Who’s Suituapui?

Personally, I am…

…chronologically-advanced but always young at heart. Horizontally-challenged, hence the name or in short, STP, which means, “Good-looking fatso”.

…an ardent radio-listener. I enjoy the current hit songs as well as some older ones. No particular favourite singer or band; anything that is nice.

…one who likes meeting people and mingles well with friends of all ages, both young and old.

…someone with a passion for food! I know the best places to eat, that’s for sure and enjoy cooking but mostly the simple stuff – mum’s home-cooked favourites!

What’s in a name…

This blog was originally named “Suituapui’s Megablog” by the people who set it up for me but I changed the name to “Sense & Senility“, a twist of the Literature classic, “Sense and Sensibility”.  However, on second thoughts, I do not think I am quite senile yet so I decided to change it once again. “…Still crazy after all these years!” You can google the lyrics of the song by Paul Simon; some of it, if not all, is applicable. Was crazy, still crazy and probably always will be!


All opinions and views expressed in this blog are entirely my own and those in the comments are of those concerned and may/need not be in line with mine. As the saying goes, one man’s meat is another man’s poison so what I like or otherwise is my prerogative and likewise, it is your prerogative to like or dislike whatever you choose. To each his own. Comments that are diplomatic and respectful are most welcome and I would appreciate it if you will refrain from using fictitious email addresses and bogus links. Thank you.

102 thoughts on “Who’s Suituapui?”

  1. Well, I didn’t know! Haha .. good looking fatso?? Wow, that is so cool! 😀

    Hahahahahaha!!! What do u think it meant? When signing in for my hotmail account, I wanted puipuisuisui (fat-fat good looking2) but somebody beat me to it! Gosh! Got people want a name like dat, believe it or not! Wakakakakaka!!!!

  2. So which one is applicable??? Wakakaka…

    I met my old lover (or old friends also)
    On the street last night
    She seemed so glad to see me
    I just smiled
    And we talked about some old times
    And we drank ourselves some beers

    Still crazy after all these years
    Oh, still crazy after all these years

    Im not the kind of man
    Who tends to socialize
    I seem to lean on
    Old familiar ways

    And I aint no fool for love songs
    That whisper in my ears
    Still crazy after all these years
    Oh, still crazy after all these years

    Four in the morning
    Crapped out, yawning
    Longing my life a–way
    Ill never worry
    Why should I?
    Its all gonna fade

    Now I sit by my window
    And I watch the cars
    I fear I’ll do some damage
    One fine day
    But I would not be convicted
    By a jury of my peers
    Still crazy after all these years
    Oh, still crazy
    Still crazy
    Still crazy after all these years

    I’ve highlighted the parts with some relevance…but do note that I did not highlight “I aint no fool for love songs…” Oooo…I love love songs! Such a sentimental old fool, I am!!!

  3. haha mar googled and posted the lyrics here!!!

    Next time, post lyrics by the verse…and then I can have more comments! Wakakakakakaka!!!! Comment-whore, ya Mar?

  4. pssttt… why don’t you send an email to suisuipuipui and ask him/her why took your name! haha…

    ask u, has anyone mistaken u for Moses Lim, the Singaporean actor? haha..

    Under one roof! All the time! Even my anak!!!…and at one course, there was this Indian lady who insisted that she saw me before…somewhere! But I never saw her in my life. One day, as she got out of the lift, just before the door closed, she exclaimed, “Khoo Choon Teng! You look exactly like him!” (Those old enough would probably know this guy from Melaka! One of Bintang RTM finalists! Gosh…do I have such a common face? Everyone looks like me?)

    P.S. What if puipuisuisui is a sumo wrestler and he thinks I’m after him? Mati saya nanti, kena squashed!!! LOL!

  5. you mean you are not Mosses Lim?? all this while i though i was smsing with a celeb! i was wondering why moses lim pindah sibu? lol

    Me Moses Lim? More femes than him lah!!! Me Jay Leno…minus the skunk looking hair! LOL!

  6. I’m here. =)

    So u wanna hear the Famous Amos story? It’s a simple one actually…
    Well, they were saying that Sir Elton John would be starting his own chocolate cookie franchise, you see, and guess what he’ll call it????…Famous Anus! Wakakakakaka!!!!
    And they were also saying that Bill Gates would take over pfizer – the Viagra manufacturer, and guess what he’ll call it?…MacroHard!!! Come to think of it, who wants a micro…soft!!! Definitely not angeles! Nor kopisoh, rite? LOL!!

