Closed on Sunday…

Last Saturday was Election Day and the weather here was good all day long but come evening time, it started to rain so we decided to go for the church service on Sunday morning instead of our usual sunset one that day.

After the service, we went to a few places that we wanted to try but they were all very crowded and I could not find a parking space close by. These days, I can’t park my car anywhere I like and walk all the way. As we were driving past, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this Malay/Muslim restaurant was open and though there were quite a lot of customers too, there were a few vacant tables still available so we decided to stop by there for our brunch.

My girl had their mee rebus

…which looked very good (except for the not-so-nicely-peeled egg), almost like what they had on the cover of their menu…

More often than not, what you see in the photographs is not what you will get in the end.

I did try a bit of the broth and yes, it was VERY good. I was reminded of the mee rebus I would have quite frequently when I was in Singapore in 1973 and enjoyed tremendously. It was bursting with flavours and I could detect the spices used in the cooking but no, it was not sweet, nor was it orange in colour like in our mee jawa. It seems that most, if not all of the Malay stalls and shops all over town are selling mee jawa – as far as I can remember, I have not seen mee rebus anywhere.

I did not find out how much that was but my girl said it was over RM20.00. Yes, I would agree that the things here are not that cheap but looking at all that meat in the bowl, I guess that is more or less comparable to the prices these days at all the beef noodle places, maybe a lot more even at the Taiwan-style ones.

My missus had their mee mamak

…and they actually loved it a lot more than my favourite, the old lady’s mee goreng special at the coffee shop in Sg. Antu. I did try a bit and I would agree that it was very nice…and very different from the one I like so much. I still think that one is nicer and pricewise, I would much sooner go for that one. For half the price, RM6.50 only, one would get the delightful noodles with a bit of daging masak hitam (beef) by the side, one fried chicken wing and a fried egg whereas this one was around RM13.00 and there was only ONE prawn. I wouldn’t complain if there had been more, three perhaps.

The roti jala (RM9.90)…

…was good too. I ordered that to share and it came with a bowl of chicken curry…

…but there was just one piece inside, breast and a small chunk of potato.

Of course, I had to ask for the nasi lemak (RM6.50)…

…to see if it was any good but unfortunately, it was very disappointing. I could not detect any santan in the rice – in other words, I did not think it was lemak at all and other than that, it was more to the hard and dry side.

Well, like all the rest here, there and everywhere, with the nice and spicy sambal plus the curry gravy from the roti jala, I did enjoy it in the end but for that same amount of money, RM6.50, at the old lady’s place, you get the complete works – the rice with the cucumber and so much more – the daging masak hitam and fried chicken wing…and one fried egg. That, for sure, is a much better deal.

Frankly, if they would just put in a bit of effort in the presentation, even if it is just lining the plate with banana leaf, it would not look so plain…and cheap (which it wasn’t!!!).

Most Malay places here in Sibu are closed on Sundays but not this one so if you are looking for a halal place for a bite to eat, this would be one of the few that are open. On the whole, I would say the food is nice. Even at the slightly higher than usual prices, I would not mind dropping by sometimes to see what else they have on their menu. I did look at what they were having at the other tables and everything looked pretty good and yes, the service was excellent. The boy was very prompt and fast in taking our orders and before we knew it, we were being served already which sure was a pleasant surprise, quite different from many around here.


…the first shop in the block of shops (2.293355, 111.823653) to the left behind the block of shops along Jalan Kampung Datu where Fair Price Supermarket, now Fresh & Pay, is, near the traffic lights at its junction with Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg and Jalan Kampung Nyabor.

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9 thoughts on “Closed on Sunday…”

  1. Wow,😮😮that bowl of mee rebus over RM20. That is ridiculous. Prices of food at this place looks like cut-throat price. Is it a very classic cafe? At one look at the nasi lemak here, my instant response is, it is not value for your money when compare to the nasi lemak with masak hitam beef, chicken wing and an egg for the same price. The roti jala looks good though.

    1. They just opened an outlet at a coffee shop selling Menggatal ngui chap (beef noodles), RM20.00 a bowl and believe it or not, FULL HOUSE!!! I ate at one Taiwanese beef noodles coffee shop, RM26 a bowl…and that is not the most expensive on the menu. Also full house every day! Another place is Arki Sapi, also Taiwan style, also around those prices. I did blog about it. These places, I may go ONCE since everyone talking about it, showing off on Facebook. They can fix whatever prices they like, don’t expect me to go again, I am not so stupid!!! The choice is yours and mine!

  2. Can’t remember I tasted mee rebus before. Seen it around but never get down to trying it. But wow, over RM20.

    The nasi lemak did looked disappointing.

    1. Take a look at all that beef and compare that to the beef noodles we had the other day, only a few thin slices, RM9.00. That is cheap – all the other places selling Taiwanese-style beef noodles, RM20-30.00 and they do not give that much beef either.
      Of course you will not see me going to those places – I’m not THAT stupid!!! Full house every day, mind you…even at those prices!!! Recession? What recession? People sure are so very rich!

    2. Yes, the nasi lemak IS expensive and not worth it at all. My RM1.50 bungkus one from that nearby shop is even nicer, considering both the taste and the price!!!

  3. The nasi lemak looked so miserable. Just like the way I feel right now. LOL!

    You are not alone. Everyone is feeling this same way right now. What on earth do those people think they are doing? Go look at their faces in the mirror! They think people love them and want them so much!

  4. First time I see mee jawa with beef slices. Must be delicious. Beef not cheap these day. We have yet to find a good mee goreng here. I lke roti jala with chicken curry too.

    Me too! The ones I had in Singapore were quite meat-free, I think so they were inexpensive. I do not remember any. It was the sauce/gravy that I loved, so thick and rich, bursting with the flavours of the spices.
    Yes, nothing is cheap these days – beef and lamb used to be the worst, the most expensive but these days, pork is catching up too. I am amazed that people are still so generous with the meat and there are people willing to pay money to eat!

  5. I have lots of respect on restaurants that prepare their food they way they show it in ads, it just shows how much they give effort on the food they serve to their customers

    Yes, it does make a difference. Some do not care about the presentation at all and I do get put off at the sight of what they serve at some places here.

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