Easy on me…

We did not go out to eat on Sunday as my girl was so very busy getting ready for the first day of school the next day. That whole week had been hectic – there were so many things to do including getting the classrooms ready, registering the in-coming pupils, collecting and distributing all kinds of funds, meetings, meetings and more meetings! I must say that things were a whole lot simpler and very much easier during my time – we did not have to go through all this fuss.

Now, these roadside stalls selling ayam panggang (barbecued chicken)…

…are a common sight around the Malay kampung area here and yes, I did go to buy to eat and enjoy quite regularly but somehow or other, they never left a lasting impression. I do not recall as to how nice they were…

…and how I could not wait to rush back and buy more…but I did.

Lately, I have been going over to the Bandong area here to one stall in particular. It did not look all that busy usually but every day, they would have a few birds, already done, ready to be chopped up and packed and taken away for only RM22.00. Most importantly, it is nice enough to make me want to go and buy again and again. After all, it is so cheap!

If I am not mistaken, one bird at the Chinese roast chicken stall is over RM30.00. I would buy half a bird sometimes. Maybe theirs are bigger – the ones I get from this Malay stall are small, enough for two meals for the three of us to the most.

One bone to pick would be how they would cook the chickens and leave the birds over the hot charcoal till somebody comes and buys them. I found the wings a bit dry at times…or worse, if they had been there for more than a day, the chicken can be a bit hard and dry.

Anyway, my girl and the mum bought this…

…from one of the supermarkets in town (CCK Local).

This frozen pre-marinated meat seems to be the in-thing these days. You can get some at Nica-Plus

…and also at Colourful Cafe. They are so convenient, so easy on me when it comes to cooking these.

This one was the ayam bakar, I think and there are others like the ayam percik and so on. My missus just popped it into her air fryer and in no time at all, it was done…

I wouldn’t say it looked drop dead gorgeous – that is one thing that I seem to notice about things cooked or heated up in the air fryer. They do not look so nice as when we do it in the oven or a grill pan. It tasted great though and thankfully, if we have a look at the part around the wings, the meat was still very moist and juicy…

My missus prepared some mashed potatoes and we just had the chicken with that…

and in the evening, we had what was left of the bird, all shredded and enjoyed all rolled up in wraps…

Ramadan is coming soon, around the 22nd of March. I guess I shall be dropping by the stalls more often to buy some more of the chicken…or we probably would be heading back to the supermarket to grab more of those frozen pre-marinated stuff to cook ourselves.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Easy on me…”

  1. Simple and easy. These frozen pre-marinated meats makes life a whole little easier for everyone. The wraps looks good.

    Can easily buy those wraps everywhere too these days, unlike before. Life is a whole lot easier now.

  2. I have not tried those pre-seasoned frozen meats. Since you found it pleasing, maybe I can try it too. There is something irresistible about those chicken barbequed chicken!

    1. Yes, I saw it, think I will go and remove it.
      Yes, things like these and others such as instant gravies and curries are so convenient, taste great too but nothing like the real thing.

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