the max.

There were around 8 dishes altogether and we decided to have it buffet-style instead of a sit-down dinner so we could take the food and sit some place in the big house to enjoy eating – that way, we could ensure there was physical distancing the whole time.

I must say that I enjoyed all the dishes that night and the cake, of course. A very Happy Birthday once again to my sis, may God bless you with a wonderful year ahead and many more awesome birthdays in the years to come.

SIONG LOKE YONG RESTAURANT (2.311051, 111.831036) is located in the Dewan Suarah area of shops, off Jalan Melor, a stone’s throw away from the SESCO Customer Service Centre there, to the left of Jen Pharmacy. 

On a Friday…

New Year’s Day, the first day of the year, fell on a Friday, usually our no-meat day and we decided we would not make it an exception that day.

That was why, the first thing in the morning, we had the traditional Foochow longevity noodles, the mee sua, with Bovril…

Bovril mee sua

…instead of having it in the usual Foochow red wine and ginger chicken soup plus some hard-boiled eggs by the side.

We thought of going here for lunch as they would have more non-meat choices on their menu but for reasons unknown, it was closed so we ended up at my late father’s favourite located right round the corner.

Of course we had their sweet and sour fish fillet…

Sweet & sour fish fillet

Theirs is our favourite in town – so far, we have yet to come across any that comes anywhere near the one here.

Other than that, there wasn’t much else without meat so we went for the vegetables, the fried cangkok manis with egg…

Cangkok manis with egg

…and the kangkong with belacan (dried prawn paste)…

Kangkok belacan

We thought both were really good, very much to our liking.

There was a breakdown in communication, most likely the lady boss made a mistake when jotting down our orders and instead of the Foochow tofu soup with canned oysters minus the bit of minced meat they would usually add, we got this bowl of tofu with salted vegetables…

Tofu salted vegetable soup

…instead. It did not matter much as the soup was great even though no meat was added in the process of cooking that.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’ll give them my double thumbs up for using those ceramic plates and bowls unlike so many places in town that stick recalcitrantly to those horrendously gaudily-coloured PLASTIC crockery, so NCAA (no class at all)!!! They used to use an assortment of sorts here before, ceramic too, not plastic but with all kinds of different designs. I do like the ones they use now a lot more.

The total for the food came up to RM50.00 and as you can see, I forgot to request for smaller servings for two (instead of three) but it did not matter as we did manage to finish everything,

Y2K CAFE (2.294220, 111.825753) is located in the Tunku Osman area, round the corner from that block of shops where the branches of AmBank & RHB Bank are located with its back entrance facing the side (right, not the main one) entrance/exit of Methodist Secondary School.

Throw it in…

After a drearily dreadful year, I really did not feel like celebrating to ring out the old and ring in the new. We decided we would just have a simple steamboat dinner on New Year’s Eve that day, mostly using what we have in the fridge unlike in the past, when I would go out to the wet market and shops here and there to pick up some special things like those giant freshwater prawns (udang galah) , sea cucumber, beef tendon, the whole works to throw in.

This was our individual table setting…

Table setting

…that evening, just the 4 of us, including my sister at a table for 8, ample space for physical distancing.

My missus did pick up two packs of the pek hay (white seawater prawns) from that neighbourhood shop and we picked out the bigger ones and we also had these New Zealand mussels with shell in the freezer, can’t remember when we bought them, and we took out a few…

Prawns & mussels

No, we did not take all of them out as we would not be able to finish eating all of them.

I did stop by a meat shop to pick up those packs of pre-sliced pork belly and beef…

Pork belly and beef

…specially for hot pots and steamboats. That sure saved us the trouble of having to slice the meat ourselves and they really do it very very thinly – I think they have the machine to do that.

While I was at the meat shop, I saw they had (Ligo) sweet corn at the grocery store two doors away so I bought three at RM1.00 each. It was a good thing I did that as there wasn’t any at our neighbourhood shop that morning, New Year’s Eve. My missus peeled them and cut them into manageable chunks and boiled them with the bone stock soup…

Sweet corn

…and yes, they were very nice. Really sweet, really true to its name.

I also managed to get hold of some baby corn (my missus said she could not find any when she went out a few days earlier) and enoki mushroom from the aforementioned shop and that morning, I went to our neighbourhood shop and grabbed all the lettuce…

Baby corn, mushroom & lettuce

…that they had. Word has it that there is a shortage of vegetables these days because of the incessant rain so some may not be available and of course, the prices of the rest are shooting up like nobody’s business.

