I did blog about this char siew sauce

…before, more than once, perhaps because we have been using it ever since the first time we tried it and it turned out to be very much to our liking. Yes, we did try Lee Kum Kee and/or some brand from Cosway but no, they were not as nice.

Well, the other day, my missus took two slabs of meat, the tenderloin and marinated them in the sauce the whole day. Come evening time, just before dinner, she grilled them in the oven till they were nicely done…

She cut them up into slices…

…and served…

Yes, we sure enjoyed that and the next morning, since there was a bit left, I cooked a plate of The Kitchen Food – Sibu Instant Kampua – 厨艺食品, dark soy sauce and served that with a few slices of the char siew on top…

…like how they would do it outside.

That sure looked good, don’t you think so? You can grab a packet of the char siew sauce to try if you have yet to do so. It should be available at all leading supermarkets and grocery stores.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

3 thoughts on “James…”

  1. All the while I have been using Lee Kum Kee Oriental Barbeque sauce for making char siew. I have never seen this brand on the shelves. Would love to get one and try. Had been Cosway members for so long but never knew there is char siew sauce in their products too…😊😊

    I think I did see it once, maybe a long time ago. I’m sure theirs is good too – just like those instant curry pastes. They are all NOT the same, there may be slight differences and all are good in their own ways. It boils down to a matter of personal preference…like how you love Mee Daddy and me too but my missus would not touch it at all!!!

    We used to buy their oyster sauce but at one time, it was banned because it contained something not suitable for consumption. We never bought anything from them anymore after that!

    This Uncle James is probably the subsidiary of Dollee products. You see one, you will see the other. Their bak kut teh spices are good too, my missus buys theirs all the time.

  2. Char siew is one of the first things we tried when we moved to Malaysia. It always holds fond memories.

    I am not sure but I think it originated in Hong Kong – they do have a lot of nice stuff in their Cantonese cuisine. KL is predominantly Cantonese too so no problem getting really good char siew there. Sibu is all Foochow.

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