Red green yellow…

I blogged about the Ayam Brand green curry paste sometime last month and my faithful and most regular follower, Irene, in Kuching happened to see it at a supermarket there.

Without a second thought, she grabbed it and cooked one whole chicken using the paste from two of the three containers in the box. Much to her delight, everyone in the family loved it so much and she happily declared that she would be cooking it again for Chinese New Year in January, no more of our regular curry for everybody this time around. Yes, I would say it was this nice!

Well, the other day, my missus came home with this…

…also from that same brand. I did see that before, the name and the photos but I never paid much attention as I just assumed it was our regular curry as opposed to their green curry (kaeng khiao wan) which would be something totally different altogether.

Obviously, it isn’t! It’s another version of Thai curry, more popular known as kaeng phet in their language, different from the massaman curry (kaeng matsaman) that I do enjoy a lot as well.

My missus gave it a try right away and came out with this dish of the red curry

…with potatoes added but she was quite disappointed with it. She did not think it was anything special and added that she would very much prefer our own style of curry.

I thought, however, that even though it was something quite different, it…

…was very nice, bursting with all the flavours of all the ingredients that went into the making of the paste…

– also three in a box like the green one.

I went and googled to look at the recipes and it appeared that the most common one would be to cook this red chicken curry with squash (pumpkin) but personally, I had the feeling that it would be nice with a bit of fresh pineapple, short strips of long bean and tofu.

I did see in one website where they gave the advice that it would be easier to just use the ready-made paste available everywhere at the shops and supermarkets because there are simply too many ingredients, and it would be a hassle to try and cook it…

…from scratch. Anyway, we do the same whenever we cook curry these days – just use the instant paste and yes, that is just as nice, if not nicer, without having to go through the chore of preparing all the ingredients needed.

Incidentally, my missus said that there is also the paste for Thai yellow curry (kaeng lueang). I certainly will blog about it when she gets round to cooking it so you’ll stick around for that, won’t you?

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10 thoughts on “Red green yellow…”

  1. Yes, I did see all the 3 colours (Red, Green and Yellow) Thai curry paste on the shelves. I thought red curry is just the regular curry we used to cook using A1 Mountain Globe curry paste and surprisingly it didn’t turn out to be fiery red in colour. Oh, your missus bought all the 3 types of Thai curry paste? Will be waiting for your verdict on the Thai yellow curry to see if it is any good. Just bought another box of Thai Green curry paste 2 days ago…. 😋😋

    1. It’s different in taste, not like regular curry using A1 Mountain Globe. Nice for a change sometimes. By the way, have you noticed the curry we cook using the instant paste getting spicier and spicier? Those not used to things so hot and spicy sure cannot tahan!

      1. Yes, the Mountain Globe A1 instant curry paste is getting spicer and the colour very fiery red. Me, for one cannot tahan. I thought I am the only one that feel the curry paste is getting spicer. That is why I seldom cook regular curry now.

        Same here!!! We have tried a few other brands, curry paste…but all not so nice. Still looking! The taste is still very nice but we would like it a little less spicy. If we have guests, they will not be able to eat.

  2. Good, eh? I have two packs of this Ayam brand paste still unused. I got then as free gifts when I purchased their mackerel and sardines online. I must try it soon.

  3. Oh, I didn’t know about this paste. That shows how observant I have been. I must go and get these paste because I only use ready made paste these days. Yes, I would prefer using pineapples and vegetables with the red curry paste.

    We shall try that next time. Will, at least, add a bit of colour and make it look nicer!

  4. Why Red Green Yellow? It should be Red Yellow Green (traffic light).

    The title of a certain song puts the colours in that order and there’s “Red, Green, Yellow and Blue” too by Dicky Lee, famous for the song “Patches” in the 60’s or 70’s:

  5. There was a lady in TTDI market over here that made all of those Thai curry pastes from scratch and on the spot when you ordered them. I must go check to see if she is still there.

    That is so nice!!! Anything freshly made is definitely better than factory made but these are pretty good!

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