Just married…

Oh dear!!! My favourite mee sua (traditional Foochow longevity noodles) stall here

…has closed down for good. I drove past one Tuesday and it was not open and everytime I passed by on subsequent days, it wasn’t open either.

It happened once before so I contacted the lady’s cousin in Kanowit and his wife to ask them why. Thankfully, they told me it was no serious matter – she had gone on holiday and would be back in a few days’ time. True enough, before the week was out she was back in action again. She said she had gone to Kuching to attend a wedding.

Well, on New Year’s Day this year, I went to buy her mee sua home to enjoy BUT the stall was not open! I had to go to this place here…

…to buy instead but it was not nice for want of a whole lot of the traditional Foochow red wine. Thankfully, after adding two tablespoons of the wine, it turned out just right after that and I did enjoy it in the end.

Well, this time around, it sure did not look like she was going to come back. Perhaps she had set up her business elsewhere, I thought – I sure would not mind checking out her new location as her mee sua

…was really good even though hers was more expensive than all the rest by at least RM1.00. Eventually, one bowl was RM9.00 (usually RM8.00 elsewhere) and if you are buying home, she would use a special container and charge RM1.00 for it. It did not matter one bit as her mee sua was really good, better than all the rest, value for money.

When it looked like she was never ever coming back, I contacted her cousin and his wife in Kanowit. The latter responded to inform me that she had got married and had moved to Bintulu. Gee! Married? That sure was a surprise to me as she did not look that young but anyway, I guess we should feel happy for her and wish her every happiness in the years ahead. I wonder if she would be opening a stall in Bintulu or not – the people there would enjoy her mee sua a lot, of that I am very sure!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

2 thoughts on “Just married…”

  1. Foochow red wine mee sua with chicken soup looks delightful. It is not surprising of the increase of prices of anything these days but if it is as good as what you say, then I think it is value for your money. Wow, I really salute you for taking the liberty to ask her cousin of her whereabouts…😄😄

    At least they could tell me what was happening. The first time she disappeared, I asked the people at the coffee shop, they did not know anything about it. Very strange. Could not even tell me if she was ever coming back.

  2. I was wondering who got married. LOL! Let’s wish her well!

    Well, it most certainly wasn’t me…and unfortunately, it’s not my girl either. Sighhhhh!!!!!

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