  7. Memang comment-whore…now got so many comments dy still x puas ha? LOL…

    Really ah? U look like the actor in Under One Roof???!!! Ke ai la…Haha…I used to watch that show…

    Many meh? So many posts already…and this is the 166th! Kesiannya! New broom needs reassuring mah! If no comments, it means nobody’s reading…!

  8. haahahahaaa… say Tak Nak to Microsoft!! Now way, Jose!! Kakakaa…

    How cum that Cock notchet find this Big Hole ah?? U nvr invite him to come tokkok?? Can I go whisper to him, attract him to come this way?? :mrgreen:

    I shy shy mah…don’t tell people one! So unless they “accidentally” find out, they will not know that I’m here! He he he he he….he pandai cari lobang, so let him find himself lah! LOL!

  9. OMG!! Suituapui have a blog now??!! I’m so surprise! My friend just told me. Is really weird to call you suituapui leh. But, I want to link you can ar? Dunno you still rmbr me or not.

    Of course I do! U’re the one who wrote the helicopter tragedy story, rite? Well, years back, somebody registered my hotmail address for me (Old man did not know how!!!)…and wanted to use “puipuisuisui” but that name was already taken!!!! So in the end, it became suituapui…and it got stuck!!!!

  10. Wow, your blog is doing well, soon can fight with that short and hairy blogger from Kuching. Would love to see you do an Osim advert. LOL.
    So where’s Baisantiu?

    Aiyor…he gets hundreds of comments even though he never replies!!! Wonder why they bother!!! People no “hiu”!!!…Which Osim product u have in mind? i-gallop??? Hahahahahahah!!!! Ah…I get it now!!! Tot that was name of restaurant or sumthing? Bai-san-thiu! Ugly skinny? Ummm…anybody qualifies??? Definitely not the Jackfruit Villagers!!! All heavyweights!! LOL!!!

  11. aiyo I saw that short and hairy blogger in starbuck last night. He seems quite full of it. Of course I never gave him the time of day…seems a tad too egoistical these days.

    I guess success has got into his head…and now he’s grown too big for his shoes.

  12. …curious as to who this short and hairy Kch blogger is…but I think I know…? Hehehe…

    Shhh!!!! Make love not war! Peace!!! LOL!!!

  13. hahahahha…. known you..still funny after retirement

    Of course lah!!! Not ready to be grumpy, old man yet!!! LOL!!!

  14. If you remember what I told you before, ‘sui’ is ‘pretty’ and is used to describe feminine beauty. You should say ‘ho kua’ (good-looking). But I see your logic though. Sui rhymes with pui

    Let’s see what the feminists have to say about this! Actually, “sui” is used quite liberally to describe anything that looks nice…a picture, a place and so on, don’t you think so?

  15. Good morning Sir, happy to learn that you set up your own blog. Enjoying your post retirement life, huh?

    Definitely! More relaxing, not so stressful…but not so much money now! On pension already!!! LOL!

  16. Sui Tua Pui!!! You make me wait so long on the 1st March.
    Lama tidak nampak comment, rupa-rupa di sini. hahahah…..

    Finally…you’ve found me at last!!! LOL! Welcome, Choonie!…I can’t get away right now due to family commitments, but if I should go over, I’ll email u to let u know! Had to disappoint my ex-student that time, I couldn’t attend his wedding reception!…Drop drop by again, ya!

  17. Hi
    Ban Chuan in Sibu……many many years ago, i used to lepak there,

    Ah Mui in Kuching…….a must after 12.00 midnight.

    The mere thought makes my mouth waters.

    Gosh!!! You must be as old as me then!!!! LOL!!!!…Welcome, and do come again!!! I’ve had a glimpse at ur blogs!!! Interesting! Everyone should go and have a look for an insight into things specifically Sarawak!

  18. Stp, since u r good friend of mine jor.. let me tell you about publishing your email on website… pls dun put the full or complete of your email address, u know why… there’s so called Spam Virus will automatically detect your email address on site and sent those viruses to your email.

    The best way to publish:

    Getting in touch…

    E-mail address: suituapui(at)hotmail(dot)com


    Ok…thanks!!! Will edit that…if I can find my way to it!!! Can’t remember liao! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  19. Friend
    I am back and i need a favor.
    Nothing much……just that i have been tagged by a friend.
    Hope you visit my blog and tag your other friends. I have you tagged.

    Thanks for your time

    Gee! Haven’t heard from u for ages! Eee…I hate tags!! Anyway, I’ll hop over and see what I can do…..

