Everybody loves me…

Last Friday was Malaysia Day, a public holiday and my sister asked me if I could drive her around to do a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Of course, I could – nothing much else that a retiree has to do, right? She is still nursing her post-surgery fractured wrist so she is not about to drive anywhere herself just yet.

I noticed that a lot of the shops in town, including the coffee shops, were closed but no, I did not think those people were that patriotic as to take the day off. I suspect they were not willing to pay their workers extra for working on a public holiday (the regulation here) so most of those shops that were open would be the family-owned ones where members of the family would chip in to do everything in running the business.

It was already 10 something when we were done and I suggested going for brunch so my sister would not need to go home and heat up something for her lunch. She is trying to cope the best she can but with one hand immobilised, there are limits as to what one can do. When we got to the restaurant, she suggested sitting outside because it looked like there were quite a number of customers inside the air-conditioned section. That was why we ended up dining al fresco that morning.

It was a Friday, my no-meat day, so I decided to go for the Foochow char chu mee (fry & cook noodles, soup) with fresh fish fillet (RM18.00)…

I had their tomato kway teow with fresh fish fillet (tapah) once and it was very good.

My missus loves this char chu mee and will order it sometimes and my sister said that she and my brother in Auckland, New Zealand enjoy it too, this exclusive upgraded version with fresh fish fillet. She said that they would drop by here to eat quite often everytime he is home. On the other hand, I am not all that fond of anything this soupy – I have this feeling that the taste would be kind of diluted with the addition of so much water to the noodles.

Besides, our local yellow noodles…

…are alkaline-free so there is no offensive smell but the noodles may not stay firm that long especially when it is swimming in the soup. They may soak it all up and become over-soft and soggy especially if one does not eat them all up quickly like when one buys them home.

Much to my delight that morning, my first sip of the soup swept me off my feet – with the fish added, the taste was absolutely awesome. It was so so so good!!! They did not have any tapah so they substituted it with some other type of fish. The lady boss did tell me the name but I can’t remember it now.

My sister had their kampua mee (RM4.50)…

…which I feel is among the best in town! I had it a couple of times before and I sure would not mind ordering it sometimes but there are so many nice things here to pick and choose so it has to wait for quite sometime before I get round to it again.

I paid for our orders the moment mine was served but the daughter-in-law (who would help with the serving and everything in the restaurant) brought my money back to return to me. It seemed that our family/church friends, Lawrence and Annie (I taught all their sons at my English Language tuition class, wonderful boys all of them!) were eating inside and they had picked up the tab. Good grief!!! And I was having something SO expensive!!! Blush! Blush! Thank you so so much to the two of you, Lawrence and Annie -that was so very generous and thoughtful of you.

Y2K CAFE (2.294220, 111.825753)…

…is located in the Tunku Osman area, round the corner from that block of shops where the branches of AmBank & RHB Bank are located with its back entrance facing the side (right, not the main one) entrance/exit of Methodist Secondary School.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “Everybody loves me…”

  1. This morning the weather in Kuching is so cold and gloomy. While reading your blog and seeing that bowl of Foochow chu char mee with fish fillet my tummy start beating drums…😊. Just look at the colour of the thick broth and I can assure it will taste great and flavourful…😋🤤

    Yes, it was so very nice…but so very expensive too! So paiseh that my friends chose to give me treat that morning. It is raining and gloomy here too after two beautiful sunny days – Saturday and Sunday.

  2. I was stopped by a police on a regular road block here on Malaysia Day.. and the cops did confess they get triple pay on the day. haha.

    Yes, TRIPLE!!! So I’ve been told!

  3. Well, well, lucky you! Rezeki jangan ditolak hee..hee..

    I’m not complaining, just felt a bit shy about it. Not so bad if I just had a regular plate of noodles.

  4. Your noodle with fresh fish fillet looks delicious. The price is justified because they serve you the fresh fish fillet.

    Yes, these fresh fish do not come cheap but usually they use tapah – that one is a bit nicer than what I got that morning.

  5. My post of 16 Sept is coming up this week. Up very early that morning.

    Nice brunch with your sister. I like fish fillet better than the sliced pork or chicken that most stalls added to their noodle. Unless you request and they have it, they don’t usually give you fish fillet. I don’t like those yellow noodle with those offensive alkaline taste and smell, so I hardly have yellow noodle when dining outside.

    Then you will love the Foochow yellow noodles from Sibu, no alkaline taste or smell. My uncle in Kuching used to ask me to buy a few kilos come Chinese New Year every year – he would never want to buy and eat the Kuching ones – even the texture would be different, he said, not just the taste and the smell.

    Here, you can order fish or prawn noodles, the Foochow fried noodles style at some coffee shops but of course, you have to pay more for the fish…and a whole lot more if you are going for the giant freshwater prawns (udang galah).

    My blogposts on my girl’s birthday, 17th & 18th September, coming right up! Do stick around!!!

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