My missus bought some quail eggs, my girl loves them, and made some meat balls and fish balls…

Meat balls, fish balls and quail eggs

…for our steamboat and we also had some tofu cakes in the fridge that my missus pre-fried and some leftover tofu skin as well. That morning, I also managed to grab a pack of pre-fried hu phio (fish maw), just soak to soften and use…

Fish maw, tofu cake and tofu skin

– RM12.00 for quite a lot at the Chinese medical cum grocery store in the same block as our regular neighbourhood shop and yes, we did get ready a packet of tang hoon (glass noodles) too.

When the time came, we just threw everything into the bone stock soup…

Steamboat 2021

…and the instant it started boiling, we could dig in and start enjoying all that we had that night.

My sister did ask me if I was inviting anybody else but I said no. At a time like this, I felt it would be best to keep everything low key, all to ourselves only. We’d probably do that again, like in the past, when things get better.

One vision…

When I bought Ol’ Faithful, my Proton Wira, in 1994, this…


…was sandblasted onto the glass at the back of the car, not that it got me all excited and jumping with delight – it was just…there. Frankly speaking, I never had my hopes up high through good times and bad times and all these years, nobody expected a massive disaster to strike in that year in question.

To put it mildly, 2020 has not been a very good year, has it?

The COVID-19 pandemic broke out around the beginning of the year…and a partial MCO (movement control order)/lockdown was declared in March to flatten the curve in the 1st wave. It seemed quite successful and the country won praises from her counterparts near and far but no, that was not the end of the coronavirus. I think it is the 3rd wave now and things are certainly not looking any better in many states – thankfully, it isn’t too bad here in Sarawak. Needless to say, as far as this visionary dream was concerned, it unceremoniously went right out the window.

The pandemic brought severe consequences to the lives of the people and the economy. Many fell ill and many died, many businesses closed down while the others struggled desperately to stay afloat. These are sad times, very hard times and it does not seem to be getting any better even though they have come out with the vaccine and are trying it out here, there and everywhere.

Malaysia is expected to receive hers in February but personally, I am not banking my hopes on a vaccine for protection – we still have to observe the same SOP that we have been practising throughout most of 2020, the new normal, they call it – wear a mask wherever we go…


…practise social/physical distancing when going out at all times, avoid crowded places like a plague. As they say, better be safe than sorry!

At a time like this, I do not see any reason to celebrate to ring in the new year but of course, we must be grateful nonetheless and give thanks to God that at least, we are alive and have, so far, been spared of the scourge and even though the future looks kind of bleak, we must continue praying that He will continue to protect us and no matter how long it will take, we shall get over all this and things will get better eventually.

In time for the new year
*From my cousin and family in Perth, Australia, thank you so much – didn’t make it for Christmas but made it just in time for the New Year*

For all it’s worth, A HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2021, everyone. May God bless and watch over us and protect us always…

…from a distance.


I saw on Facebook that Mary’s sweet & beautiful daughter, just like the mum, would be making some cheesecakes for sale for Christmas. I remember she did give me one once with lots of chocolate but no, I am not so into cheesecakes.

A few days later, I spotted another post and this time around, she would be making pies! Aha!!! I would want those! She made me an apple pie for my birthday that day and it was so good – it sure put those miserable ones at that franchise place to shame. Of course, this is partly a matter of giving and taking, a two-way thing or in Hokkien, we say oo lai oo khi (got come, got go)…and considering that they have been giving me things all this while, the least I could do to reciprocate was to show a little bit of support.

I asked for a box of each type, three…

Pies from Mary's girl


There were these chicken ones…

Chicken pies

…with its very nice filling, so generous with the meat…

Chicken pie filling

…and these beef and pumpkin ones…

Beef and pumpkin pies

…which were a little on the sweet side, probably because of the pumpkin…

Beef & pumpkin filling

…in them.

Last but not least, there were those awesome apple ones…

Apple pies

I remember in 1994, when I was at Marjons, Plymouth in the UK, the housekeeper (who looked like Susan Boyle before she became famous) gave me a box of mince pies. She told me that traditionally, they would eat them around Christmas as because of the shape, the pie symbolises the manger where Baby Jesus lay in the stable after He was born. Silly me, I thought there was minced meat in them but no, there was fruit mince instead. Well, we can’t get those here, not in Sibu and I thought these apple pies would make a great substitute, what do you think?

