To tide us over…

My appetite has not been very good ever since I have not been feeling too well especially when I cannot eat this and cannot eat that. Besides, if I have had something substantial for brunch or lunch, I would feel so full the rest of the day and would not be able to eat much come dinnertime.

That was why last Sunday, since we were planning to go out for dinner to celebrate my girl’s birthday, I was saving my tummy space and only had two half-boiled/cooked eggs in the morning, that was all.

The ladies in the house, on the other hand, were quite happy to buy some stuff for lunch from Colonel Sanders…

…at the mall not far from our house.

I drove my missus over and waited patiently in the car while she went to buy. She sure took a mighty long time because according to her, they had a new girl manning the counter and she seemed to be at a loss as to what she was supposed to do.

I think my missus bought two sets of whatever they had on promotion and this was one of them…

She got these two pieces of fried chicken, barbecue flavour…


…in one box and another piece, the drumstick, in another box with the two tubs of mashed potatoes…

Looking at the ad, there should be one with the potatoes and there should be coleslaw in the other, instead of two of the same…

…and because there were two per set, there were four altogether!!!

My girl wanted six of their crispy cheesy fingers but my missus was told that they were out of stock. I browsed through their Facebook page and I saw a whole lot of comments from disgruntled customers – obviously, they are always running out of this and that these days. Probably that was why there wasn’t any coleslaw.

Much to our surprise, despite what the girl said, there were two crispy cheesy fingers…

…in one of the sets. Don’t ask me where those came from and why they were available – I really have no idea whatsoever what was going on.

There was also a zinger burger…

…and two complimentary drinks for the two ladies to enjoy and to tide them over till dinnertime.

There was supposed to be something from Lays as well, a pack of chips, but obviously, that was out of stock and unavailable too and no, there was no special discount or something else given as a replacement! I saw in one of their ads a clause that said, “Sementara masih ada stock!” (While stocks last!) Luckily I was not the one who went to buy – I most certainly would have made a scene on the spot! I imagine them telling every customer that they have run out of stock and at the end of the day, they will take all the packets home to enjoy while watching their favourite movie on Netflix!

Needless to say, the two sets did not come cheap. According to my missus, she had to pay around RM39.00 altogether, around RM20 per head!

This KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN outlet is located on the upper ground floor of the Delta Mall (2.311909, 111.846792), at Lot 2831, Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai (Pusat Pedada).

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “To tide us over…”

  1. I remember the first time I had KFC in Malaysia, I was suprised as they give chilli sauce by default, in Philippines it was gravy. Same taste though but the chilli sauce added a nice element to it.

    Oh? Here, it is either chili or tomato sauce.

  2. I don’t know all this while I prefer Sugar Bun (SB) Broasted Chicken to KFC. These days the chicken wings and drumsticks from SB seems to shrink in size. The Zinger burger looks good though.t

    I only like SB’s fish burger and their special dishes. I have not had their chicken but generally even at the stalls, the chicken has shrunk.

  3. The last time I had KFC, I thought it did not taste as good as I remembered. Could be due to my aging tastebuds. LOL!

    I only liked their hot and spicy before, dunno now. Have not had it for a long time.

  4. Talking about coleslaw, they haven’t produce since last year over here. I asked last month when bought KFC at nearby shop. They told me they no longer make it!! No wonder been out of stock for so long. But my surprise when my hubby told me they still have coleslaw it Sri Aman as he shown me photo of it early this month.

    Never enjoy Zinger burger, too much spice for me.

    1. If I am not wrong, at one time, they did not have fries, dunno now. Frankly, I can think of a lot of nicer things I can go and enjoy with that kind of money. I really don’t see what the attraction is, this kind of places.

  5. I seldom buy KFC but I don’t mind having it once in a while. Chicken is not cheap these days, that is probably why the size has shrunk.

    I don’t mind it small, not big and fat – hormone-fed! I will eat but will not go for it – after all, it’s just fried chicken and is not cheap!

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