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On certain days in the week, my girl will not be able to come home for lunch as they will be having a meeting or in-service course or some co-curricular activities and on some days, they have extra classes for the pupils. On those days, they will have to order something for lunch to be sent to school via food delivery.

The other day, however, she said she would like to stop by the bakery on our way home so she could grab something for her lunch the next day. That is not a problem as we have many bakeries in the commercial area around the mall round the corner from our house. I just waited in the car while she hopped into one of them and that day, she was delighted to come across these bomboloni

She did make some herself a long time ago around the beginning of last year, 2021 but she said they were something new at this bakery – they never made them before. Well, for the uninitiated, bombolone is an Italian filled doughnut and is eaten as a snack food and dessert. Bomboloni is the plural form of bombolonepronounced bom-bo-lo-nay with the stress/emphasis on the 3rd syllable. 

My girl bought herself the one with the strawberry filling (RM2.60) and for me and her mum, she got us the ones with pandan kaya filling (RM2.50)…

…which turned out to be very nice. I loved their own-made kaya (coconut jam) and I also liked how they had a bit of egg custard in the filling…

…as well.

However, even though I enjoyed it a lot, it was VERY sweet and the generous coating of sugar all over it sure did not help one bit. I don’t think I would want to buy it again, not when I am on a low/no sugar diet.

They are also making these ma ngee (horse’s ears/hooves)…

…these days, a local Foochow teatime delight going for RM1.80 each. they are very small though, a lot smaller than those humongous ones at the bakery across the road…

…but I feel the ones here are more authentic – the texture is more like the real thing! Those there are very nice too (and cheaper, if I am not wrong) but they are more like doughnuts which should not be the case.

In the end, my girl just grabbed two tuna puffs for her lunch the next day. Gosh!!! I would probably starve to death if that is all I have to eat for a meal in a day.


…is located at Lot 62 at the extreme end of the block of shops to the right of Delta Mall, back entrance.

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9 thoughts on “Grab something…”

  1. Wow, Melissa is such a small eater. 2 tuna puffs is enough to fill her tummy. I think I have seen this horse’s ears in one of the bakery at BDC and as I am not interested in it I never buy and try.

    1. It’s a popular Fóochow teatime delight, your DIL will know it well. It had died out;the only place making the best, authentic ones suddenly called it a day , nowhere to buy after that. Now I see it everywhere, good or not, like the real thing or not, that’s another story.

      Probably started after that WeLove Bakery made those giant ones – out by 1.30, sold out by 2.00p.m. even though theirs is not like our old school ones long ago. Still very popular, so hard to buy, always sold out.

      1. Yes, my girl eats very little. Very dedicated in her work, always wants to do her best and be perfect, always stressed…so usually, not much appetite. That is why so thin!!! So worrying at times!

    1. Oh? You’re not a fan of kaya. Looks like strawberry jam to me, not fresh own-made strawberry filling. Never a fan of doughnuts with or without anything, anyway. Too sweet!

      1. I love kaya but not those commercial kaya because they are usually too sweet for my liking. Not really keen of commercial strawberry jam either but I have have to choose, then I will have to choose strawberry. Lol

        The kaya from this bakery is better than homemade – I did buy once and I was so impressed that I blogged about it. It is not so sweet – some commercially sold kayas are all sugar, no lemak-ness, can’t taste the santan, no fragrance of the pandan. This one, the only thing that is stopping me from buying again and again is my low/no sugar diet.

  2. I saw the teachers in my kids’ brought own food, must be cooked from home. Now, food delivery is pretty convenient. Sometime I see the Grab or Foodpanda deliver food in school compound.

    Melissa is such a small eater. Life of a teacher, sounds like pretty busy on certain day.

    The bomboloni looked good. I tasted once, bought from a local bakery here. Rather sweet for me.

    Yes, it is very nice but very sweet – once is enough. Just like doughnuts – this is why I never buy!
    Indeed, never free – so much to do as a teacher…even on weekends and holidays. So sad!
    Some schools will insist that the pupils buy from the school canteen – since they pay to do their business there.
    I have no objection if they check on the operators and make sure that the food is nice and not expensive.
    Most do not bother – just collect the money and let them do whatever they want.

  3. I love the idea of kaya filling in doughuts, that dough looks good as well, airy, fluffy and looks light

    Yes, they’re very well done just that they are very sweet so I shall have to refrain from buying and indulging anymore.

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