  20. LOL. puipuisuisui…. sound so cute xD
    make me laughing lah

    That’s good. I like making people laugh…and feel happy.

  21. STP!!
    Finally, u’ve decided to blog. very good. love it 🙂

    Thanks, JC! And welcome back to blogosphere! I’ll add u to my blogroll. Look at what they’ve done to my comment box!!! They’ve turned it into a chatroom!!! Doesn’t that remind you of what we used to do in ur blogs? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  22. Hahaha…
    STP, nice to know you ya~

    I’m Alan, Thank for the comment~

    Nice to know u too, and thanks for dropping by! Will add u to my blogroll! Do come again!

  23. sir … little (wee) Suituapui ?? wanna be the next kennysia .. lol y don post some of ur pics .. look forward to it ..

    No lah! People pro…me just play-play only! Got! Got! U check out the earlier posts! Got my photos…so very handsome ones! LOL!!!!

  24. Nice Blogs, and still crazy, you really make me happy.

    I think all people are crazy, but you have more percentage than others…

    Hello! Welcome. I’m glad you like what u see…and it makes you happy. Sometimes, we can’t be too serious…or our lives will get too boring and depressing.

  25. hi there. find yr blog interesting 🙂 btw, just did a link back to you (its ok if you dont have a blogroll) 🙂

    Thanks for the compliment…and I must say I am honoured to be linked to a celibrity!!! I haven’t linked you in my blogroll? Gosh! I must have missed that out! Will get down to it right away. Do keep dropping by, ya!

  26. Si tua pui is more suitable for you, LoL….

    Many people mis-spell it that way? Why do you think it’s more suitable? You’re scolding and cursing me, are you? Like people say, “Si kui kia”???

  27. Hai Suituapui
    Why you did not upload your personal photo in your blog so we know what you looks like…eh

    I have a pic somewhere in a yellow t-shirt holding a mike. It may show up as my avatar when I comment in some people’s blogs. You may get to see some of my pics – young and old – in some of my posts. Btw, ur first time here? Welcome. Do I know u? Never mind…do come again, ya?

  28. not my first time here but should be the first time commenting here! i like your blog’s name and quote. especially the ‘still crazy all these years’! I guess it fits your personality like you described up there. please don’t change it lah! if u change also, please tell me k? I might wanna steal tat quote. LOL

    Welcome, welcome. I think I’ve seen ur comments all over the place. Will add u to my blogroll. Do drop by often, ya!…Don’t think I’m gonna change anything for a long time. Old man, not so receptive to change! LOL!!!

  29. hi there, thanks for leaving the comment here :O) it’s nice to meet you. I add you inside my intouch corner oledy :O) Thanks for visiting and wish you happy new year :O)

    Best wishes & Regards

    Thanks for returning my visit and do keep coming by. Will add u to me blogroll too! And a Happy New Year to you…; alll the best for 2009!

  30. Hi! Su Tua Pui

    It seems to me that you live in Sibu. I from sibu too. I just wonder if you mind telling me that how do you construct this web 2.0 wordpress? What plugin do you use?

    Thank You

    I’m afraid I’m a dinosaur. Somebody set up for me and I learnt slowly bit by bit. Many things I still don’t know. I think you can log in to wordpress.com and go on from there…

  31. hi there,
    thanks for visiting my blog.
    never thought there are actually people reading it. Its a really pleasant surprise 🙂 in fact i just started blogging 1 month ago..

    u said u went to all kinda courses b4…may i know which profession u in?

    have a nice day!

    Hi and welcome! I was a teacher but I’ve retired. Now shaking legs – jobless, unemployed! LOL!!! I hopped over from Chris’ blog (oldtowncoffee). Do come again. I’ll link you in my blogroll.

  32. Hi sir,

    My name is Gabey and I write for Malay Mail.
    Daily we have a Cyberspot page where we feature interesting sites for our readers to explore.
    Would you consent to being featured?
    If so do drop me an email and I will forward you our questionnaire for you to fill out.



    Thanks for dropping by and for the invitation. Will email you soonest…

  33. My sister Emi and I are so excited we found your blog. I tracked this site down from Kampua Talk. Thanks for the nice blog – we could start living (and eating) our “What-if-we-are-still-in-Sibu” life vicariously now through your writing since we live so far away in the land of US of A. We were “Tiong Hua Beng” and it took years just to get rid of our Chinese-English.

