This is the way…

This place has been around for a while now but they told me not to bother going there as the food served was not good. However, recently, I heard that there was a new chef at the helm and things became much better after that. I did not rush there right away though – it just so happened that we were out that afternoon looking for some place to stop for a bite and we decided to give this one a try.

I wanted the fish & chips but it was not available. Thankfully, the roasted chicken thigh (RM19.00)…

…that I had in the end was not bad. It certainly looked very enticing but at the end of the day, it was just…chicken. The gravy was good – I could detect a hint of the herbs used and I enjoyed the sides as well, especially the mashed potatoes.

My girl ordered the carbonara spaghetti (RM26.00)…

…which was very good. It tasted a little different from what one would get at the other places here, just a little, and it was not over-creamy so my girl was quite happy with her order. I did give it a try but I should not be eating those processed meats (bacon) so I just had a little bit.

I could not resist ordering this Sarawak laksa linguine (RM32.00)…

…to share. It was really very nice, not quite like laksa, more like a cross between that and curry and we also liked the taste. A squeeze of the calamansi lime over the pasta sure raised it to a whole new level – it was even nicer after that. Of course, I only had the pasta – I have been avoiding all that seafood for a while now for fear of some kind of allergy that would get me scratching all night long.

My missus’ order, their special pineapple chicken fried rice (RM24.00)…

…took a long time coming and everyone was already very full by the time it was served. I couldn’t eat anymore by then but the ladies tried a bit and they said it was good. In the end, we asked for it to be packed for us to take home.

All in all, I would say that generally, the service was prompt and the food was decent enough – servings were quite big and they were very generous with the ingredients. I would think that 2 dishes would be enough, if shared by 3. Incidentally, it seems that they have lunchtime specials on weekdays that one can order instead of what they have in their menu.

On the whole, the place is pretty much the usual, not much of an ambiance to get excited about – it looks like this is some kind of watering hole where people gather at night to dine and drink. We had the misfortune of having some very loud and chatty Mandarin-speaking ladies around that day so goodbye, peace & quiet. We quickly finished eating and made our way out of there in no time at all.

CHEFWAY CAFE (2.300560, 111.843429)…

…is located at No. 18 & 20, Ground Floor, Lorong Dr. Wong Soon Kai 4­D.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “This is the way…”

  1. All the food above looks good… value for money! Four dishes for the three of you? Good that the pineapple rice can be kept for the next day… yummy!

  2. All the food looks so good and portion is huge. Owh, are you allergy to all kinds of seafood or certain types only? Like my son, he is allergy to flower crabs but he is OK with mud crabs.. 😊

    1. I was ok my whole life but recently, because of my health, I found that after eating prawns and some fish, I would itch the whole night through. Ok when I don’t eat. Dunno crabs. Never buy, too expensive, cannot afford.

  3. Wow the carbonara is at least 2.5x the price of the linguine 😳😬. Hope they used top notch cheese and free range eggs. And fresh pasta.

    1. Oopsss! I think I typed the price wrongly. Will check the cashier’s receipt, if I have not thrown it away yet. Thanks for pointing it out.
      Dunno what they used. You can always go to their Facebook page and ask. Somebody asked about the bacon they used. I would say it tasted nicer than the same thing we had at that VERY popular place across the road. Just as noisy, that one. No class at all, not cheap either plus they need better quality control over what they serve.

      1. Oh that’s so odd…saw it being priced at RM26 on their FB page, thought you ordered a special and hence the price tag of RM66

        Sorry, I replied to your comment without checking my post. I only realised my error in typing the price much later. I’ve corrected it now, thanks again for pointing it out.
        I still have their cashier’s receipt but yes, I did go to their Facebook page too to check their menu and confirm the price.

    1. Generally, nice selections and everything we had had its own special taste that we liked. Prices a bit steep even though they were very generous with the ingredients. Will certainly share should we happen to drop by again.

  4. Yums! The chicken thigh looks delicious. I love pineapple rice. I want to try the Sarawak laksa linguine. Looks yummy. I too don’t like dining with noisy customers.

    Yes, I cannot stand it when their voices carry. Not all voices are like that, some are all right even though they also talk a lot among themselves. These loud high-pitched ones talk like they are running an election campaign!
    The Sarawak laksa linguine is worth a try. Very nice, unique, one of a kind. From what they call their Rainforest Cuisine.

  5. Looks like the chef’s pretty creative, I’d never have thought of Sarawak laksa linguine

    Yes, I would give him due credit for that. Will go back and try the otak-otak sandwich, the dabai pizza and the rest in his Rainforest Cuisine.

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