All in my head…

No, it wasn’t all in my head. As a matter of fact, for years and years, it was a common-known fact that the fish head curry at the Sheraton Restaurant…

…was the absolute best, going all the way back to its humble origins at that small place in the block of shops at Delta Estate.

Word had it that the recipe was a closely-guarded secret – only the lady boss (from Indonesia) knew the exact combination of the spices, ingredients and what not. They said that she would mix and prepare everything herself – the chef would just come and cook and that was why when the chef left and he tried cooking his own at his new place, it was a complete disaster! Not one to give up so easily, the chef kept on trying until he was able to cook something just as good as the original…

…or perhaps, even better!

Eventually, we also tried cooking our own at home using our favourite A! Mountain Globe instant fish paste for seafood…

…and it…

…was very much to our liking.

However, lately, these instant pastes, this brand, has become so very hot and spicy that it would be difficult for us to handle. Yes, even though we are so into hot and spicy stuff, we think this was a little bit too much. That includes their curry paste for meat and because of this, we have been trying out other brands to see if there is any just as nice and is more manageable.

My missus used the very well-distributed Mak Nyonya brand…

…and it turned out pretty well.

She put in a small red snapper head…

…and a slice of phak thik poh (blacksmith’s wife)

Unfortunately, the latter fell apart in the process of cooking so what we had left were bits of pieces on the slice drowned in the curry gravy.

I loved phak thik poh just deep-fried but I did not think it was that great in curry…or perhaps, my missus bought a slice that was a bit loko and it was not to my liking. The gravy was great, tasty and not spicy. The added ingredients were all there except for a crucial missing link. My missus forgot to add pineapples and that cost her dearly – it just wasn’t the same!

Well, we’ll keep trying, of course and hopefully, we’ll get something nice one of these days. We do not go to the original restaurant for the fish head curry anymore because rumour has it that theirs (and for that matter, all the dishes there, in general) is no longer as nice as before and expensive too!

The other one where the chef is still attached to till this very day is just as nice, they say but that place is very popular for grand wedding banquets and all kinds of functions so usually, I would not go there and just ask for one fish head curry to be shared by the three of us in the midst of the crowd present. Perhaps I shall just save that for some special occasions when I have guests coming to visit me here in Sibu. Anybody coming this way?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “All in my head…”

  1. Totally agreed that both the A1 Mountain Globe Instant curry paste for meat and fish are way too hot and spicy to my liking now.I thought I am the only one having that feeling as you know I am someone who can’t take anything hot and spicy. Somehow, lately I prefer green curry cook using the Ayam Brand Green curry paste which you introduce to me. Having said that, I have been searching high and low for this Ayam Brand green curry paste for a long time now but to no avail. I used to get it from Everise and it seems that they have been out of stock for quite sometime. Have been to H&L and Unaco and all don’t have. Will go to Emart and try my luck😊😊

    1. Oh? No stock? Maybe can buy online. Ayam has come out with all kinds of instant curry pastes, saw on Facebook. Dunno good or not, haven’t gone out so no way can I go and buy to try.

    1. I am ok with curry,even a bit spicy but not overly so. However, I am avoiding prawns, crabs, squids, all those things that may aggravate allergies. I am suffering from a chronic skin problem right now. Real nuisance.

  2. I totally get you, it’s hard to find the perfect balance of spices and ingredients when cooking fish head curry at home, will definitely keep an eye out for the Mak Nyonya brand

    AYAM brand has come out with their range. We’ve tried their Thai series (in capsules) and those were very good. Hope to try these new ones soon and fingers crossed, we may stumble something really good.

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