I can’t remember the prices now – they were over RM30.00 per box of 4 so that worked out to around RM8.00 per pie. I paid RM106.00 for all the three boxes, freshly baked, hot from the oven.

Moving on, it was the day after Christmas, Boxing Day, when I got a call from Bubu, my girl’s coursemate. He was posted here in 2013 and has been teaching here since. He and his family could not go home to Terengganu because there are only two “government-approved flights” per week and those that they booked were cancelled over and over again so they just gave up and decided to stay here for the holidays.

I understand that if you go to the airline website, there are a whole lot of flights and you can book any one of them…just that they would not be flying! This is absolutely ridiculous!!! Besides, when they come back, they would have to go through the tests and the 14-day quarantine and these would not be free for non-Sarawakians, RM2,400 per person so for the three of them, he would have to fork out over RM7,000 altogether.

That was why they drove to Sarikei the other day and I did hear them say that they would be going to Kuching the following week, putting the holidays to good use.

They went to this bakery in Sarikei that they said was very popular and they bought me these butter milk buns…

Butter milk buns from Honeybee, Sarikei

…and this assortment…

Buns fom Honeybee Sarikei

…as well, thank you so much.

As far as the texture of the bread went, I would say that it was pretty much the same as most of the modern-day bakeries here in Sibu, not old school like the roti paun I bought at the kampung stall that day. Having said that, I must say that the filling is a cut above many that I have eaten here. The butter milk filling, for instance, is more fragrant and not so dry as some of those here. I loved the custard filling that that nice-looking cylindrical bun and the spicy meat floss on top of the one on the right was really good. I don’t think I ever came across anything like that here. The big one was meat floss and chicken sausages and whatever else, nice too but I think that would not be so hard to find here.

I wanted to give them some made-in-Mukah keropok udang that I bought the other day but I could not see any halal logo on the label so I aborted the idea in the end. I also had some boxes of the Indonesian-made pasta in the house. I’ve bought some more to keep since my girl enjoys eating the cheese bolognese one so I gave those instead. Bubu’s wife said that the son loves pasta so he probably will enjoy it.

HONEYBEE BAKERY (2.130238, 111.518739) is just next to SugarBun Sarikei at No. 75, Jalan Masjid Lama.

So this is Christmas…

There wasn’t much to look forward to this Christmas. My sister was on duty in church on Christmas Eve so we decided to have our dinner on the evening of the actual day. The rest of us attended the service online.

On Christmas morning, I took out the Christmas fruit pudding…

Auntie Irene's Christmas fruit pudding

…that my aunt in Kuching gave me last year when we were there. I had kept it in the freezer all this time and yes, it was as good as new after I had defrosted it and instead of steaming it, I baked it a bit in the oven. That certainly brought back so many pleasant memories of my childhood days.

It is a steamed cake actually – my mum would make one BIG one every year using the Kjeldsens’ butter cookies tin, the biggest size, to serve to family and friends who dropped by during our Christmas open house. My aunt, my maternal uncle’s wife actually, has carried on that family tradition and would make it every year.

Other than this pudding, my mum would make cakes – butter cake, Milo and marble, Golden Churn, no less. Back in those days, things were very simple so at the time, we did not have all those fancy cakes that we see today but I must say they were just as nice, if not nicer! We did not have any electrical appliances then so your truly was the “official” manual egg beater using that spring-like contraption that looked something like the shock absorbers in our cars.

My mum would make some lovely cookies too and my role would be to put that bit of cherry in the centre of the kuih dahlia…and I would be keeping my fingers crossed the whole time, wishing and hoping that a tray would be overdone, a shade darker than it should be and yes, in the end, I would get to enjoy those rejects without having to wait for the festival before we could get to eat any. Hehehehehe!!!

Of course, she would cook her special curry that everyone would, without fail, flock to the house every year to enjoy with her “kuih bayee” – her pan-fried version of naan or something like that and when that ran out, there would be this plain sandwich bread from one shop here called Kim Guan Siang to go with the curry.

Well, other than eating that Christmas fruit pudding, there wasn’t much else the whole day till our dinner that evening. I wanted to buy a turkey from a hotel in town, over RM350.00 a bird, I think (my missus said it was over RM200 each, uncooked, at one of the local supermarkets) but the ladies were against the idea and said that they would roast a chicken…

Christmas dinner roast chicken

…instead. They do not really enjoy turkey plus one would be way too big for us to finish.

