We’re coming to the end of November and the December school holidays will be here soon. Some of my cousins, niece and nephews and their children (Gosh! My grand-niece and grand-nephew…and they will call me “Kong Kong“, grandpa!!! *faints*), a few of them home from Australia and one from Kota Kinabalu at the time, will be driving all the way from Kuching to Sibu. Of course, I am looking forward to seeing them all again!

I hear that the Pan-Borneo Highway is taking shape pretty well now and is very good in most parts unlike those days when my girl was teaching in Selangau and I had to drive up and down, there and back a few times every week.

They probably would have stopped at Sg. Tenggang first for the awesome duck kolo mee. Hopefully, they will go to the right coffee shop and not choose the nice clean one like me. I thought it was nice there too but they say the other one is better.

I am not sure whether they have finished working on the highway around Jakar – some friends said it was still very bad there but one can easily avoid that bad patch by taking the bypass into Sarikei and enjoy the giant freshwater prawn noodles at the Glory Cafe there and out the other way around Bintangor side. They did tell me that the quality of the celebrated Bintangor rojak had dropped so there is no point turning into Bintangor to eat that.

By the time they reach Sibu, they will be very full already since they will be stopping here and there to eat this and that all along the way. I am not planning anything to welcome them to Sibu that night – I am quite sure they will not be able to eat a lot. Nonetheless, we will go out some place for a light dinner and in my opinion, this is a very good place to start.

They MUST have the Sibu kompia, fried till nice and crusty and stuffed with the very delicious stewed pork belly…

…or minced meat. There are other varieties as well but we would not want to stray from the well-trodden path.

Their kampua mee and pian sip (wanton) are at best, just decent, not a must-eat here. Perhaps they should wait a bit and go to one of the “better places” around town to enjoy those two but if they can’t wait that long, I am not really a fan of the original here but I do love the kampua mee daging masak hitam combo…

That is very nice, take my word for it! I did hear a lot of people singing praises of the one with sizzling spicy sambal seafood…

…and I did try that but I was not impressed.

The mee sua in the traditional Foochow red wine and ginger soup…

…is very nice – just ask for more red wine for that extra kick…and their kway chap special

…is one of my personal favourites here. I will always ask for their special chili dip to eat that with.

Their stewed pork belly rice is very good too – I guess that is the same as the ones in the stuffed kompia so if one does not want more of that, perhaps he or she can go for the nasi lemak

No, the last time I ate that, the rice was not lemak but with all the things in that platter, I sure enjoyed it. That was why I had had it a few times already.

This is not to be missed – their sizzling roasted honey spare ribs…

…if one has a voracious appetite or perhaps they can order that and share.

One of my cousins loved the chocolate lava cake…

…here – theirs will never fail to ooze! I bet she would want to order that. They used to enjoy the mille crepes…

…and the macarons…

…here but perhaps they have grown tired of those since they are available at a lot of places in Kuching and elsewhere. They probably will be too full for dessert by then but if they must, they can always go to the sister restaurants here or here for the gelato ice cream!

This is just their first night here. You can be sure that is what all of them will be doing while they are in town – eat, eat and eat and yes, I do have a few of the best places in town to take them to, you can count on that!

NOODLE HOUSE (2.291406,111.829162)…

…is located somewhere in the area immediately behind the Sibu Central Police Station at No. 2B, Ground Floor, Lorong Laichee 1, accessible either from Hua Kiew Road or Laichee Lane.

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6 thoughts on “Arrival…”

  1. All looks so enticing. The list continues on….Am eyeing for the kampua stuffed with stewed pork belly, kampua mee daging masak hitam combo, kway chap special and the roasted honey spare ribs.

    Kompia stuffed with pork belly, you mean? That is the best. Many will opt for minced meat but not me! To me, that is not as nice. After all, just one piece of kompia with the stewed belly will not kill anyone! All that I’ve featured in this post are the best here – I do enjoy all of them.

  2. Everything looks yummy but the star is the roasted honey pork rib. Looks delicious. Hope your relatives get to taste all the nice food before their holiday is up.

    Yes, the pork ribs are very nice. Not that cheap but value for money. My girl will go for it once in a while – she loves it!

  3. Hello Kong-Kong! LOL! All the food look so good especially the nasi lemak.

    Yes, it does look good. If only it were very lemak, the way I would love it! Still, I would order that once in a while as with everything else in the plate, I rather enjoy it.

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