What makes a man…

This is called roti jantan

– translation: male or man’s bread and my guess is it is thus called by virtue of the fact that there are TWO eggs. I first heard of it in 2015 but I only got to give it a try in 2020 and yes, I did enjoy it a lot.

However, it is only lately that I’ve seen photographs after photographs on Facebook of the one at this coffee shop – so many people have gone to give it a try but I was never tempted to go there myself because the coffee shop is in that very congested part of town and parking is such a pain. Besides, it is always very crowded and looking at the situation all around these days, I think it is best to play it safe – for your own good, stay away from such places! Other than that, I did ask a friend who had it once and he said it was overrated and he did not like the msg overload in it.

Well, recently I saw an Iban Youtuber featuring this very dish on her video clip and I was delighted to learn from it that it…

…is also available at another place in town. Well, it so happened that my missus and I was driving past that area of shops and of course, I grabbed the opportunity to stop by for brunch.

My missus ordered the Foochow fried noodles (RM6.00)…

…from the chu char kitchen at the back and she was delighted when she tried it and found it to be very much to her liking. She asked the Iban helper for some freshly-cut chili and she brought a whole lot to give to her…and that sure pleased her all the more!

I placed my order for one roti jantan (RM5.50)…

…at the roti canai stall and I felt that the one I got sure looked a lot nicer than the ones at that other place.

I think there were at least, two pieces of roti canai underneath the two fried eggs with the lovely runny yolks, drowned with some very delicious super spicy gravy that tasted not unlike what one would get in a plate of mee jawa and on top of it all, there was this delicious nasi lemak sambal as well.

I must say that I enjoyed it a lot except that the serving was too big for me – I think I only managed two-thirds of it and I was very sure there was enough for two people, at least! Surprisingly, there was a guy at a table a short distance away who ordered the same thing and lo and behold! He licked the plate clean!!!

Seeing how much I enjoyed it, rest assured that I shall be back there again pretty soon for more!

CHOPSTICKS FOOD STREET (2.279983, 111.840216)…

…is located along Lorong Aman 2A, off Jalan Aman in Sibu.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

3 thoughts on “What makes a man…”

  1. Love the roti jantan and Foochow fried noodles. They look so good. Wow, both Foochow size. For small eater like me, I need someone to share too. The eggs are perfectly done and much to my liking.

    Yes, all good that morning, our truly Malaysian breakfast with a touch of Malay, Indian…and Chinese! Happy Malaysia Day!!!

  2. I heard of it but not in such presentation. Overflow with gravy. Usually separately.

    Glad you enjoyed it. It did looked huge for one person.

    Yes, would be just right for at least two persons…but there was a skinny man at the next table. He also ordered the same thing and he licked his plate clean. Incredible!!! I must be growing old, slowly losing touch. LOL!!!

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