    Hello! So nice to hear from you and Emi. I see both of you are settled in the states now. Most welcome to drop by my blog…and drool at all the hometown favourites that I will post regularly. Will drop by ur blog and link it in my blogroll. Do come again…

  34. Hello Mr W,

    Is really nice to see your blog here and your blog has been around almost a year isn’t it ? And indeed it is a nice/great coverage of Malaysian food 😀

    I’m SHS Alumni as well, I was graduated in 2002, I was form 5. You have no taught me before though, but I do know you were the English teacher of 5s3 back then.

    Hope you are doing well and being crazy as much as your can … lol.

    Take care

    ALbert : )

    Thanks, Albert! So where are you now? In the States? In Malaysia? I guess due to the rotation, I was not given the “better” classes in 2002…so consider yourself either fortunate or unfortunate! Hahahahaha!!! Now that would be the same year as Chiong Kim and Cheng Wen?

  35. Oh yeah … I was in the same class as those fellows, but I am not really sure how they look now … lol (too bad for saying that), because we don’t keep in touch after high school.

    I’m currently in the states doing my finance degree and I’m graduating in this may (Yeapeee. .. have been waiting for that day) and after that I will see what I can do from there…

    Glad to know that you are doing well in Sibu, enjoying your life in food paradise 😀

    As the matter of fact, I just went back to Sibu couple weeks ago, and is surprising to see how a place can change so much in 3 years. So I think Sibu indeed is growing fast.

    Sibu is certainly very nice now. The guys were doing their medic degree at Unimas, dunno if they’ve graduated. Chen Wen keeps in touch…sometimes!

  36. Hey, where’s that photo u took ages ago when you still looked like a handsome pole?

    Have to face reality mah!…Can’t go on living in yesterday! 🙂

  37. we have to be a little bit crazy so that we can live a happy and long life…………

    Yup…that’s it! Why do you think I’m still so young at my age? Hahahahaha!!!

  38. hi, first time here, hop over from Eugune’s blog. I didn’t know now Sibu got quite a few famous bloggers!!

    Nice blog you have here, will hop by more often to check how is my “hometown” doing. 🙂

    You’re from Sibu. You’re sure you didn’t use to drop by my blog before…a long time ago. The name sounds familiar. Anyway, welcome and feel free to drop by anytime!

  39. Been your silent reader for long. Luv your blog. Keep it up.

    Thank you, whoever you are. Welcome and do keep dropping by.

  40. I like your sense of humour and your writing! Maybe one day we can meet in Sibu or Miri for the bloggers in East Malaysia.

    Thanks for the compliments. I guess that’s the main attraction as I’m not into photography and my pics are nothing to shout about – merely for illustration. Yours are really very nice! Would be nice to gather together! I love meeting fellow-bloggers but some prefer to stay/keep everything confidential…

    1. When opportunity arises, we can give each other a shout. I met Philip before. I am sure you know him.

      Yes, I know Philip. We’ve attended a few bloggers’ meet together. He was my junior in school.

  41. Glad to noe that they r quite number of Sibu blogger..I m at Sibu too.

    You’re a blogger too? U didn’t add your link…so I can’t add you to my blogroll…

  42. I love your rants and Suituapui is a very cute name. I think you have placed Sibu on the world map.

    By the way, will you like to do a link exchange with me?

    Gosh!!! *blush…blush! But welcome…and no problem at all! Will link you in my blogroll, and do drop by again!

  43. Please get in contact via above email. …. You must be my long lost friend from Sibu …

    Ok…will do that soonest. I wonder who you are… I’ve many long lost friends.

  44. Now I am disappointed that you cannot remember ME !!! We used to be chums and schoolmates and dancing partners in the good old days during the 70s ….

    your blog is interesting and I can see you have not change one bit … especially with the jokes ….. Keep it up.

    I’ve checked your pics on Facebook…and I recognised you instantly. Hasn’t changed one bit. (Your profile pic too small – old man, can’t see clearly) I’m in KL at the moment, connection poor, real headache…plus not used to my daughter’s laptop – will get in touch when I get home. Glad to reconnect after all these years.

  45. Hi, saw your name appearing in some others blog and thought just drop by and day hello. nice blog u have got. Will add u into my blogroll. Hope u don’t mind. ^_^

    Thanks…and do come again…often! Will add you soon – once I get back home. I’m spending the weekend on Kuching, connection’s not too good.

  46. Hi Sir,

    What a coincidence, I came from Sibu too. Saw your photo and you looked familiar, maybe you used to teach me before. Nice blog ! Have a nice day ahead.

