Nothing spectacular…

Yes, we went out for lunch last Saturday. There is this Malay shop in town – they say that it has moved to its present location from elsewhere and the nasi campur is very nice, RM6.00 only and you can take as much as you like in your plate but once only, no refill.

Yes, there were quite a lot of customers but not overwhelmingly so. We went to have a look at the dishes in their buffet spread but there wasn’t much left. Besides, they were all those usual dishes that one would find at these Malay nasi campur places, nothing special so we decided to go elsewhere.

We had a very nice lunch here with my niece from Singapore when she was home for Christmas, RM229.00 only for 8 dishes for the 6 of us. However, as we were browsing through the menu, I noticed that the prices for the Chinese items were unbelievably high – I don’t know if they have increased them recently but I changed my mind right away at having anything from there. That was why we ended up ordering a few western dishes to share, starting with the Ceasar salad (RM22.00)…

…which was pretty decent.

Gosh!!! After that, we had to wait for a mighty long time which made me wonder how many people they had working in the kitchen. After what seemed like forever, the beef pepperoni pizza (RM26.00)…

…was served.

Thankfully, it was very nice. I loved the delightful fragrance of the thin crust…

as I enjoyed a few slices of it.

The bacon aglio olio (RM26.00)…

…was good too but my girl complained that the sprinkling of the finely-chopped spring onions instead of some Italian or western spices made it taste kind of Chinese, not like a western dish. It was fine by me – I thought it was all right, nicer than the chicken alfredo (RM28.00)…

…that my girl also ordered. I am not really into any of those rich, creamy pastas, thank you very much.

The total, inclusive of drinks for the three of us, came up to RM130.40. I guess that is pretty usual when one opts to go western in this little town but I don’t think we shall be coming back all that soon for more, seeing how there wasn’t anything spectacular, a cut above the rest.

THE BLUE DOOR DINE & WINE (2.291959, 111.819462)…

…is now located at No. 83, Jalan Lau King Howe, right below The Win Hotel, across the road from the Waterfront Residences or the Sibu Twin Towers.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Nothing spectacular…”

  1. As expected Western cuisine are expensive. Not only in your little town I guess. Love the Caesar salad and the beef pepperoni pizza especially those with crust.

    1. I don’t mind it being expensive if it is truly good and authentic not just in taste but also in looks. That is why I never bother about those at the Malay stalls. Might as well go for our own local Malay dishes, no need to berpura pura pretend to be ang moh.

    1. The pizza was good, the rest ok, not outstanding and prices were on the high side. Other than that, the wait staff was stone cold, not a warm welcoming place to dine in.

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