Far apart…

I received a call from a NO NAME number the other day. Normally, I would just reject such calls but somehow, that day, my instincts told me to answer it. It turned out to be somebody from a courier service agency who wanted to confirm that I was home as he would be delivering something to me.

I waited and I waited…for about an hour till my patience was running out so I called the number in my call log. The guy answered. He said he was at the traffic lights, very near my house already and he would be there soon. True enough, he showed up soon after that to pass me this box…

I had no idea who had sent it – nobody had said anything about sending me something and when I opened the box, I saw the note…

It was from my very dear friend, Mandy, in KL.

She probably had been busy with her work and everything else and had not been following my blog nor was she active on Facebook these days. She did send me something in March last year but I wasn’t expecting anything from her this time around.

It so happened that she saw one of the photos that I shared recently – I think it was the one at my cousin’s anniversary dinner and she was shocked!!! She was wondering if I was all right as I had lost so much weight. Yes, I am so very thin now – half of what I was before but thankfully, I am feeling a lot better and eating very much more than say, a few months ago…and of course, I told her that and reassured her that I was fine, not about to go just yet!

I like what was on the other side of the note…

Far apart but near at heart…here’s a box of love for you” That’s Mandy for you – always so concerned, so thoughtful, so full of love for others. Obviously she could not wait to send something that may help in some small way the instant she heard that I had not been well.

Inside the box were these packs of herbs…

I do enjoy steamed chicken with these added, four of them altogether plus a cute free gift…

They are supposed to help recuperate, revitalize and reinvigorate and it is believed that cordyceps are good for anyone with kidney problems.

Thank you so so much, Mandy! I cannot remember when the last time we met was – perhaps it was on one of your working trips here when you showed up at the house when my father passed away…or was it my mother? You no longer travel, it seems but hopefully, you will take sometime off to come over here for a few days to relax – just let me know you are coming and I will make all the necessary arrangements on this side! The first time you came was over 10 years ago, just imagine that! It would be great if we could meet again…one of these days. Take care there, love and God bless always!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

4 thoughts on “Far apart…”

  1. That was so sweet and thoughtful of your friend. Glad to hear that you are feeling much better and eating well. Will always keep you in prayers. God Bless.

    1. Thank you so much! I sure need a lot of that, prayers. Ok now, feeling great and eating well. I still bring my walking stick wherever I go though. At my age, it pays to be careful!

  2. So very thoughtful of Mandy! My partner loves all those herbs for soup.

    Any tips as to how to go about cooking with those? Just steam?

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