Thick or thin…

I’ve seen these…

…here and there but I never felt inclined to buy them to eat. My sister, on the other hand, said that she loved them more than the thin ones when I told her that they are selling these at the Chinese pancake or ban chang kuih (慢煎糕)/apam balik stall in the next lane round the corner from my house.

One fine day, I decided to buy some home and it turned out that my girl enjoyed them a lot too. Since then, I would buy for her whenever I happen to be around there in the afternoon.

They are 50 sen each…

…and when there are any left over, we will keep them in the fridge and heat them up for breakfast the next morning.

I like to use those grill pans with lines or ridges to do that even though it is much easier to place them on a tray and put them in the oven for a while. They are nice when piping hot, straight from the oven but somehow, when they have gone cold, they will turn hard and no, they will not be so nice anymore when they are like that.

I did not know what they are called – I would just refer to them as the thick chai peah as opposed to the thin ones…

…which are a bit cheaper – 5 for RM2.00. The guy told me that they are called taugeh peah by virtue of those few strands of bean sprouts in them.

When eaten hot, they are nice and crusty on the outside and kind of chewy or rubbery on the inside…

Incidentally, for the uninitiated, these are savoury, not sweet. I can finish two or three, at least, in one sitting!

My missus made this chili dip…

…for her boiled pork that day and there was some left over in the fridge. I took it out and added two cili padi, cut into thin bits to eat the taugeh peah with…

…and it was so so good but personally, I prefer the thin and crispy ones, the chai peah…to these thick ones, the taugeh peah. What about you?

The Chinese pancake or ban chang kuih (慢煎糕)/apam balik stall…

is located on the pavement outside the TCM clinic along Jalan Ruby in between Kim Won Supermarket & Medical Store and Swee Hung.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Thick or thin…”

  1. I like both thick and thin taugeh peah and goes well with Thai chilli sauce. If I am not wrong, last time it was RM0.80 per piece over here. Now I don’t know whether it has increased or not. So long didn’t buy.

  2. Tasted taugeh peah before but I prefer the thinner, crispier peah. Hehe.

    Great minds think alike! Me too!!! LOL!!!

  3. Those things look like cucur udang. What is your missus’ dip recipe? It looks pretty good and would also be nice with fried noodles.

    I dunno, I never asked what sauce she used. All I could see was lots of garlic and chili.
    Cucur udang is like our chai peah with a prawn on top – we used to get that at the Mlay stalls but not anymore. I guess prawns are way too expensive and these kuihs can cost too much – nobody will buy.

  4. I like the thick ones. Food (or more precisely snack) that I must eat every time I go back to Sibu.

    Chinese New Year is round the corner, coming home this year?
    I like these that is sold at this guy’s stall – round the corner from my house in the afternoon.

    1. Three years ago when I was going back for CNY (2020), I actually planned to go back this year but COVID19 change my plan. Now I am planning to go back this September.

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