We have a choice…

It was still early when we went our own way after our breakfast date that morning, just 9.00 a.m. but my cousin and her hubby had to drive all the way back to Bintulu.

I wanted to buy something for our meals that day so my missus would not have to toil in the kitchen the instant we got home but all the chap fan/nasi campur (mixed rice) places were not open yet. We drove along Jalan Bandong but no, there was no sign of anybody at our regular stall, no dishes on display yet but it so happened that I noticed one stall there where there were tubs of curries on display. I stopped instantly and parked by the roadside while my missus went to have a look.

After quite a long time at the stall, she came back to the car with her loot! The meat was only RM2.00 a piece, cheaper than the aforementioned stall by 50 sen and she bought six pieces of the chicken, RM12.00 altogether…

She said that the lady kept adding more and more curry gravy and potatoes from her pot and she did not know why. Probably she wanted it to look a lot more substantial, worth RM12.00. In the end, when we got home and my missus poured everything into our own cooking pot, it almost filled the big one that we use to cook soups all the time. There was so much of it!

Of course, it is the taste that counts and yes, the curry was very nice. We all enjoyed it and I can say the same about the bubur pedas (RM6.00)…

…too but I only tried a bit of it. My girl loved it so much so we just let her have it all. It wasn’t a very big tub, anyway and she was able to finish it all in one sitting. Perhaps the next time around, we would have to buy two tubs, at least.

The cangkok manis and pumpkin masak lemak (RM5.00)…

…was good but I could hardly see any trace of the pumpkin in it.

It’s not the season right now so they had to replace the buah emplam with buah kedondong (ambarella) in the sambal (RM3.00)…

…but no, I never liked it when they did that at some places here. The latter is not as sour and definitely lacks the fragrance and taste so this wasn’t anything to shout about. Thankfully, it was cheap, just RM3.00 a tub but even so, I don’t think we would want to buy that again.

All in all, I would consider RM26.00 for everything, enough for our dinner and our meals the following day, a steal! I sure am glad that we have a choice now along Bandong Walk, this one or the one we used to frequent over the years.

This food stall (2.313817, 111.825844) is located along Bandong Walk, more towards the right side of the row of stalls (while GERAI MADU “SELERA KAMEK” is more to the middle), along Jalan Bandong.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

3 thoughts on “We have a choice…”

  1. All for RM26 is indeed a steal. I like the cangkuk manis and pumpkin masak lemak but the pumpkin must cut into bite size and the cangkuk manis must tear to bits and pieces. I notice their cangkuk manis are in pieces which is not to my liking. I guess some people blend their pumpkin that is why you can’t see any trace of pumpkin in yours. Buah kedondong sambal is a very appetising dish.

    Yes, I prefer my cangkok manis torn too but usually most of the time, the Malays do not do it. I would not have bought it if it had been me but surprisingly, the leaves were not hard and difficult to chew. Maybe they were very young.
    Yes, the pumpkin were cut into bite sizes but there were very few, hidden in the leaves. Cannot cut too small – they will hancur and you will not see much of it left in the soup in the end.
    Not into buah kedondong – I love buah emplam for its stronger taste and fragrance and it is more sourish. The ladies enjoyed eating that tub of buah kedondong though – I guess either one likes it or one doesn’t. To each his own.

    1. Yes, it was good. Sure makes a lot of sense to just go and buy when it is so affordable. I don’t know now but a little bowl with a piece of chicken and a chunk of potato swimming in the rather diluted gravy at a chicken rice place here was RM5! Ridiculous!!!

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