Oh so many years…

I taught in Kanowit for 5 years from 1978 until 1982 and in 1983, I got my transfer to SMB Chung Hua in Sibu.

The Form 3 and the senior classes were in the morning but there was a special arrangement for those selected students in Form 1 and Form 2 to go to their respective classes in the morning as well. It was believed that the kids would be able to study better than if they were put in the afternoon session.

Jack was in the selected Form 2 class that I was assigned to teach when I joined the school and as the years went by, we eventually lost touch. I never heard from any of them after they had left the school except for one who became my colleague in the school that I went to next, the one where I eventually retired from the teaching profession in 2007. That one left the group to go to another school after Form 3 so my guess is he eventually lost contact with the rest of them as well.

I received a message via Facebook from Jack and initially, I was thinking that it might be a scam. He was using his Chinese name when he was in school, not Jack but eventually, I managed to find out who he actually was and responded to his messages. It seemed that presently, he is working with a bank in Kuala Lumpur, Bangi, to be exact, now a high ranking officer in the computer division and he would be coming back to Sibu for a few days.

I must say that I was flattered that he could still remember me after oh so many years, 39, to be exact and he would like to get to meet me while he was home. I told him that I had been unwell and I had not been going out anywhere for sometime now so I would not be able to go and meet him. He insisted on dropping by my house – he did visit me when he was my student and in no time at all, he showed up at my door. Those students would always drop by during Chinese New Year in big groups.

He brought along this gift…

…of mooncakes…

…that he said, were made by his wife.

There were those Shanghai ones…

…with lotus paste filling and one salted egg yolk…

…that I used to enjoy a lot but it turned out that I found this green one…

…to be very much nicer.

Initially, by virtue of its green colour, I thought it would be some matcha-flavoured mooncake but when I tried it, I could not detect anything matcha or green tea about it. My guess was it was pandan, used for the colour, more than anything else.

Inside, there was this red bean paste filling wrapped around something white…

…that was chewy/rubbery like a marshmallow. Whatever it was, I liked the taste and I loved how the red bean paste was not sweet at all, just perfect for me now that I am on a low sugar diet!

We sat and chatted for a very long time that morning, talking about the good old days and those people in his same class back in 1983. I was glad to hear that so many of them are very successful in their careers – there is a doctor in Australia, a dentist in Singapore and another one probably in Kuching and so on and so forth. Jack was amazed that I could remember so many of their names (including the Chinese name he was using when he was in school) even though I had not seen nor heard from them for so long. It sure would be nice if they, like Jack, would take the trouble to drop by just to say hello.

Thank you, Jack, for coming to see this very old teacher of yours and also to your missus for the lovely mooncakes. May God bless you and her and all in the family always. Cheers!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

2 thoughts on “Oh so many years…”

  1. What a blessings to have someone remember you even though parted for a long 39 years. The Shanghai mookncakes looks good and I like the pure lotus paste fillings the most but unfortunately not with salted egg yolk in it so as in bak chang too. Yes, I remember I always say you have very good memory.

    Yes, I’ve a memory like an elephant’s…and I look like one too! That is what I always tell people. Must try and remember as much as possible. I know a lot of people who cannot seem to remember everything, so sad!

  2. I don’t think I could ever teach the seniors. I much prefer the little ones. 😉

    I, on the other hand, would probably lack the patience and will scare the living daylights out of them. LOL!!!

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