Anything you like…

We dropped by here again for lunch last Saturday because my girl said that they had a lot of other things on their menu that we had not tried yet. Well, they had been advertising on Facebook things that people might want to order for Chinese New Year so I was rather keen on going there too to see if there was anything that I would like.

I had their handmade meat roll (ngor hiang)…

…in mind, RM12.00 each but even though it was very nice, I felt that RM12 was a bit too steep for just one of that.

I noticed that their roast chicken was much cheaper than all the rest flooding the news feed on Facebook every day these days but when I saw one and their pek chang kay (steamed/poached chicken) hanging there on display, I could understand why – theirs were rather small, wrinkled and did not look all that nice. They did not have roast duck, just braised duck so I decided I would go and look elsewhere.

My missus ordered their pek chang kay (steamed/poached chicken) for herself for lunch, what they called their signature Hainan steamed chicken with rice (RM5.00)…

…and one look at it…

…would tell you that theirs would come no way near our favourite in town here.

My girl also ordered something for herself, this Taiwanese-style braised pork with rice (RM5.00)…

…but it wasn’t to her liking. The sauce wasn’t outstanding, tasted just like soy sauce, she said, and we were baffled as to why they cut the meat into those unsightly thin strips like that!

Actually, I thought we would order a few dishes to share and since they wanted it like that, so be it. I just let them have what they wanted while I requested for a bowl of chicken rice (RM2.50)…

…or what they call “oil rice” in their menu, for myself and I had that with the aforementioned ngor hiang and also this plate of ladies fingers with belacan (RM15.00)…

…and their three-layer pork with salted fish (RM18.00)…

…which took quite a while before it was served. I had forgotten I ordered that actually, this old man! LOL!!! I was glad I did though because this was very very nice.

We could help ourselves to as much of their chili dip…

…as we liked but I did wish the whole time that they had made it a lot spicier. It was very nice – very fragrant and tasty, just not spicy.

The complimentary soup…

…was on the house, self-service and looking at the things behind the counter, I was wondering how come they did not have a proper storeroom somewhere and boy, those rusty tops of their freezers sure put me off!!! Perhaps they could buy a can of paint to spray them so they would not look so bad.

We found the lunch quite delightful as a whole and I was surprised that the total came up to only RM63.50, cheaper than at those Chinese chu-char (cook &fry) restaurants these days.

They have changed their sign…

…in front of the restaurant, I wonder why. The old one looked a lot nicer!

TING KEE CHICKEN RICE (2.292362, 111.825681) is located at No. 85, Jalan Kampung Nyabor, to the extreme left of the block of shops directly across the road from RH Hotel.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “Anything you like…”

  1. I totally agree it is better to order few dishes to share than to have individual serving. In this way, we can have varieties. The 3 dishes you have is more than enough for the 3 of you to share. New Year new sign board… 😁😁. Is the ngor hiang nice? Looks good though.

    1. Yes, the ngor hiang is very nice but I don’t think I ever came across any that costs RM12.00!!!
      That was what we were supposed to do – order a few dishes to share, dunno why the ladies suddenly had other ideas. They still ate the dishes I ordered so it was ok. Otherwise too much for one to finish.

  2. RM12 for the ngor hiang is not surprising because the price of pork has gone up and it may go up again after CNY. Pork with salted fish is a very appetizing dish and great with rice.

    Yes, I do agree with that last part in your comment. Salted fish will always encourage folks to go for seconds.
    RM12.00 for ONE ngor hiang is not surprising? Hmmmmm….I’d rather go for something else.

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