They said they would cook a seafood paella

Christmas dinner seafood paella

…and I was of the idea that we would just have a salad dish and that would be enough for the 4 of us. Obviously, the ladies had other things on their mind.

I wanted to buy a rack of lamb but the ones at the shop that day were so so HUGE and so was the leg of lamb. I bought those racks at least twice before and they were very nice, just the right size and to everyone’s liking. I ended up buying three lamb shanks, two smaller ones and another one a bit bigger. My missus said she would cook them so I suggested taking the bigger one – that would be more than enough but as you can see…

Christmas dinner lamb shanks

…that fell on deaf ears and even with the two smaller ones, we only managed to finish one and had to keep the other one for another day.

No, that wasn’t all! My missus took the two packs in the freezer that were left of the New Zealand striploin beef that I bought sometime ago and pan-grilled the slices…

Christmas dinner pan-grilled beef striploin

Unfortunately, it was overdone and turned out rather hard and on the dry side.

My girl made mashed potatoes and coleslaw to go with all that meat and tiramisu

Christmas dinner tiramisu

…for dessert.

That sure was a delightful dinner and seeing how terrible things have been, we sure were thankful that we were able to get together and enjoy the food and company for yet another year. It’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow and at the time of writing, we have not decided what we would be having for dinner. We’d probably have something lighter and less of a hassle to prepare, a steamboat dinner perhaps.

When I was small, New Year’s Eve would be a steamboat event at my maternal grandma’s house at Queensway before they moved it to Kampung Bandong here. Way back then, there were only those charcoal ones and that afternoon, everyone would gather to make all the preparations.

My auntie, the since deceased oldest uncle’s wife, would be the one slicing the New Moon abalone very very thinly so there would be enough to go round but she would not have any second thoughts about giving me a few slices to enjoy, straight from the tin – they always spoilt me rotten, they did. Somehow or other, it was so very nice then, the fragrance would fill the air once the can was opened unlike the burn-a-hole-in-your-pocket ones (same brand) these days – why, they are on display at a supermarket here in a cabinet under lock and key!

Come dinner time, all would have bathed and dressed up nicely to gather at the long dinner table – there were so many of us, can’t remember how many steamboats we had but I can remember vividly the beautiful blue & white Chinese ceramic crockery with dragon designs that we used. These days, the extended family is  a thing of the past – members of the family are scattered all over and getting everyone together like in those days gone by would not be so easy. Things are simply not the same any longer. Sad.

The Hope of Christmas…

It’s Christmas Day, 2020…

Christmas 2020
*My girl’s DIY Christmas crib using recycled stuff*

I guess unlike those before, this one is not one to bring a lot of cheer and celebration after almost one whole year of living in dread and fear, following the COVID-19 pandemic breakout around March.

I only received four Christmas cards this year, thank you so much to all of them for the effort and their thoughtful and meaningful gestures. Well, I did not send out any myself, just three to the older folks in the family, all residing in Kuching and I was delighted that they reached them safe and sound.

My cousin in Cheras, Selangor sent me this pop-up Christmas tree…

Pop-up Christmas tree frrom Cheras, Selangor

…and I got these lovely ones from my cousins in Kuching…

From Tabuan Laru, Kuching

From Kumpang, Kuching

I certainly was surprised to get one…

From Brisbane, Australia

…from my cousin in Brisbane, Australia too. Our Malaysian postal services made an announcement sometime back that we can’t send anything overseas so I was thinking that would include cards and letters as well.

Every year, as December approaches, I would be keeping track of all the Christmas commercials as and when they appear. I’ve always loved the ones from the UK and sometimes, the Philippines too but this year, I was not really overwhelmed by any of them. Eventually, I stumbled upon this one…

…that I absolutely love and surprise, surprise – it’s from Malaysia!!! You can click the link and watch but be forewarned – make sure you have a box of tissue paper beside you. It is so relevant in these difficult times that we are going through and watching it really touched me deeply. “No one knows when these trying times will finally come to an end but…we believe that things will get better.” Well, for that, we pray.

There are a few new Christmas songs this year but only a couple fit into the context of the situation we all are in. I would say that my favourite is this one…

Some extracts from the beautiful lyrics go like this:
…Cause right now the world looks nothing like those innocent Decembers…
…These days, peace on earth is hard to find.

