In Malay, the word for goodwill is muhibah, the name of the hawker centre located near my house…

It was very popular, always crowded…

…and one would have to park one’s car far away and walk all the way there in an area that was not very well-lit. That was why I was not all that keen on going there despite its close proximity.

The last time I went was in August, 2019 for what I called their Mango No. 5…

…RM10.00 only, so cheap compared to those Korean Bingxu ones.

The authorities decided to demolish the place and rebuild the whole place soon after that and some of the hawkers were relocated temporarily to a small, dark, unpleasant, mosquito-infested place at Sg Antu. Of course, I never went there.

They certainly took their sweet time in getting this place done and finally, the other day, on the 2nd of March, it was open for business. Yes, it is much nicer now, a whole lot bigger and of course, it was extremely crowded on the evening of the first day when I drove past.

I don’t know if the mango stall is still around though because a few days prior to the opening, 8 stalls at the temporary site were razed to the ground…

*Amazing Sarawak photograph on Facebook*

…and I don’t know if the mango stall was one of them.

I did see a lot of people and very long queues in front of the satay stall though I am not sure if that would be the same one…

…that we used to frequent a long long time ago…

…even though they were VERY slow in getting down to business every day.

We used to drop by earlier in the evenings to tapao food home for dinner. It used to be very nice and VERY cheap too! Imagine buying RM5.00 worth only of the very nice Foochow fried mee here and there would be enough for the whole family for dinner. These days, you cannot even get a plate for that kind of money!

This was the sweet & sour pork…

…among the other dishes that I bought from Stall No. 7 there in 2011. It did look pretty good, don’t you think?

I brought my friend, Ivan, there (now flying internationally with Emirates) when he came to town to visit me that year and yes, we were there too with Claire and her family from Ipoh and our West Malaysian blogger friends

…the following year in 2012 and my girl sure enjoyed the fried stuff…

…from the stalls…

…there. There were a lot of those then and I bet there are a whole lot more now.

I guess we would just have to drop by one of these days to see what they now have in store – perhaps, if we could wait a little bit longer, it would not be so jam-packed.

TAMAN SELERA MUHIBAH Hawker Centre (2.310492, 111.845999) is located at the Delta Commercial Centre, off Jalan Pedada (now Jalan Datuk Dr Wong Soon Kai), right beside the AmBank branch there. 

Author: suituapui

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5 thoughts on “Goodwill…”

  1. Looks something like our Kubah Ria over here. Alot of choices and nice food to have. No, thanks if it is too jam-packed and crowded. It is normal everyone will rush to the new phace once it is open for business. Sooner or later, the crowd will die down. Hopefully you can get there soon to try out the food and blog about it.

    1. Heard of Kubah Ria but never been, dunno where it is. Something like Batu Lintang but very very much bigger. Mostly Chinese, just a few Malay stalls – they have their own, Taman Harmoni, also very very crowded.

      1. I like such place, like open market. Airy and not too warm to sit under the moonlight. Now kind of missing satay. My kids only enjoy pork or lamb satay, not chicken. Lol.

        Ya, I’m not a fan of chicken satay either these days…or beef. I love lamb but I have to stay off red meat so no more satay for me. So sad.

  2. It is very nice to eat at a hawker center and try the various food available. I haven’t been to one in a long long time.

    1. Neither have I! Not fond of the crowded environment and the discomfort. Like everything else, one would need to know where to go for the good ones. Not all are good, like the ones at Gurney Drive in Penang, not nice and people are so rude, so unfriendly.

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