Give it a miss…

I did not go to attend the sunset service in church on Saturday again as I did not feel I was up to it owing to my ill health. I did not go the previous Saturday as well and for two weeks in a row now, the ladies had to attend the weekly novena & the evening mass on their own.

Of course, they had to leave the house at around 5.00 p.m. and that was way too early for dinner. We would do that all the time and when it was all over, we would stop some place for a very late dinner. That would be very late already, 8 something in the night but I guess that is a very small sacrifice on our part.

Last Saturday night, the ladies stopped by here – the main outlet near our house. My girl had the dry tom yum pasta with Japanese tempura (RM24.90)…

…and yes, she said it was very nice.

For reasons unknown, she did not like the tom yum here so she never tried their tom yum spaghetti…

…which I actually enjoyed quite a lot.

Incidentally, if you haven’t heard, PAYUNG CAFÉ is closed temporarily for renovations until further notice. Another reason is the fact that Andy had gone back to India to settle his work visa business and would be gone for three months so Peter, the boss, decided to take this opportunity to give the place a brand new look!

Anyway, back to the dinner the ladies had, the mum had the signature grilled chicken chop with mushroom sauce (RM16.90)…

Actually, there is another outlet on the way from the church back to the house (opposite Nica + and the old Sing Kwong, the former Coffee Code location) but somehow or other, my girl would rather come here.

They did drop by a few times but she did not take any photographs. On one occasion, she had their cheezy chicken croquettas…

*Photo taken from their Facebook page*

the C & C Gallery key chef, Roy Ting‘s specialty but she said that she would prefer the ones he made before a long time ago…

…the flat round ones. These ball-shaped ones reminded her of the arancini mushroom rice balls…

…that we had here. Well, I did not get to try them myself and since I am in no shape to go over and do that, this will have to wait a bit till I feel a bit better.

Pray for me, everybody!


…is located at Lot 62 at the extreme end of the block of shops to the right of Delta Mall, back entrance.

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5 thoughts on “Give it a miss…”

  1. I am not a pasta nor spaghetti person. Guess grilled chicken chop with mushroom sauce is my choice. Most importantly, pls take care of yourself Arthur and may our Good Lord blessed you with good health. Will always keep you in prayers.

    Thank you so much, Irene. You too over there, take care and God bless you and your loved ones always. It’s not so much the pain & suffering and not being able to go anywhere – it’s more the inconveniences, such as nuisance.
    You & my missus are so alike in your eating preferences.

  2. Oh dear, you are feeling poorly again. Please take good care of yourself and you must eat well. I will pray that you are restored to good health again!

    1. Thank you, Phong Hong. My prayers go out to you and all loved ones in the family and also our friends. Looks like time is not being kind to us these days. May God bless and protect us all.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling unwell and couldn’t attend the sunset service in church. I hope you feel better soon.

    Thank you. I guess that’s life, not always a bed of roses.

  4. Gosh, I’m sorry to read you’ve been in ill health. I hope you feel on the mend again soon.

    Thank you. Getting better but very slowly. Can’t wait to be up and about again.

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