And I need You to remind me one more time…
You’re still the hope of Christmas
You’re still the light when the world looks dark
You’re still the hope of Christmas
And You’re still the hope of my heart…
…May the sick find healing’s touch…
…And may every heart make room for you, the One who came to save us.

Even though things do not seem to be getting any better, let Christmas fill our hearts with hope, the hope that all this will be over soon.
A Blessed Christmas, everyone. Joy to the world, peace, love and goodwill to all mankind!

I insist…

I did not feel like going out, that day on my 68th birthday on the 2nd of December, but my girl insisted that we went out for dinner, her treat.

She and her mum ordered this very nice blackforest cake from Marcus…

Marcus' blackforest cake

…and they went to collect it at the house at 4.00 p.m.

We asked my sister to join us as well and we agreed to go early, at around 6.00 p.m. so that if there would be a crowd, they would most probably come later, past 7 perhaps, by which time we would have finished and could take to our heels if there were too many people.

We had lunch here once, their special weekend lunchtime menu, but we never went back again even though we quite liked what we had there that day. However, we had never had anything from their regular menu so we were looking forward to giving it a try.

We ordered this bacon mashed potato (RM12.00)…

Hideout bacon mashed potato

…as our side dish but the other dishes were a bit slow in coming so by the time the next one came, we had licked this one clean…and yes, of course it was nice! You just can’t go wrong with bacon – I think I shall do the same when I make my own one of these days.

My girl wanted the cheesy truffle fries (RM22.00)…

Hideout cheesy truffle fries

…for our other side dish. According to Wiki, “because of their high price and their pungent aroma, truffles are used sparingly,” and yes, I could detect the smell and frankly, I was quite put off by it so no, I did not think I liked it very much but the ladies seemed to enjoy it.

We had the aglio olio bacon pasta (RM16.00)…

Hideout aglio olio bacon pasta

…which was good, of course, since there was bacon too but I was already too full by the time the cured salmon pasta (RM26.00)…

Hideout cured salmon pasta

…came so I did not try that. It seemed that they did not like the pasta so they just left it in the plate while my daughter finished off the cured salmon – she did enjoy that…I think.

I expected my girl to order her favourite pepperoni pizza but instead, she asked for the bacon alfredo pizza (RM28.00)…

Hideout bacon alfredo pizza 1

…thin crust…

Hideout bacon alfredo pizza 2

…and yes, we did like it!

My sister that she had the pork burger once when she was here before and it was very good so I wanted that (RM26.00)…

Hideout prok burger

…too especially after I saw the one KY had! Oh? He didn’t really enjoy his truffle chips either – in his own words, “as for the truffle chips, it was a disappointment, there’s a hint of truffle oil perhaps but it’s also like saying you can see a hint of Chow Yun Fatt in me cos we’re both Asian.” LOL!!! Well, the burger was nice but it wasn’t anything to get me jumping with delight and no, you will not see me rushing back for more.

The total came up to RM130.00 and water was FOC. There were quite a number of tables though it was not really crowded but boy, that place was HOT!!! It opens at 5.00 p.m. so if they had switched on the air conditioning at that time, by the time we got there at 6.00 p.m., it should be nice and cool already. I don’t know when they turned it on but the whole time I was there, I kept a copy of their menu and used it to fan myself vigorously. By the time we left, at around 7.30 p.m., it was just a little bit cooler, not really that comfortably cold yet.

I did not like the songs they were playing either. I guess those were the current hits, the favourites of the young and trendy – this old ancient relic, a dinosaur, did not know a single one of them…but personally, at such places, I am quite particular about songs that they choose to be included their repertoire, something light and easy, songs that will create a pleasant ambiance and put one in the right mood for a lovely evening. I think I did mention that in this post sometime ago. Well, I guess I should be thankful and bless my lucky stars that they did not play any of those K-pop songs, the current craze.

All in all, however, I would say that we quite enjoyed the food and mingling among ourselves, thank you so much to my girl for the special birthday treat!

HIDEOUT 2.301547, 111.843569) is located at 4-D, No. 31, Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai (formerly Jalan Pedada) in the area of shops around Kin Hock Supermarket (formerly Gafu) in the block of shops at the back behind Kim Hock Premier Food Court, on your left in the lane/road to the right of Nam Heong Ipoh.