They opened this place sometime ago in January when I dropped by that place next door to check it out and I only managed to go the other day.

From what I could see, it was more a fun pub or music lounge where customers would go for drinks with live entertainment thrown in for good measure. They had freshly-cooked ethnic dishes in the daytime – I did not ask them if they also had that at night.

I confirmed that they used regular pork for their pansoh babi (pork cooked in bamboo) so I ordered that (RM28.00)…

I am not fond of those using kampung or free range pork as the meat would be too tough and would usually have an offensive smell.

I also asked for their babi tuno (RM16.00)…

…our favourite at that other place in town so we could compare between the two to see which one was better. I also ordered their sayap ayam (RM10.00, 3 pieces)…

…a must have at every ethnic/Iban barbecue party. I liked both of them but personally, I feel the ones at the other place had an edge over the ones here.

The ikan keli bakar (RM15.00)…

…was grilled to perfection…

…still soft and juicy, not overdone till hard and dry like how they would mess it up at some places. My girl enjoyed it so much.

The kasam ensabi kepayang (RM10.00)…

…was a little bit too sour but not as sour as what we had at the other place while the paku belacan (RM9.00)…

…was just right except that I could not detect the presence of any belacan in the dish.

Fragrant rice was RM6.90 for 3 and the total for all that we had, inclusive of drinks, came up to RM98.90. Yes, yes…I had ordered too much but I wanted to try as much as possible knowing that somehow we might not come by this way again for a long while.

The very nice people there were all local Ibans from upriver, Song and Kapit, mostly and from my point of view, their cooking was in the very authentic ethnic Iban jungle style. Some may prefer how they do it a bit differently to cater to their trendier set of customers at that other place.

365 MUSIC CAFE (2.317508, 111.847844)

…is located at Lot 3278, Ground Floor, Blk 4, Sg MTD 81, Jalan Deshon.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “365…”

  1. No, thanks to the ikan keli bakar. Indeed you have order too much for the 3 of you. Guess 3 or 4 dishes is just nice. Babi tuno, sayap ayam and paku belacan will be my choice. Totally have no idea what is kasam ensabi kepayang…😊😊

    1. I didn’t know what kasam ensabi was but now, I love it. Ensabi is a wild vegetable, kasam means salted or pickled/fermented. Bitter when fresh but like our own made kiam chai, if kasam. Very very nice . Trouble is they do not soak and rinse enough so very sour like our kiiam chai.

  2. All look good to me and if I had the opportunity, I would really like to experience Dayak cuisine.

    If I am not wrong, they do have such places over in KL serving the best of their ethnic cuisine. Folks here are more conservative so it is rather slow in catching on. They would rather stick to things they are more familiar with and have been eating all these years. Not many places that we can go to to enjoy this.

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