This is ours…

I’ve said this before in one of my blogposts and here, I am saying it again: “Now if anybody tells you that bagels are something like our Sibu Foochow delicacy – the kompia, do not believe a word they say!

I first tried it a long long time ago when they opened a bagel franchise place in Kuching and no, I was not in the least impressed. Hence, it came as no surprise at all that the place did not last very long. Fast forward to 2012, 10 years ago, my girl took us to her favourite bagel place in Wellington, New Zealand to try the ones there. Yes, we did enjoy what we had but it was mostly because of what we picked for the stuffing. After all, bagel is what bagel is, plain bread. As a matter of fact, if we eat some very good well-made kompia here, just like that, they can be very nice, very fragrant.

We can’t just go to some shops and ask for some bagels here, or not that I know of, but lately, there is somebody making them at home for sale. My sister bought us two of her wholemeal sourdough bagels (RM4.00 each)…

…the other day for us to try.

It was rather jun-jun (tough) on the outside but inside, it was soft and cushiony. It was, like I said, just bread but I took one, cut it into halves, buttered it generously inside and I added some roast chicken wings (my missus happened to be cooking some using the air fryer – nothing fancy, just rubbed with salt and pepper but it was nice), a few slices of my missus’ nice and crusty tomato from our garden and one cheddar cheese slice…

…and yes, it was very nice! I was thinking that it might make it a bit crusty and bring the taste to a whole new level if I had popped it into the oven toaster for a bit before eating.

These were the ones we had…

…in Wellington, New Zealand…

…and yes, we thought they were great. If we stuff kompia with all these nice things or if we have them in between slices of bread, they would be very nice too.

There, they had so many different types of bagels to pick and choose…

…unlike here…

My sister bought the wholemeal sourdough bagel…

…and they also have the blueberry…

…and the chocolate ones…

I think you can hop over to their Instagram page to have a look at all the things that they make and if you are keen on ordering some of them, their telephone contact is +60168881202 – just give them a tinkle and find out all the details from them.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

3 thoughts on “This is ours…”

  1. Yay, they do look like kompia in bigger version. Chicken wing in bagels?? I think it would be nice with pork patties too.

    Yes, it so happened that we were having chicken wings for dinner so I took it and shredded the meat…like pulled chicken to stuff the bagel. Some places in Kuching serve pulled pork mini burgers/sliders. We do have Ramly patties and Marina Salisbury steaks in the freezer, no pork. Would be nice with those too!!!

  2. On the outside, bagels do look like kompia but tastewise is so different. Looks so delicious with all the nice stuffings.

    The prices are worlds apart too!!! I suppose even sandwiches made from plain white bread would taste good if you have all the right stuffings!

  3. RM4.00 each for a sourdough bagel is quite all right. The ones I used to buy were going at RM7.00 each. I guess the only similarity between kompia (which I want to try one day) and bagel is just the resemblance and not the taste.

    The texture is different too and being baked in a traditional charcoal stone oven, it has that coveted fragrance. There is oven-baked kompia…which is nothing like the real thing!!!

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