Home for a while…

My niece, my brother-in-law’s daughter working in Singapore was home for a while. She used to make an effort to come home for everyone’s birthday but she had to miss a few because of the pandemic and everything. Last month (September), she could not be around for her mum’s birthday nor my girl’s – why, she could not come back to celebrate her own like what she used to do every year!

Of course, we all went out together for dinner, 7 of us altogether including her brother currently residing in Thailand, home to renew his travel documents and what not. Yes, we went to this restaurant that we went to not too long ago because everyone loved the food we had and yes, we ordered their signature ribs…

…again. There were only four pieces so I gave them a miss – let the kids enjoy them! I did get to try the pickled jellyfish though and yes, it was good. I did not to eat that the last time as it was all gone in no time at all.

This Thai crispy pork belly…

…did not look that enticing but just have a bit and get blown away! It was really very very nice. I’d KIV that as a must-order dish everytime I drop by here.

The lamb…

…was really nice too, just that I could only eat a bit since I have to stay away from red meat. Whatever that went into the making of the gravy sure stole the show, anytime a whole lot nicer than black pepper or Worcestershire or barbecue or whatever sauce they use when they cook lamb.

I never had Mongolian fish…

…elsewhere before and unfortunately, it did not sweep me off my feet. I had nicer Mongolian elsewhere…and usually, it was with meat.

I’m staying away from prawns too these days for fear that they may trigger off an allergy but I did try one of their butter prawns…

They certainly did a good job with the egg floss but I prefer the creamy version that we used to order elsewhere.

My brother-in-law ordered his favourite – an omelette…

He used to order that all the time but had not asked for that for a while now whenever we went out to eat. This was the tri-egg version with a bit of salted egg and century egg inside and yes, it was very nicely done. Everyone had a bit and it was gone in the blink of an eye.

The tauhu tear, our Foochow tofu soup…

…was very nice but if it is the authentic Foochow soup taste that you are looking for, it is best to try the one here – I feel that they do it a lot better with the taste and fragrance of the canned oysters used in the cooking.

My niece went to make the reservation and it looked like she forgot all about including some vegetable dishes. There was none other than the broccoli that came with the lamb. Instead, she asked for their tom yam soup but probably something was lost in translation and this Szechuan hot & sour soup…

…was what we got in the end. Generally, this is not my favoruite soup and anyway, I was already too full by then so I did not bother to give it a try.

Yes, generally, everyone enjoyed the food (and the company) and my missus insisted on picking up the tab this time around, her special treat for her niece and nephew. After all, they do not come home that often anymore these days. Surprisingly, the total came up to only RM210.00 for the food, 8 dishes for 7 people whereas we only had 6 dishes for 6 on our previous visit and it was RM220.00. I guess that was because we had steamed fish – that cod fish must have cost a bomb!

The GRAND WONDERFUL RESTAURANT is right beside the GRAND WONDERFUL FOOD COURT (2.309601, 111.845163)…

…to the left, in that same building where the GRAND WONDERFUL HOTEL is located, along Jalan Pipit, off Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai, on your right. You can also go in via Jalan Pipit from Jalan Pahlawan – go straight ahead till you get to it on your left.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Home for a while…”

  1. Wow, all the dishes looks good especially the signature ribs, Thai cripsy pork belly and butter prawns. The signature ribs reminds me of the signature pineapple ribs I had last evening at Verinice Kitchen. So so very good. RM 210 for all, (I think there are 8 dishes altogether if I didn’t count wrongly) is really a good deal. Best part is everyone is having a great time together.

    Verinice? Never heard of it. A lot of people go to Venue, that I know. I loved Heritage but have not gone there for a long long time. Yes, so many dishes and not the usual simple ones, many more on their menu – yet to try them all!

    Ah yes! I typed wrongly in the post. There were 8 dishes for the 7 of us, will edit that. Thanks for the correction!

  2. Glad your niece is able to come back this time to spend time and reconnect with you guys. Dishes looked so good. I like the look of the butter prawns!! Wow!

    I prefer the creamy butter prawns that we usually order at places like Ruby or Nice House. Besides, the prawn I ate was not sweet and succulent, probably frozen for too long, not that fresh. Quite disappointing!

  3. Mouth-watering ribs, pork belly and lamb. Most important everyone enjoyed the food and the company.

    Yes, we sat and chatted till quite late…after having been deprived of the opportunity for so long. It was good to be able to get together again like this.

  4. All the dishes look so, so GOOD! And only cost RM210.00, so affordable for so many dishes. This is the perfect place for big makan with family.

    Indeed! And all the servings we ordered were SMALL! I cannot imagine how big the LARGE would be.
    We have been forewarned to insist on only the small when placing our orders at this restaurant. A friend said, tell them, if possible, can we have smaller than small…because even that will be quite big. LOL!!!
    Not surprised seeing how much they will give us for RM10.00 when we buy from their chap fan stall!

  5. I miss butter prawns as well as cereal prawns, the first time I had them was in Malaysia and it was so good.

    Pretty common around here. Missus just bought some from another place for our meals today – looks good, will blog about it soon.

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