    Dunno…. Had so many students, can’t remember all especially if I only taught for a while. Some that I taught for two years, I would probably remember better. Anyway, welcome and thanks for dropping by. Do come often…

  47. Hello,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for linking. I will be linking you back.

    You said that you know places where to eat delicious food. That is great because I like to eat in places that I haven’t eaten in yet. Your blog will be helpful for my food trip. ^_^

    Planning to come and visit? Most welcome – will be glad to take you around my little town…and enjoy the food!

  48. no picture de 😦

    I had a picture before…but I just changed it. Anyway, if you browse through some of my old posts, you may see photos of me. I’m not an anonymous blogger like some…

  49. my sister in new zealand introduced me to your blog, and after browsing thru, i love it. Those pics of foods and places in sibu bring back memory of the good old days. tnks for making the world a lovely place, with people like you. keep it up. i have been staying away from sibu for too long, and would love to see more of your blog. cheers

    Oh? New Zealand? Which part? So where are you now? Most welcome to drop by and browse. Do come often! 🙂

    1. i am staying in taipei. have been there for 20 years. i miss the kampua and kompia especially. i will visit all those places you mentiioned next time i go back to sibu. tnks again.

      I see. Is your sister in NZ Christina by any chance? Met somebody last night, just back from there and she said she told this Christina about my blog…with all the Sibu food.

  50. Hey Art.. what do you listen to on the radio nowadays… need something to tune into at 5:30 am 🙂

    Malaysian time? Traxx on Saturdays and Sundays, 6.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. has very nice oldies up to 9.00 a.m. and even nicer old retro songs till 1.00 p.m. I guess at these times, you would be fast asleep.

  51. Dear Suituapui,

    I read with interest your review on the Indian food while you are in Kuching. Perhaps, you may pay us a visit and enjoy another best Indian food in Kuching.

    You may visit our Facebook page (search for: Lyn’s Thandoori Restaurant)

    Please provide us your email. Perhaps, we can communicate.



    Yes, I think I’ve stopped by your place a few times and enjoyed your banana leaf rice very much – that was when you were at the old place. I’ve heard that you have moved but I’ve yet to drop by. My friends are regular customers of yours. My next trip to Kuching perhaps…

  52. Hi, are u Mr Wee? This is Tanith, remember me? No, i didn’t go to SHS, I went to Methodist but I used to go to Needler’s (I think) for a while when u were giving English classes there. There aren’t that many good English teachers in Sibu so I tend to remember my English teachers better. I accidentally stumbled upon this blog & thot it could be you? My mom once told me she heard u on the radio & from the introduction – an ardent radio-listener & the STP.. it must be you, rite? 🙂

    Yup, it is me…and of course, I remember you. It was me too on the radio some years ago – had some really good times on air then too. Welcome, do drop by often…

  53. Ahh.. i’ve read some posts.. it is you alrite. So u r a blogger now? Tt’s cool, do blog more! One more Sibu blog to follow. 🙂

    LOL!!! Stick around. Gosh…you sure took a long time to stumble upon this blog. 😉

  54. Hi, I’m a new blogger. Took me awhile to figure out if you are male or female until I read your post ‘Tonight’s the night…’ That’s you right, the most ‘tuapui’ wan in the pics? Sorry missed out the ‘sui’. Anyway, like your humour and will be a faithful follower from now on.

    Thanks for the kind words…and thanks for dropping by. Do come often – I’ll link you in my blogroll. Yup, I’m the only tua pui around, so you definitely can’t miss me in the pics. LOL!!!

  55. Thanks STP, for the inclusion of my blog in your blogroll – have you done a thorough check yet to see if I’m legit?? 😀 I also like it alot that you take the effort to reply to all your comments – gives it a very personal touch. Haven’t been to SIbu. One day will make a trip there, look you up and you can take me go jalan-jalan cari makan.

    Yes, I did hop over to your blog to look-see. Will go and browse when I’ve more time. Welcome…welcome…do let me know if you’re coming to Sibu. Would be glad to take you around mam-mam! 🙂

  56. Hi Mr A W, I have just found your blog. You have not changed much all these years, with your taste for foods and humour. I really enjoy your posts reminding me of the time we had in SHS. You have reached a wider audience with your writing upon your retirement. Good work, keep it up.

    Hello, CK! Wow…you certainly took a long time. LOL!!! Welcome and do keep dropping by. Thanks for the compliment.

