One piece at a time…

Those years when my mum was bedridden, we had to go over to their house in the morning to be with her so we hardly did any cooking. Most of the time, we would stop somewhere on our way home to tapao some food for our lunch and/or dinner and because this stall…

…was so conveniently on the way, we frequented it very often at the time until my mum passed away in 2018. After that, we hardly ever went there again.

The other morning, however, I suggested to my missus that we could go and check it out to see if what they had was still as nice as before – we used to enjoy a lot of what they dished out at the time and my wife promptly agreed to the idea.

When we got there, we were delighted to see that it was still open and yes, they still had those same ol’ familiar dishes. I waited in the car while my missus went to see what she could buy – I did suggest some ayam masak merah and ayam masak kurma and perhaps a vegetable dish, masak lemak.

Yes, she managed to buy some ayam masak merah

…and ayam masak kurma

…but obviously, she had forgotten how things worked here. They would work out the prices for the meat (and fish) dishes by calculating the prices one piece at a time and as far as I could remember, around that time when we stopped coming here, things were already RM2.00 per piece.

My missus was so used to buying food at the chap fan stall where she would just tell them that she wanted RM10.00 of this and RM10.00 of that. That was why, in the end, we only got 4 pieces of the meat in each dish, RM2.50 each.

The ayam masak merah looked rather oily but it was VERY nice. It was quite all right – I did not feel it when I mixed the gravy well together and drowned my rice with it. I sure enjoyed that a lot and yes, I would want to buy that again the next time we hop over here.

The kurma was all right but no, it did not get me all excited especially when we had been having the green curry chicken here

…quite regularly over the years – I always thought they tasted similar in some ways.

Of course, I did not want any curry – we always cook our own and I did not want their ayam berlada

…either as my missus was cooking that so very often at one stage that I got quite sick and tired of it.

For the vegetable dish, my missus asked for RM5.00 worth of this pajeri nenas

…a popular Malay pineapple dish and yes, it was so very good that we almost finshed it in one sitting. I certainly would want to buy more next time, RM10.00 perhaps.

Well, it certainly was a nice change from the usual chap fan fare that we had been buying and seeing how we enjoyed it a lot, we certainly would be heading back that way again for more.

GERAI MADU “SELERA KAMEK” (2.314158, 111.825546)…

…is located at Bandong Walk, somewhere in the middle of the stalls on the right (if you are coming from Jalan Tun Abg Hj Openg heading towards Kpg Nangka) along Jalan Bandong.