Doin’ well…

The other day, I felt like having some curry puffs…

…for my afternoon tea so I dropped by here. The last time I had any from there was in September, 2020.

They’ve renovated the place or so it seemed. The front wall had been removed and the place is no longer air-conditioned. They still serve food like what they used to do when they were a fusion cafe but it looked like their curry puff business is doing well and they have extended the cabinet and counter by the side…

There is a neon-lit sign on top: MY CURRY PUFF but I did not see it until I was passing by as I was driving away.

All their puffs are RM3.00 each and if you buy 5, you’ll get 1 free…and they allow you to pick the ones you want, no need to stick to the same one for all the 6 of them.

They had run out of their chicken curry puffs that day so I bought their curry-flavoured sweet potato ones…

…instead. There is egg inside; in fact, there is egg in all the puffs, never mind which flavour.

At best, I would say it was all right especially considering that I am not all that fond of deep-fried curry puffs. The skin was crusty and beautifully-made with the layers and all but I think I had nicer/tastier and cheaper ones from the roadside Malay stalls.

I bought one of the chicken char siew

…to try and it was good, just that it was just like those sio paos (baked char siew buns) and as nice as any that we have here.

I also bought one of their creamy chicken mushroom…

…and this one stole the show! It did not look like much but the filling was very nice! My girl said that it tasted like those western chicken pies.

All in all, I would say that my favourite curry puffs in town would still be the ones sold at the bakery section of the supermarket on the other side of town…

*Archive photo*

We did make our way there during the recent school holidays. Maybe the taste of the baked short crust pastry and the filling was not as nice as before but I would say they were still good. Even the colour of the egg wash looked different – it was kind of orange instead of golden yellow and the price had gone up to RM1.60 each. When they first started, they were only RM1.00 each and if you buy 10, you would get 1 free. From the look of the mountain of curry puffs available for sale there, it was very obvious that they sure are doing very well too!


is located among the shops behind Medan Mall, Jalan Wong King Huo, a few doors away to the left of JIALI CAFE (2.292140, 111.841524), in the vicinity of the Medan Hotel there.

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6 thoughts on “Doin’ well…”

  1. I like curry puffs and all looks nice to me but the taste is still in the eating. Truly, I have never had curry puffs with egg in it. I seldom buy curry
    puffs at bakery shop. I prefer those very small curry puffs (RM2 for 3) from the kuih stalls. The fillings and skin are so nice.

    Oh? They were RM1 each here, the last time I bought some and yes, they were very nice…much nicer than ALL the bakeries…except this one at Farley but I could see the quality dropping a bit and the price increasing by the day! I love the ones at Kai Joo Lane in Kuching (and of course, their sio pao as well).

    These deep-fried ones are very popular in West Malaysia – like everything else, some were very nice, not all. They were HUGE and had egg inside. Maybe they started the trend over there and somebody here is trying to follow. Not that nice, this one…just so so and RM3.00 is a bit too much! I can go for a plate of kampua mee at one place here and enjoy it a lot more!!!

  2. That is unusual to have egg in puff. They have quite a choice. I would like to try them especially the one with sweet potato.

    1. They have egg in their curry puffs in West Malaysia, you didn’t know that? Had one nice one in Sg Petani but oily. One in the Gardens/Mid Valley, not nice and the lady so snooty! Never tried IKEA’s.

  3. I love curry puffs. We have one stall here selling curry puffs with some hard boil egg in it. These curry puffs are selling like hot cakes.

    Yes, I first came across curry puffs with egg in it at Sg Petani and I loved it! Very unusual as we did not use to find that here – see roseliew’s comment above. She never saw anything like it before.

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