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During my growing up years, my mum would wake up early before the break of dawn to boil water and she would put two eggs in an enamel cup (with a cover) and pour in the water the instant it started boiling. After that, she would keep the cup covered till my brother and I had got up, washed and changed into our school uniform and were ready for our breakfast – the half-boiled eggs! She never kept time so sometimes, they might be overdone especially when we took a little longer to get ready or did not want to eat the eggs and just left them there…and had them later for lunch!

It did not look difficult at all and I’ve been doing it myself all this while. Lately, I had been sharing photographs of the eggs I had for breakfast on Facebook and Instagram…

…and they seemed to attract quite a bit of attention. Everyone wanted to know how I did it!

Well, I did describe what I did and so far, only one said she did try doing it but she said she waited a minute longer so the white was a little bit harder than mine. The yolk was still runny though so it was all right. Let me show you how to do it step by step in pictures for those of you thus inclined.

Firstly, fill a saucepan with water, enough to cover the eggs. We always buy the medium-sized ones so you may adjust the timing a bit if you prefer the small or the large eggs.

Bring the water to a boil…

…and turn off the heat.

Take the eggs out of the fridge and rinse them well to make sure they are clean. Slide them into the water VERY gently…

Do not drop them or they will crack and a bit of the white will ooze out…

This will also happen if there is a hairline crack in the eggs, not visible to the naked eye but it does not matter one bit. You can just scrape it away once the eggs are done.

Cover the saucepan and let it stand for 7 minutes. It was 7.29 a.m…

…so the eggs should be ready at around 7.36 a.m.

I was a bit late that morning by a minute or two and I only managed to fish the eggs out of the water at around 7.37 a.m…

Crack the eggs right away into a bowl or a plate and add a dash of soy sauce and pepper…

Because I was a little bit late, the white was a bit firmer than usual (compared to those in the first pic above) but it did not matter – I actually quite like it this way too.

Break the yolks and mix everything together well…

…and you can sit down to enjoy the fruit of your labour.

By the way, if you are not going to eat them right away, you can pour away the hot water and fill the saucepan with tap water so the eggs will not continue cooking in the residual heat and end up overcooked.

There you have it! This is how I cook my half-boiled/cooked eggs, more or less like how my mum used to do it a long, long time ago and yes, they turn out perfectly done everytime!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “In pictures…”

  1. Your half-boiled eggs are perfectly done. Egg-cellent. By chance, I got one time correct but the white is a bit firmer like in 2nd pix. So I guess timing must be very accurate to get those egg white like in 1st pix. Thanks for sharing the step by step method. Gonna try again.

    I just had two just now for my breakfast this morning. Perf-egg! I do like the white hard at times – like hardboiled but the yolk must be runny. To get it like that, I would have to boil the egg. I did blog about it once. Timing is always very important – just a little bit of difference in timing can make a big difference in how the egg will turn out!

  2. The simplest thing is actually hard to achieve. Like me for instance, my steamed silky egg custards never the same each time. Hard to get that same consistency.

    Thanks for sharing your step by step. I rarely cooked half boiled egg at home. But I do enjoy it.

    My mum seemed to be able to do it so well. Too bad I never got to learn her secret. Hers would a simple one, just egg with a little bit of soy sauce. We enjoyed it so much!

    So easy to cook your own, just a few minutes and they are done.

  3. I remember those days when I was in primary school. Mom will make half boiled eggs for me for breakfast before going to school and I have to force myself to swallow the eggs. Most probably that is why until now I am not a fan of half boiled eggs. I rarely eat half boiled eggs, sometimes with toast.

    Yes, every morning without fail! I grew so so sick of them and hated eating them then but these days, I’ve grown to enjoy them all over again. My girl will eat two every morning – she says it’s faster, just slurp it down and rush off to school – no need to bite and chew.

  4. Soy sauce in eggs, sounds new to me, got to make it that way. BTW we do cook our eggs 7 mins as well but not from fridge so our one looks like ramen eggs, we never fridge them here in NZ.

    We do it all the time, the instant we get home.
    Yes, if you cook/boil it, the eggs will be like those in the Japanese ramen noodles. I did blog about that before. I do enjoy eggs that way too! Hard egg while, runny yolk.
    As far as I know, westerners eat their half boiled eggs with salt – we eat them with soy sauce.

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