Your special day…

The 17th of September was my girl’s birthday, the actual day but the registration department made a slip so on paper, it was one day later, on the 18th.

Of course, like what we would do every year, we started off the celebration on the morning of the 17th with this scrumptious breakfast of our traditional Foochow longevity noodles, the mee sua

…served in the most delightful Foochow red wine and ginger chicken soup with two symbolic hardboiled eggs by the side.

The mum did an exceptionally good job in cooking the soup this time around, beginning with the frying of the ginger in sesame oil for the added fragrance, instead of just cooking oil and she also added some wolfberries and red dates for the sweetness, dried shitake mushrooms (pre-soaked to soften) for the fragrance and a bit of dong quai (當歸) that elevated the taste of the soup to a whole new level. It was so so so delicious!

My girl got this lovely cake…

…strawberry, no less – my girl’s favourite –

from this bakery and this hamper of snacks…

…from her good friend, Dayang (also an English teacher like her), who never fails to give her a little something for her birthday every year.

Her colleagues, Geraldine and Chai Hong, sent this delightful layered sponge cake with its very rich cream cheese topping…

…and this very nice mee sua

from here via food delivery to the house. That sure was a pleasant surprise, indeed!

We did not plan to go out for dinner or anything as the 17th fell on a Saturday and we would always go to church in the evening for the sunset service every week. We did plan, however, to do that the following evening but that, of course, will be in the next post. You’ll stick around for that, won’t you?

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Your special day…”

  1. Wow, 2 rounds of mee sua and 2 cakes… 😊. Is your missus a Foochow too? Well done, mummy. I notice in Foochow mee sua, they always use whole mushroom instead of cutting them into halves, no matter how big they are. My Foochow DIL does that too. I wonder if it is their custom not to cut the mushroom.
    Here again, “Happy Belated Blessed Birthday to Melissa.. 🎂🎉🎊🎈🌹. Yes, I will stick around for your next episode of birthday celebration.

    1. Sorry, my computer misbehaving, sent for servicing. I’m using a very old laptop right now, as slow as a snail!!!
      My missus is Foochow on her mother’s side but if you’re Sibu born and bred, you will be more Foochow than anything else.
      We do not cut those shitake mushrooms but these days, the medical shops will cut the stems/stalks to sell to vegetarians to make their mock meat. We used to cut and throw away – very hard, not easy to chew.
      Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  2. i remember birthday meesuah too even tho we’re not fuchow.

    The other dialects do not eat that on birthdays? We have never missed a single birthday since we were kids!

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