Day 2 day…

Usually, Day 2 of Chinese New Year would be a very busy day. If I am not wrong, people say that Day 1 would be for visiting one’s immediate family and everyone would start visiting their friends from Day 2 onwards.

It was very quiet though throughout most of Day 2 – nobody came until mid-afternoon when I got an sms from my ex-student, Dr. Toh, saying that he was on the way. He came soon after that with his lovely wife and handsome young son and he brought his younger brother, also my ex-student, and his wife home for Chinese New Year from Singapore. They and also, Dr. Toh’s younger sister, are faithful followers of my blog and the latter would go and try whenever she sees anything that I say is very nice. Yes, she went all the way too and loved the fish and chips here and yes, she also came to my house that day with her two pretty daughters.

There were a few more in 2020

*Flashback: Chinese New Year, 2020*

This time around, some of the kids have gone for further studies or were sleeping at home after staying up all night for the fireworks and firecrackers!

Much to my surprise, the parents showed up a little bit later. I met the mum before…

*Flashback: Chung Hua School Centenary Celebration, 2016*

…but this was the first time I had seen the father. He said that he had often heard his children talking about a certain Mr. Wee so he wanted to come and meet me personally. I certainly felt so flattered by the compliment and he even insisted on giving me an ang pao (red packet containing money)…

…as he was leaving and the children gave me one too!

I had a photo taken with his grandchildren (the children’s children, the 3rd generation)…

I must say that he is truly blessed to have such good and filial (and capable) children and such endearing grandchildren too! Thank you so much to all for dropping by! May God bless everybody abundantly with good health, wealth and all that is good in the Year of the Rabbit!

In the meantime, my cousin in Bintulu was in town for Chinese New Year and some kind of reunion in the family of one of her hubby’s brothers. I guess they were busy and were caught up with everything going on so they did not drop by my house – they used to do that, the whole family with the brothers and their families. Of course, I was delighted when she called me on Day 1 of the new year and told me that her daughter (I drove all the way to Bintulu for her wedding in 2014) and her family would be driving over from Bintulu the next day and she would like to invite my family and I to join them for dinner here

…that night. She also asked the wife of her brother, since deceased, to join us.

I am not sharing any photographs of the food that we had that night because the snapshots did not turn out nice in the very dim light there. We had some of the usual stuff we would order but the problem was they had run out of many of the dishes. It was good that they were open throughout Chinese New Year and the response had been really good, so much so that they started running out of a lot of the dishes and since all the shops and supermarkets were closed, they could not go and buy the ingredients needed to cook some more.

Nonetheless, dinner was great and so was the company that night. Thank you so much, cousin Pauline and family, for the invitation and thank you for giving us this…

– some more of your gorgeous, super-intoxicating fruit cake…

I should be on a no/less sugar diet but I could not refrain from helping myself to a lot more than I should!…

Yum! Yum! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Day 2 day…”

  1. Wow, not bad you still receive 2 angpaus…😂😂 So is the same with me. One from my daughter and Son-in-law and one from son and daughter-in-law.

  2. Happy CNY to you and your family, may this year bring you prosperity and good health

    Thank you. Saw on Facebook that there was some kind of celebration in Auckland too.

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