Gone missing…

Actually, I went to this coffee shop the other day because I was craving for the old lady’s mee goreng special

…so we went to tapao that to enjoy it at home. Unfortunately, the old lady wasn’t there. I particularly loved the daging masak hitam added and other than that, she would also give one fried chicken wing, all for RM6.00, with one perfectly done fried egg, upon request, for an extra RM1.00.

I had it once without everything, just one fried egg…

…and it was just as nice. That showed that it did not depend on all the add-ons to taste good.

My missus came back to the car to tell me the bad news but she said there was a new counter in front, a Malay lady selling fried noodles and stuff. Well, they’ve done it before at this coffee shop – renting the stalls to others selling the same things as the existing tenants. Well, despite the challenges, the old lady survived through it all and went on with her daily business like nothing had happened.

We did buy the mee goreng special from this new lady…

..to try and for RM7.00, the only thing extra that we got was one chicken wing! On top of it all, it was NOT nice, like something cheap you get at school canteens.

The noodles were dry and hard – if you cook these yellow noodles, you will need a big wok and you have to splash water all around the noodles periodically in the wok. Of course, the water will sizzle and evaporate instantly but the hot steam will help cook the noodles. The thing with these yellow noodles is that the longer you fry, the drier and harder it gets unless you have some sambals or sauces in your recipe that will give it the moisture.

I wonder what has happened to the old lady. Maybe she finished everything and closed her stall early – she does that sometimes…or she wasn’t feeling too well…or it was the day before Ramadan and I did notice that many Maly shops and stalls were not open. I certainly hope she will come back soon. Otherwise, if this new one is all they can offer here, for sure, they will never get to see me around those parts of the woods again.

FAST CAFE (2.319250, 111.832257)… 

is located in the vicinity of Sungai Antu at No. 11, Jalan Tapang Timur, off Jalan Kampung Nangka.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Gone missing…”

  1. The mee goreng special looks very appealing but unfortunately I am not into yellow noodles unless there is no other choice. Over here, the yellow noodles has some kind of weird smell and if I were to buy, I always look out for the lighter yellow noodles.

    1. Yes, the lighter ones would be like the Sibu Fóochow ones, not so yellow, softer and no kee (alkaline) – no smell. Yahor! No such noodles in Kuching. They use a different type for the crispy tomato noodles. I love that.

  2. I do find yellow noodle hard and dry if fry longer. Yes, water or sauce could save it from dry up. Not a fan of yellow noodle. Your RM6 noodle looked yummy. Now, here fried noodle with egg already cost RM7 or RM8.

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