  57. So this is what your name means! Good one! Hahaha! 😀
    How come it never ever cross my mind that it’s from Hokkien (and I kept having the impression that it could be Malay or even Indian name coz of the spelling)!?!? 😛

    LOL!!! You’ve an over-active imagination.😀

  58. Just been through some of ur posts. U definitely have a real great sense of humor n such a lively person. Would be following you for some entertainment and some blogging inspiration (being a newbie).. 🙂 Keep up ur great work Mr Suituapui!
    P.S – even my doubts about ur gender got clarified after going through the “Tonight’s…” post! lol 😀

    Thanks for your sweet and kind words. Ya…I was an anonymous commenter myself for years – using this name…and everyone was wondering who I was, male or female…and I did not have a blog of my own at the time…and pat on your back! At least, you spelt my name correctly… Many would get the 1st syllable wrong. Welcome, welcome…will link you in my blogroll and do come again. 🙂

  59. wheres clare of kam pua blog????

    She’s around, Vin Wong – no longer active, not blogging anymore. You know her? Why are you looking for her?

  60. hi stp, i read her blog before but y she stopped blogging..any reason. tq for the info tho

    No reason, I guess. Perhaps she couldn’t find the time anymore since she stared working or she just got bored.

  61. Was dropping by your blog and its midnight in the UK. I read your blog occasionally and I just wanted to say it really makes my day. I am a proud Foochow and being a student in England, I really miss Sibu, where I lived for 7 years. Cant wait to go back in the summer for some food at Ruby restaurant 🙂 ps.this is Gabriel Patrick’s cousin

    This, the one in Lodge? The Patricks’ are conversant in many Chinese dialects, two at least, and fluent English and BM speakers too. That’s the way it should be. Btw, David (Laura’s hubby) was here last week – gave me a box of chocs from Oz…but we never did manage to go out for dinner or something. 😦

    Thanks for dropping by. Ah yes, some of my ex-students and friends will be coming home for the summer in a month or two. No worries, Ruby will be waiting…and all the kampua around too. LOL!!! 😀

  62. not to mention my tummy is making funny noises at the sight of all that kampua,kompia,so mien,hu jiu mien…………………….

    You’re not the only one complaining…and pulling all your hair out. Muahahahahaha!!!!! 😀

  63. Yeap. wow David was back in Sibu? they’re doing pretty well with the cafe thing in Sydney. The food’s one of the things i look forward to in Sibu besides family. Damn, all that fried mee sua and the butterscotch prawns. Far cry from all the potato-cream rubbish i get in boarding school.

    Hah!!! UK…where everything is served with a “plap”!!! LOL!!! 😀 Oh? He’s running a cafe in Sydney? Hmmmm…didn’t know that. Should be doing pretty well, I’m sure.

  64. Hi there! Tua Pui memang Sui! I enjoy your sense of humour and your blog is really entertaining.

    Thank you. Welcome and do drop by often… Will add you in my blogroll.

  65. Hello, came across your blog while searching for good food in Sibu and found myself clicking the “older posts” button many times as I enjoyed your writing very much!
    Was wondering if you could help me out abit – am gonna be in Sibu for a weekend trip and was wondering if you had a list of “Good-Sibu-food-not-to-be-missed” kept that you wouldn’t mind sharing? 😉

    LOL!!! Sorry, no list so you will have to go through all the posts and bookmark. You may want to check the blogs of those who have been here – like if you search “Sibu” in this one: http://www.smallkucing.com/ , you will get all the posts of what they ate when they were here.

    P.S. You’re coming with friends? I’ll PM you on Facebook, you can get in touch with me and I can help take you around when you’re here…or at least, tell you where to go and what to eat.

  66. HI Uncle Arthur,

    Awesome blog you have here! We’re heading down to Sibu on Wednesday from Brunei with a few friends. Would it be alrite if we contacted you when we’ve arrived?

    Ok, shouldn’t be a problem – I should be available. I’ve made a friend request on Facebook – will give you my hp contact via its inbox once you’ve accepted.

  67. hi, uncle arthur, came across your blog while searching for cake makers in sibu. want to make a 2 tier fondant cake for birthday boy. do you know of any? thanks!

    I’m afraid I do not know of anyone doing that in Sibu…but there is this one in MIri:
    Perhaps you can order and get it sent over…or ask somebody to bring it. I wonder which Ben this is…

  68. gosh, are you arthur wee, my former english teacher from sacred heart ? i was browsing through some website and i happened to bump into this one… what a wonderful surprise ! – Stanley

    Ummmm…take a guess! Hehehehehe!!!!

