Here we are now…

They were here before but they have moved here…

…now, the fish noodles people…

…because their contract at the former place had expired.

I would say this is a much better location even though it is far from the town centre (round the corner from my house), not so crowded and it was quite impossible to find a table in that coffee shop and a parking space in the vicinity. That was why I never bothered to drop by to give it a try.

There is a very thin lady there taking all the orders…

…and collecting the money. I was amazed by how multi-lingual she was – she was able to converse so very fluently in so many languages, unlike so many others all over Sibu – they are all mono-lingual and could speak Mandarin and nothing else, not even Malay or the local Chinese dialects! For once, we could order what we wanted in English!!!

I had the ikan kerapu (garoupa/grouper) in salted vegetable soup (RM14.90)…

…and yes, it was very nice and went so very well with the cili padi dip…

The soup was so very sweet and the fish fillet was very fresh. They served bihun

…with it and I was wondering if we could opt for something else instead. However, seeing how busy the lady was, I did not have the chance to ask her. Perhaps I can do that the next time I drop by.

My missus had the same, ikan kerapu but in tom yam (RM17.90)…

…and yes, it was very good too! My girl tried a bit and said that she would order it the next time.

My girl had the fried fish with sesame seeds and kway teow (RM9.00)…

…which was just as nice too. The kway teow was different though -they came in big squares instead of long strips. They use white fish (ikan putih) for the fried fish fillet and that, of course, is much cheaper. My girl liked it a lot but it was not available for the other options that morning.

Ikan merah (red snapper) is cheaper than the kerapu too but they did not have it that morning either. Other than the salted vegetables and the tom yam, there are also the peria (bitter gourd), the tomato and the curry. Yes, we sure enjoyed our breakfast but at those prices, you can be sure that you will not catch me there very often and should I go again, I’d probably go for what my girl had – the only thing there that is under RM10.00.

JIN JIN CAFE, formerly Soon Kien Wang Cafe and Wan Long Cafe (2.312977, 111.847257) is located past Delta Mall, if you are coming from town, at the corner among the shops at the junction of Jalan Gambir and Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai, formerly Jalan Pedada.

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7 thoughts on “Here we are now…”

  1. All looks pretty good and if I were to have I will go for the ikan kerapu in salted vegetable soup. Well, for that price once in awhile is fine as I think sometimes we need to pamper ourself to a good treat.

  2. I used to enjoy fish noodles but sadly the Mr Fish restaurant moved out from The Starling. They also had tom yum which I loved so much.

  3. Oh my, those fish skin! I’m going to KK again next week, can’t wait to have some fish noodle

    Bet you can find a lot there! Fresh from the sea, can’t get any fresher than that but of course, nothing is cheap there – those people are loaded. They are more than willing to spend for nothing but the best!
    They also have fish noodles as in noodles made from fish – I had that in Sandakan but I did not quite like it – came across to me like fish cake cut into thin long strips.

  4. Looks like they take their hygiene practices very seriously. The cooks all look so professional with their hats and aprons.

    Yes, things sure look great. I like how open it all is, not hidden away somewhere – what you do not know won’t hurt you, that kind of thing!

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