I love it here…

My cousin, home from Brisbane, Australia that day, stayed at the hotel next door and much to her delight, she was able to enjoy the food at this coffee shop…

…in the vicinity.

She sure loved it here and yes, I would agree that the kampua mee

…was very good and I always felt the kuih chap

…was pretty decent, not the best in town but good enough to have and enjoy once in a while when in that part of the woods. Actually, one can have some nice stuff from the chu char stall (cook & fry) stall at the back as well and from the Malay stalls to the left of that coffee shop.

The other morning, my good friend/ex-classmate, Robert and his wife, Angela, dropped by my house again because they heard that I was not doing too well. That is what I would describe as action speaking louder than words. Most everybody would just say get well soon, God bless and that would be it.

They love the Indonesian lady’s stall at the back of the aforementioned coffee shop. Once in 2020, they took me there for the nasi ayam penyet

…with the sambal petai

…and also the nasi Arab.

It’s the month of Ramadan right now and according to Robert and Angela, she is open as usual but serving only nasi lemak and nasi ayam penyet (usually available on Saturdays & Sundays only). On normal days, she has nasi campur at her stall but she says that it is a little bit too tiring to cook all those dishes in the fasting month. What she cooks must be really good as come lunchtime every day, you will see the crowd queuing at her stall to buy what she has for the day for lunch.

Not only were Robert and Angela so sweet and thoughtful to come all the way to visit me, these two wonderful people even bought us packets of the lady’s nasi ayam penyet

…for our lunch with the nicely blanched vegetables…

…which I prefer this way, not 100% raw.

The nasi lemak sambal

…was very good and I particularly liked how the chicken was fried to perfection…

– at many places, you will find it over-fried till hard and dry.

Thank you so much, Robert & Angela, for dropping by my house to see me and also for the delightful lunch treat. May God be with you two each passing day of your lives too.

YUMMY’s KAFE (2.293333, 111.827763) is located along Jalan Bako, right beside the Alliance Bank.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “I love it here…”

  1. Wow, I love nasi ayam penyet and more recently I fell in love with nasi ayam berempah especially the one I had at a Malay kopitiam in Samarahan. The chicken are fried to perfection too, unlike some Malay stall, over fried till hard and dry like tree bark..😁😁. The rempah sprinkled on the chicken taste very nice and addictive. Makes me drooling 🤤 come to think of it. I will always tapao back if I happen to drop by Samarahan.

  2. I pray that you are feeling better. That was very kind of them to do. It’s essential to check on our loved ones and stop by and assist if needed.

    The food looks delicious. I believe I see okra in the dish you said you preferred in that state instead of 100% raw.

    Thank you so much, Opal. Keep me in your prayers – I sure need all that I can get,
    Yes, that is okra – I saw a lot of articles online praising it to the skies. Gotta eat more of that vegetable.

  3. Hope your health will improve and be back to your usual self soon. The lunch your friend bought looks so delicious especially the nasi lemak and the petai.

    1. Yes, at times like these, we need all the prayers we can get. Let us remember one another and pray that God will bless us and see us through. Yes, the ayam penyet was nice, much to our liking.

  4. Can you remember last time when I back to Sibu I asked you where can I find a kuih chap stall and you introduce this stall to me?

  5. Coming from Brisbane to Malaysia must be a huge (reverse) shock in prices.

    Bet she was delighted, everything so cheap and she could relive all the culinary delights of her childhood.

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