Whole lot of people…

The first time we were here, I did not take a snapshot of the restaurant’s sign…

…as it was pouring cats and dogs that evening. We decided to stop by a second time the other night and yes, the weather was good so I did not have a problem taking a photograph of it to share here.

When we were here on New Year’s night, I did clarify with the lady at the cashier’s counter as to whether this place is their branch or not as that was what I heard. Well, she said the owner is her nephew, Hong Kong trained and worked in the UK for a long time before coming home and opening this restaurant here. She confirmed that it is not a branch nor will one be able to get all the nice dishes there – they have their own exclusive menu.

My good friend, Robert, did tell me to try some of the dishes here but I could not remember what they were. I think there was a tofu dish so we ordered their signature own-made egg tofu…

…which turned out to be really very nice, so very soft, smooth and light. My girl loved it a lot.

I enjoyed the Mongolian chicken here but that restaurant had since closed down. That was why we wanted to order their Mongolian spare ribs…

…to see if it was any good and indeed it was! We sure did not have a problem licking this plate clean as well.

I thought the bitter gourd fried with three types of eggs…

…did not look very nice but it tasted o.k. We did not manage to finish all of it though as the servings were rather big and we were feeling very full by the time we finished eating the two dishes I mentioned earlier.

We had had nicer midin (wild jungle fern) ching chao (fried plain)…

…elsewhere. This one was kind of skinny and did not look very fresh so it was not actually crunchy and nice.

Last but not least, we had the fish maw soup…

…and yes, it was clear, not the cornstarch-thickened sharks’ fins soup look-alike. We definitely liked it this way and managed to finish it till the last drop!

Gosh! There were a whole lot of people that night – probably there were around two tables left, if I am not wrong but despite there being such a big crowd, it was not unbearably noisy unlike some restaurants around here. The first time we came, there were only two other tables besides ours but perhaps, that was because of the heavy rain outside or it had just opened and a lot of people did not know about it then.

The total for the food, rice and drinks came up to RM101.90 altogether. No, I don’t think it is very cheap eating here but the food is nice, parking and getting a table without any prior booking are not a problem and the service is cordial, fast and efficient. Despite there being so many people that night, we did not have to wait very long for all the dishes to be served.

JING DU RESTAURANT (2.293190, 111.835860) is located on the ground floor at No. 17, Lot3545, Lorong Chew Siik Hiong 1A.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Whole lot of people…”

  1. All of it looks delicious specially the ferns and the tofu

    The food’s good here, just that I felt it was a bit on the high side compared to some of the other places that we frequent. But, of course, it is not THAT expensive and not as unreasonably so as some of the things at the new places we have around here these days and if it is really nice, we get value for money, I don’t really mind.

  2. These are the kind of comfort dishes I would like to have. Looks simple but taste great. Is that minced meat on the tofu? Too little… 😊😊. I think the price is quite reasonable for 4 dishes, 1 soup and inclusive of rice and drinks.

    Yes, I was wondering why they added those few bits of minced meat, might as well no need. The sauce with the tofu was good enough. Probably it was merely for decoration.
    Reasonable, eh? My cousins who came did say it is cheaper here compared to Kuching. Prices like this, we would regard to be on the high side already. Such restaurants, we will go once in a while for the good food but not that frequently, because of the prices.

  3. Mongolian beef was always on Chinese restaurant menus when I was a kid growing up in Australia. I’m pretty sure it was not very authentic, but still a fave.

    Yes, it’s very nice. Dunno if they cook their meat that way in Mongolia or why it is called thus.

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