Time’s running out…

It had been way over a week since the schools here closed for the holidays and even though we were not planning on going anywhere, it was never our intention to just let the days slip by, staying at home. Well, that was what was going on though not by choice – we were all unwell so liked it or not, we just did not go out all this while.

Thankfully, we had more or less recovered and did manage to venture out quite a bit to go to some place nice for something to eat. Well, my girl was here not too long ago with her colleagues and she was very impressed by what they had. That was why she could not wait to go back there again to see what other nice things they had on their menu.

She ordered their cheezy mushroom bacon pizza (RM34.00)…

…which was pretty good but I do feel that I had some nicer pizzas elsewhere in town.

We shared the salted egg yolk coated calamari fritti (RM19.00)…

…and I did try a little bit. Yes, it was very nice but there was just so much that I could handle and after a while, I was feeling kind of jelak (cloy) and I simply couldn’t manage anymore.

My missus has their teriyaki chicken bowl (22.00)…

…which came with this complimentary seaweed soup…

She did not say much about it so I guess it was all right.

For myself, I picked the stewed beef Benedict (RM29.00)…

…that I thought was very nicely done, beautifully presented…

The poached egg was absolutely perfect…

…though I can’t say that I enjoyed the chunks of stewed beef a lot. Perhaps my taste buds had not fully recovered yet and were acting up on me.

All in all, it was a pleasant enough lunch – nice place, great service even though I would not say that what we had would get us running back for more. The total for all the we had, inclusive of drinks, came up to RM126.90 which did not come as a surprise seeing how it was a somewhat upscale classy place indeed.

X.STREET CAFE & DINE (2.304665, 111.845870)…

…is located at No.2, Ground Floor, Jalan Pahlawan.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

3 thoughts on “Time’s running out…”

  1. All looks pretty nice. I prefer pizza with thin crust. Is the one you have with thin crust? Can’t see clearly from the pix. I like the teriyaki chicken bowl your missus had. As expected the sky rocket price in an upscale classy place. Good for a change from the usual rice meal once in awhile.

    Yes, I do feel that since we are not going anywhere on holiday and spending a whole lot of money in the process, we might as well check out the more exclusive places, never mind that things can be a bit more expensive. At least we’ve checked out some new places instead of going to the same ones all the time.
    Yes, the pizza was thin crust but it wasn’t as thin and crusty as others elsewhere. That was why I would not place it on the top of the list.

  2. The food looked good and considering the classy place, the price is as expected.

    Now 2nd week of holiday is almost end, time really flying. Didn’t go anywhere. Jay gone to do part time at my dad’s shop, let him gain some experience and better than staying at home and playing phones. But only 3 days per week as other days he needs to go to tuition and weekend is rest day. Less arguing at home between him and Jamie too. Lol. Jan also busy as once in a while her teachers will call them for online classes. And she is busy practising for her piano Grade 8 pratical exam.

    1. Good for kids to learn, pick up useful skills and not get glued to their smartphones but these days, they seem so busy all the time, cannot enjoy their childhood, poor things.

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