Pale shadows…

When people mention Sibu, what immediately comes to mind? Kampua mee? Kompia? Actually, there was something else that this little town was famous for throughout the state, rojak Kassim

This is our local version of the rojak thamby (Indian rojak) or what they call pasembur in the peninsula

…but personally, I do feel that it is more like the Indonesian gado-gado

…which I also enjoy a lot!

To cut a long story short, the last I heard of him, that Hj. Kassim ended up selling his rojak in Kuching but word had it that he had passed away and the rojak at his stall was not so nice anymore.

In the meantime, others have started selling their own versions of the rojak thamby and they call theirs by their own name, now that rojak Kassim has become a pale shadow of what it used to be during those glory days. Some are all right, not bad while others may need to try a little harder.

That day, I went back to the coffee shop where the original Rojak Kassim stall started in 1993 – Kok Cheng, now Popular Food Court. The stall, once renamed Rojak Udin (after Hj Kassim’s son) is now called Rojak Mem (I think that is named after Hj Kassim’s daughter-in-law).

I bought the RM5.00 packet…

…to see if it was anything like what it was like before.

Gosh! I must say they were not very generous with the ingredients, despite the price, just some cucumber, tofu puffs and the cucur (fritters) that seemed to have shrunk so much…

…but thankfully, they were still nice, the texture and the taste. No, there weren’t any potatoes, no egg, not even taugeh (bean sprouts).

I poured the peanut sauce over everything…

…and sat down to eat.

The taste was almost like what it was like before…

…and I do mean ALMOST!!!

I guess that’s the way it is with most things as time goes by – everything changes but sadly, not for the better.

POPULAR FOOD COURT (2.290134, 111.826863) formerly KOK CHENG COFFEE SHOP, is located at No. 6, Ramin Way/No. 2, Jalan Morshidi Sidek, across the road from what was formerly the Star Cineplex and before that, the Cathay Cinema.