All the way there…

Of course I was rather disappointed when we went all the way there to the other side of town only to be told that their fish and chips was not available that night especially after it was strongly recommended by my good friends, Robert and Angela and that was the very reason we picked that place for my 70th birthday celebration. Thankfully, what we ordered from their menu were all pretty good and we did have a nice celebration in the end.

It turned out that one of the partners was an ex-student in my former school. It certainly was a pleasant surprise when he said that I was his teacher but he was in the Arts stream and I did not teach his class. I told him about the fish and chips that I did not get to eat that night and he said he would call me when they had any fresh supply – I told him to just post on Facebook and I would get to see it, no problem at all.

The very next day, a photo of one huge box of fish fillets appeared on their Facebook page and in the days that followed, I was green with envy to see everybody sharing snapshots of the fish and chips that they ate there. That was why last Saturday, I sent them a message to confirm that they had not run out of the fish and to inform them that I would show up for lunch the following day, Sunday.

I drove all the way there once again and got to the restaurant right after it opened for lunch at 11.00 a.m. Nobody wanted to share – everyone wanted to have his or her own so we placed our individual orders for the fish and chips (RM28.00)…

…and sat there waiting eagerly for it to be served.

It took quite a while, almost an hour and when it finally came, we could not wait to dig in. Boy!!! Much to our delight, it was so very very good. Teary-eyed, my girl said that it was as good as what she used to enjoy so much in Wellington, New Zealand…maybe even better! (Poor thing! She sure misses that place so much!)

Of course, nobody wanted it with mayonnaise or worse, tomato sauce…but we did ask for more tartar sauce…

…and yes, they were very generous with it. The fish was very good, very fresh, no smell so none of us squeezed the wedge of lemon that came with it.

My girl said it was worth the wait and indeed, it was and it was worth the long drive as well. You can bet that when anybody feels like having fish and chips, this…

…is the only place in town that we shall head to for it for indeed, it is second to none.

I also ordered their mushroom soup (RM15.00)…

…and everyone gave their nod of approval. Basically, it was made from fresh shitake mushroom with some others like the enoki, for instance, and whatever else. I must say we were all impressed by the presentation…

Compared to what we have had at all the other places, that alone wins hands down.

Unfortunately, the seafood aglio olio (RM28.00)…

…was a disappointment. They could have cooked it just a little bit longer as the pasta was still a little hard. Besides, they were a bit too generous with the olive oil – I would prefer it if there had been a bit less of that. On the whole, the taste was pretty good…

…but personally, I like the one I had here better, the one with its unique kind of exotic taste.

Just like that night when we went there on my birthday, my ex-student came over to our table and served us this “cake of the day“…

…their classic New York cheese cake, homemade by the sister-in-law of one the bosses and yes, it was very nice – we all loved it, thank you so much! I did have a glimpse at the price in the display cabinet – it was RM11.90 a slice.

That sure was a delightful lunch and needless to say, we shall be making our way there again and again.

LONDON CAFE & BISTRO (2.257899, 111.844136)

…is located at No. 36, Lorong Pulau Li Hua 2 among the shops to your right after the bridge just before you reach the security check point.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “All the way there…”

  1. Finally you got the chance to eat the fish and chips as recommended by your friend. Like what you say worth the wait and long drive, then it must be real good. I like the mushroom soup with the garlic bread.

    1. Yes, all of us really enjoyed it, so fed up with the frozen fish fillet they use everywhere, dory! The last good one I had was in 2019 at the Commons (Old Court House) – they used sea bass. Mushroom soup was a surprise, didn’t expect it to be so special

  2. It was definitely worth the trip there since all in the family found the Fish & Chips very pleasing (and nobody wanted to share LOL!) and it even brought tears to the apple of your eye!

  3. I wish I could taste the fish and chips with tartar sauce! Glad that you all enjoyed it so much that it even make your girl teary-eyed. Definitely worth the long distance drive and wait.

  4. Ha ha! When it’s good, I guess there is no sharing 😉

    It so happened that we all wanted our own – can’t get good fish and chips here. Elsewhere, they all use the cheap frozen fillet – dory! Not to our liking!

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