Closer to home…

I saw their Facebook posts and all the awesome photographs of the stuff that they serve at their café and of course, I was kind of intrigued when I noticed that they had fish and chips in their menu. They have that everywhere here and 99.9% of the time, it would not be worth your calories.

I was a bit hesitant in going there to give it a try though as the price stated was RM34.00. I felt that was kind of steep – either they were using very good fish or their serving was huge. I did ask around when I was in the café but once, the waitress said that she had no idea and one guy from the kitchen that I asked said he did not know what they got from the supplier – they just took and used. I persisted and after sometime, FINALLY somebody replied to my question on Facebook and said it was whitefish. I do not know what whitefish is but I think I did get to eat it before and it was nice. Ah well!!! As long as it is not DORY – that can be smelly, at times, and jelly-like, not nice at all.

Well, last Saturday morning, my girl went out with the mum to buy some stuff for school. I was not up to it as I have not been doing too well lately but I encouraged her to go and have a good time and have something nice to eat after a long week at school…and charge everything to my supplementary credit card. That was why the two of them dropped by the café and my girl had their fish and chips (RM34.00)…

She said it was nice but no, it was nothing spectacular, a far cry from our favourite in town…

here and that is only RM28.00, cheaper than here.

As a matter of fact, my girl says that she prefers the breaded New Zealand hoki that we can get from the outlet of our own Sarawak fast food franchise, Sugar Bun…

…round the corner from my house and that, of course, would be a whole lot affordable.

Well, for one thing, I have not tried it myself yet and I would like to do that once, at least and this café is closer to home, a whole lot more accessible than that other place. Ah well!!! We’ll see!!!

CHEFWAY CAFE (2.300560, 111.843429)…

…is located at No. 18 & 20, Ground Floor, Lorong Dr. Wong Soon Kai 4­D.

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6 thoughts on “Closer to home…”

  1. Yes, Sugar Bun, any time for me. For reason unknown, I prefer Sugar Bun broasted chicken to KFC and a lot of their nice dishes too. But it seem that KFC are always crowded with people when compared to Sugar Bun.

    1. Dunno, a lot of Malays. For some reason, they love KFC. I had Sugar Bun chicken the other day, I didn’t like it as much as before. Had their Eco-fish too. That was good.

  2. Long time didn’t go out and enjoy fish n chip. And I wonder how much it cost around here right now. But we did try to make it at home last year. Semi successful but the work, phew. Lol.

    Oh? A lot of work? We have not tried as we do not get good fish fillet here – most supermarkets will see those FIGO ones or the cheap fish fillet, DORY – NO, THANK YOU!!!
    I did have a very good one at The Old Court House the last time I was in Kuching. Hard to find good ones here in Sibu!

  3. I also find the quality of fish and chips ranges dramatically from place to place. The good ones are few and far between.

    Saw a news report on one place in the UK, a famous fish and chips shop forced to close down, simply could not make ends meet. Too expensive to sell!

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