The other day, I had to go to the bank, the one far away, not in the town centre or around where I stay. For one thing, it is very near this café that I normally would think twice about going since it is on the other side of the world, so to speak.

It was the final week of the school holidays – school would reopen the following Monday and my girl was already very busy getting the classroom ready, attending meetings and what not but it so happened that she was free that day – she had finished all that she had to do the day before so I told her we would go for the fish and chips that we tried once and loved so much

That was in December last year and we had not gone back since not just because of the distance but because the fresh fish was not always available. I saw many friends dropping by but they could not get to enjoy it as there was no stock…most of the time and as soon as there was any, it would be gone in no time at all – everyone would rush there for it!

I saw on their Facebook page that it would be available and since we would not be so free when school had resumed, I felt that this would be a good time to go for it again. All three of us ordered the same (RM28.00)…

– we did not have to consider ordering anything else and we sure were glad we did, no regrets. It was really good, as good as the first time we had it and the serving was very generous…

We ate slowly, enjoying every bit of the delightful fish used – I was the only one who managed to finish everything. The ladies did leave a bit of the chips behind and incidentally, their chips were very good too, so much nicer than those shoestring ones that they will give you at those franchise places.

I asked them what fish it was and the girl waiting at the tables managed to retrieve the name that she had saved in her smartphone – BARRACUDA! I don’t know if I had had that before but yes, it was good, as good as what we like a lot, the barramundi.

I ordered their panna cotta (RM9.90)…

…for dessert. Being on a no/low sugar diet, I should have resisted the temptation but I had not had that for dessert for such a very long time and the last one I had was disastrous – it was awful to say the least! I promised myself that I would indulge a bit in this one and I would not order it again for a long longtime. Yes, it was good – all three of us shared one and we all gave it our nod of approval.

My girl was here not too long ago with my sister and she had their lasagna (RM28.50)…

She enjoyed it a lot so I ordered a piece to take home for her dinner. I did try a bit but no, I am not into anything with the bolognese sauce that they gave with it, not even their own-made ones that did not came out of a can or bottle.

My girl enjoyed it…

…of course, and I was glad I got it for her. After all, I don’t think we would be making our way here anytime soon, not even for the fish and chips, unless there is some special reason, a celebration or something.

LONDON CAFE & BISTRO (2.257899, 111.844136)

…is located at No. 36, Lorong Pulau Li Hua 2 among the shops to your right after the bridge just before you reach the security check point.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Barracuda…”

  1. Barramundi.. is really taste good..
    the first time I had it was in Australia..

    We can get it very easily here, farmed ones from Batang Ai, 600 gms, standard size. Very fresh and very nice. We do buy that quite regularly. I hear they import barramundi from here in Australia. It is siakap in Malay, quite common here, I think.

  2. I don’t mind having fish and chips for a change but unfortunately my other half is a rice person so no choice have to cook everyday or sometimes tapao dishes and cook rice at home. Simple life…😄😄

    1. Oh! My father was like that, must have rice. Hard to travel. When in New Zealand, he lost so much weight, nothing to eat! So hard, like that! I had good fish & chips in Kuching. This is the only good one here, don’t mind going for it again and again.

  3. The fish & chips do look very good. It’s ok to have dessert from time to time but not every time. I do that too, once in a blue moon.

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