Fits like a glove…

TEN years ago, in 2013, my cousin in Melbourne, Australia went to see Cliff Richard live in his Still reelin’ and a-rockin‘ concert there and she bought me a souvenir t-shirt and a cap and sent them to me. I did use the cap a lot when I was doing my gardening – I loved the cotton material, very light and very comfortable to put on.

Unfortunately, the t-shirt…

…was too small for me despite its XL size so I was not able to wear it at the time. However, now that I’ve lost a lot of weight, it fits me like a glove…

…and of course, I couldn’t wait to put it on and go out to show off. LOL!!!

All my clothes are now way too big for me. My shirts and t-shirts will hang so very loosely on me and flap in the wind when I walk around, making me look like a scarecrow!

As for my trousers, it would take TWO of me, to fit into one! I managed to dig out the suit I wore in 1981 when I got married…

…but the trousers were a little tight around the waist. Goodness gracious me!!! Was I so very thin then? Thankfully, I managed to buy a nice pair at one of those bundle shops for only RM5.00 and my missus passed to me one that she had bought a long time ago but it was too big for her (the one in the above photograph). It sure fitted me very well, don’t you think?

In the meantime, she also went digging for t-shirts that nobody, for whatever reason, wanted to wear so in fact, they are still brand new. There is this Linkin’ Park one…

Yes, I loved their songs once including this one…and this one…as well as this one! Anybody else are fans of the group too?

There is this very cute one…

…as well as a rather plain one, B.U.M. brand. It was so very popular at one time but I do not seem to see it much anymore these days.

I did drop by a rather trendy shop here where they sell those Burberry products and I almost fainted when I saw the prices! For the uninitiated, our former PM used to wear those branded shirts that cost an arm or a leg and everybody did not mince their words when they blasted him for his extreme extravagance. I did buy a shirt though, long sleeves, RM150.00 after discount for Chinese New Year but no, I quickly put back that nice one with a RM300+ price tag, thank you very much!!!

My daughter has one like this…

I think I bought two, one for her and one for the mum. She uses hers very regularly to this very day but the one for her mum is still brand new and she passed it to me. I guess that is a perfect description of what a retiree like me does every day – eat and sleep!

It certainly looks like I do not have any problem when it comes to clothes. I hardly go anywhere these days so I do not need that many decent-looking ones. Most of the time, I can still wear my old t-shirts and my drawstring pants at home, never mind that I look like a scarecrow. LOL!!!

And talking about Chinese New Year, the other morning, my dear friend/ex-student, Alex, formerly an ex-blogger at, dropped by my house to pass me these cookies/tarts…

…and layer cakes…

Gosh!!! Isn’t that so very sweet and thoughtful of him? Thank you so much, Alex, and a Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year to you and all your loved ones. May God bless you all abundantly throughout the Rabbit Year! Cheers!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Fits like a glove…”

  1. You have really slim down alot. Looking good and more handsome.. ☺️☺️. Like the T-shirt with the wordings… Yeah Eat Sleep. My friends will always say that though we are retirees we still work for RTM… meaning Relaks Tidur Makan (RTM)..😂😂

    1. You’re retired too? Best lah, living the life of a retiree. Just relax, eat and sleep, take everything slow and easy. I get by quite comfortably on my pension plus the monthly interest on my savings.

  2. You look good, so slim! I used to listen to Linkin Park too but I don’t anymore because I feel sad about the lead singer ending his own life. How I wish I could retire too but I won’t get any pension sobs LOL!

    1. That was why I stayed on in government service, retired as soon as I could at 55…with a monthly pension. I also had my savings, my kwsp, my gratuity, my insurance…the monthly interest from these helps a lot! Must plan ahead to retire comfortably.

  3. You really has slim down a lot. But bet it is a good sign. A healthier lifestyle. Now old shirt and pants can bring out and wear. Haha

  4. You look great now. I like the cute t-shirt. Eat and sleep sounds great but this pensioner hardly eat and sleep. Too many things keeping me busy.

    Thank you. I sure am glad that I am getting by all right these days, a lot healthier and stronger.
    Wahhh!!! What’s keeping you so busy? I just relax and enjoy life to the fullest!

  5. I haven’t been to many concerts. I would like to go to more but I don’t like crowds.

    Oh? Interesting! I used to go to pubs and music lounges when I was younger – loved the live entertainment. Didn’t get to see a lot of live concerts other than a sprinkling…as hardly anybody would come here.

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