  69. Hi Arthur! Just a note of thanks for sharing all your favourite food haunts. I was searching for good food in Sibu and stumbled upon your blog. I will be accompanying my children’s school team to Sibu this Sunday and will most certainly try to visit as many places as possible. God Bless!

    Welcome. Sunday? You’ll be here for the choral speaking competition?

  70. Suituapui? – I finally understood the meaning of this word now! You are so funny naming yourself Suituapui 😀

    LOL!!! Thank goodness you spelled it correctly. Many would get it wrong and it became like a name used to scold people… 😉

  71. Hi Arthur,

    Could you email me your contact number and address?
    Going back to Sibu for a few days, but I’m not sure I got time to drop by or not as my in-laws are following me home and the schedule is pretty tight .. paiseh :p

    No worries. Will do, and you can text me if you need any info on where and what to eat when you bring them around.

  72. Hi Suituapui! We live in Australia but my father is from Sibu and recognises all the places on your blog! We enjoy it a lot!

    He says you look familiar and wonders if he knew you while growing up. May I ask what your non-English name is? He went to Sacred Heart school. Is the name ‘Tiong’ familiar? He is Foochow 🙂

    Oh? Welcome, welcome, Eunice. Glad that you all enjoy it here. I was in Sacred Heart too – 1968/1969 Form 5. I wonder when your father was in that school. He would not know my Chinese name – I hardly ever use it. My surname’s Wee. I don’t think he’s Kai Ming/Raymond. If I’m not mistaken, that ex-schoolmate of mine’s in NZ, same year.

  73. Hello there!

    I’m a food blogger from Brunei who will be planning a road trip to Kuching but I will stop by Sibu on the way there – and then stay 2 more nights on the way back from Kuching. Is it possible to point me to a blog post of yours which lists the must ‘makan’ food in Sibu? So far I only know about Kam Pua mee and Kong Pia (and also heard about pork belly kong pia!) – could you let me know where’s the top places for these and what else should I try in Sibu?

    Hope to hear from you soon – it would be great if we could meet and have a food blogger session and share our experiences.

    Thanis Lim Food Journalist from Brunei

    Ok, glad to make the acquaintance. We’ve already established contact via Facebook…so we’ll just carry on our discussion there. See you soon in Sibu! 😀

  74. Hi suituapui!
    Been a follower to your blog for quite some time. I am from Sibu too but working in Miri right now. Love the food posts that you make. There are tonnes of them and i really feel like trying them whenever i go back to Sibu but its a tremendous hassle searching through previous posts, plus sometimes the locations are either new or confusing to me so in the end i mostly never have the time to go and try out all those delicious looking food. Sometimes i would see a great post and tell myself to try it the next time i go back to sibu but by the time i go back, i would have either forgotten abt it or even if i remembered, i cant seem to find the post anymore coz u do post very frequently. I have a suggestion. Why dont you create special posts eg. Top 5 kampua places in sibu, Top 5 western food in Sibu, Top 5 Fav Suituapui eateries, etc. (most importantly with the location explained for it to be easy to find) That would reli make it easier for those wanting to try out those food (cause trust me its really hard searching back for old posts). Or to make it easier you can just make the Top 5 list and put links to it based on your old posts so you dont have to rewrite them again. I am sure there are a lot of Sibu people reading your blog too who are raring to try all the food in your posts not to mention visitors from out of town.

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I would be careful in putting up a list like that as one man’s meat is another man’s poison. For instance, there is never a general consensus as to where the best kampua in Sibu is…and what I like, others may not agree. You can use the SEARCH facility at the top right hand of the blog. Type KAMPUA and all the posts with kampua would appear….or type WESTERN and you will get the posts on western eateries. Give it a try. Or you can always get in touch with me when you’re in town – I can take you around – old retiree, very free…nothing else better to do. Are you on Facebook?

    1. Ya, I understand what you mean. Diff people diff taste. The search function is useful I agree. Oh ya, one suggestion, is it possible for the archives to be displayed based on year and months? It would certainly be easier to go through the older posts as compared to the tiny monthly calendar at the side. It gives me no idea how far back the blog posts run back to and how many posts are there in a month.

      Yup, I have facebook. I will add you later on. Your facebook is under A***** W** right? Or is there any other FB page? Fan site perhaps? Lol. Haha, would be happy to take you up on your offer.

