No wings…

I did buy the old lady’s VERY nice mee goreng from here to take home and let the ladies in the house have a go at them and yes, they loved them a lot! However, I never had the chance to take them there to eat – that, of course, would definitely be a whole lot nicer, piping hot from the wok.

So, the other morning, at around 8 something, I took my missus there (our girl was in school at the time) and I was so surprised to see that the coffee shop was packed to the brim. All these years that I had been dropping by, I had never seen so many people there at any one time. Luckily, the people at one table happened to be leaving and my missus went and sat down right away so we did manage to find a place to sit in the end.

The old lady was so busy doing the cooking and hardly had time for any small talk. I told her what I wanted and she said yes…though I was quite doubtful that she would remember. These people here are quite notorious for that – you tell them what you want and when they serve you your orders, you would find that they have got everything mixed up, and everything was wrong!

My missus was quite amused by the name of the cafe because even the drinks took quite a long time. It did not matter one bit though because we had all the time in the world and were in no hurry to go anywhere. Finally, our orders came. I am abstaining from red meat so I asked for the very delicious daging masak hitam to be left out…

…and yes, the old lady got that right!

However, there was no fried chicken wing! – I don’t know if the old lady had run out of those or she did not have any that morning. She did give me the fried egg…

…though, very nicely fried the traditional way in a wok, with the yolk still runny and the lovely golden fringe all along the edges.

I found the noodles to be just as delicious…

…even without the daging masak hitam and the chicken wing. It dawned on me there and then that this would be just perfect for our no-meat Friday – I can come here and order a plate of the noodles and ask the old lady to leave all the meat out.

My missus had the daging masak hitam

…in her plate and yes, she enjoyed it to the max even though she did not get the chicken wing either.

The daging masak hitam

…was really good and together with what I was served, I also ordered a pack of fried bihun (with the daging masak hitam and the egg) to pass to my sister at her house for her lunch.

The old lady asked for RM15.00 for the three – I guess that worked out to only RM5.00 each. As far as I know, her mee goreng special is RM6.00 with the daging masak hitam and one fried chicken wing and if you want one fried egg to go with it, you have to add another RM1.00, RM7.00 altogether.

I did not ask the old lady how she came to that total – she was so very busy and I did not want to disturb her. We just sat back and enjoyed our orders…

…and rest assured that we shall be back here for more again…and again!!!

FAST CAFE (2.319250, 111.832257)… 

is located in the vicinity of Sungai Antu at No. 11, Jalan Tapang Timur, off Jalan Kampung Nangka.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “No wings…”

  1. No wonder your missus find the name amused, I would too. Everything come slow…😊😊. Both fried noodles looks good, with or w/o daging masak hitam. So cheap, only RM5 each. Since what you tapao for your sister doesn’t have chicken wing, I guess the old lady doesn’t serve chicken wings in the fried noodles anymore since there is daging masak hitam in it. Cut cost maybe… 😀

    Maybe. I hear the price of chicken (and everything else, for that matter) has gone up again and again. Still, RM5.00 is cheap – the Foochow fried mee my missus had that day was RM6.00, even without anything special.

  2. That’s one good looking mee goreng, love how they prepare the egg too.

    The best in town. This old lady sure knows how to do it…and do it well. I’ve seen young chefs in hotel trying…and ending up nowhere half as nice. Such a disgrace!

  3. It’s been a while since I’ve eaten mee goreng, but your pic with the egg on top sure makes it look enticing.

    This one is my favourite in town. I’ve had others elsewhere – somehow the Malays do not seem to have a standard recipe – they are all quite different. Some are good, others may be disappointing. This one, in my opinion, tops them all…even without all the add-ons.

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