      Yup, you got the name right, just add me on Facebook. I used your email address but could not track you down there. I’m not sure if WordPress has that facility – I’ve seen the archives in other people’s blogs – listed according to years and months. For one thing, as I’m using songs’ names for the titles of all my posts, it is quite hard to tell which is on what. Anyway, see you on Facebook…and looking forward to seeing you in town soon.

  75. Hey, can you email your address to me? I want to send you cny greeting card, if you don’t mind!!! =]

    Oh, please don’t trouble yourself. I’m too lazy to send one back. 😀 As they say, it’s the thought that counts. Thanks so much!

      1. Almost 80% done….just need your address, have you sent? cause didn’t received anything yet!!! =]

        Oops!!! Been so busy with this food marathon thing, I forgot all about it. Too late now, don’t think I will get it in time. Never mind lah, send one next year. 😀

      2. Nope, is not too late, I just done with all of it, gonna send all tomorrow (Monday, Jan 26)….send me now!!! Thanks!!! =]

        Ok, sent…but knowing the snail mail here, I am sure it will not arrive in time. We’re “overseas” so to speak.

  76. idk why but i always thought you were a woman! #: my bad..

    hokkien lang unite! 😀

    Hahahaha!!! You’re not alone. Must be the “sui” but it can be used for good looking things too like a house or a car. 😉

    1. think it was the “sui” and also the pink(ness) that threw me off! haha.

      LOL!!! This is one of the themes available on wordpress – I chose it cos it’s free…and also for the columns – photos will not be too big nor too small. I think it’s kind of pinkish maroon though. 😉 😀

  77. Dear

    i would like you to try my new penang white curry instant noodle for review, please kindly let me know if you’re interested.

    thank you

    Best regards
    zhen x ooi

    Your Facebook page says you’re all the way in Manchester: https://www.facebook.com/zhenxiang.oi
    If you’re already back in Penang, sure would love to try but it is very expensive to send a pack over all the way to me here in Sarawak. I can email you my mailing address if you don’t mind.

  78. Hi dear, my friend introduced your blog recently. My little family ( myself, hubby and little girl age 4) are going to sibu( from kuching!) to attend a wedding there. We’ll stay for 2 nights. As much as having fun reading your blog, question is that what’s the good halal food there in sibu? Cheers

    The shops around the Bandong area are all halal and the food there is pretty good.

    If you are staying at Paramount, the shop to the right, Sri Pelita has pretty good nasi kandar kind of food, the boss is a very nice man. If at RH, New Nur Islamic right across the road has very good nasi bryani and Cafe Ind (behind BSN, Sibu branch) at Lai Chee Lane is certified halal – great Indonesian and Indian food, very nice.

    Payung is my favourite in town, serves no pork – back to back with Kingwood new extension. Must try their otak-otak, their unique rojak, belimbing prawns, mushroom roll…all very nice.

    You’re coming for the ex-TYT’s grandson’s wedding by any chance? At RH, the dinner reception.

    1. Thank you for your response ( a prompt one too :)). Yes indeed we’ll be going to wedding reception at RH, will you?

      Yup, will be there. The mum’s my second cousin, my mother’s side.

  79. Hii, my friend from Penang will visit to Sibu. They prefer pork. So any recommendation for the place to bring them?

    There’s pork everywhere – Sibu is a predominantly Chinese town. Just browse through my blogposts to see what they would like to try. Search “PORK” and all the posts with pork will appear.

  80. Hi there,
    I’ve been following your blog for a while & drooling over every posts.
    Will finally be able to come back to Sibu soon for a visit.
    Can you kindly recommend your favourite makan places within walking distance of Kingwood hotel for breakfast/lunch/supper?
    Thank you!

    Payung is a must-visit, just ask them what I would usually order – back to back with Kingwood, just walk round the corner – the multi-story car park and go straight ahead – it’s on your left:
    Some say this place has the best kampua in Sibu. I would say the pian sip is very good:
    This restaurant down the road – opposite the Esplanade serves really good and affordable dishes – the satay is a must-have:
    Then there are others all around – the Ark, Hai Bing (crabs, but expensive), Kian Hock – some say it has the best roast meats around, Fat Mum in the same block as Payung (do ask them to cut down on the msg)…and so on and so forth. When you come to Sibu, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to eating – food is everywhere! There is even a Korean place if you are thus inclined:

    P.S. Welcome to Sibu!

All opinions expressed in my blog are solely my own, that is my prerogative - you may or may not agree, that is yours. To each his/her own. For food and other reviews, you may email me at sibutuapui@yahoo.com

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