The ladies in the house love anything and everything Korean so I would often see them whipping up some Korean dishes and making their own kim chi and when they come home from shopping, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some Korean products in their cart, some packs of instant noodles…


Well, recently they came home with a few packets of this…

…and when I went and googled, I found out that gomtang is actually Korean beef bone soup.

There is a joke that “gom” in Korean means bear, so it is a soup made by boiling bear meat. But gomtang is made using beef, not bear meat. It is also called gomguk but here, “gom” means “boiled” bones or meat for a long time.

Usually, these Korean instant noodles do not come cheap but they probably bought this one at a discounted price, seeing how the expiry date was a few days ago. More often than not, they are extremely spicy and are red in colour with the very strong kim chi taste so I would not touch them with a 10-foot pole. I saw that this one was not like those so I decided to take a packet and give it a try.

Inside, besides the noodles, there was a sachet – the soup base…

I did hear my girl complaining when she cooked it to eat that it was very salty so I just added half of the seasoning and threw away the rest.

There wasn’t any leftover meat or whatever in the fridge that I could serve with it so I boiled an egg, peeled it and placed it by the side with some lettuce and tomato…

Oh dear! I did not do a good job with the egg this time – the yolk did not turn out perfect. I sprinkled a bit of the chopped spring onion from our garden and my missus’ fried shallots on top and served.

I must say that it did not sweep me off my feet when I ate it, not at all! I thought it tasted like one of those ordinary instant noodles, the chicken flavour and even the texture of the noodles was kind of disappointing…

I’ve had Korean instant noodles where I really liked the noodles, if nothing else.

In my honest opinion, our own made-in-Sibu Daddy Mee, chicken flavour wins hands down if I were to compare that to this…

I don’t know about the ladies but I, for one, would not bother to buy it again if I happen to see it in the shops.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

4 thoughts on “Bear…”

  1. I am also not into anything Korean or Japanese. Made-in-Sibu Mee Daddy is one of my family’s favourite instant noodles besides Maggi mee and it used to be RM17.70 thereabout per family pack but now the price has gone up to RM19.90 over here. Wonder how much it is in Sibu.

    It should be going up too – it was already increasing the last time I bought any. These days, I am cutting down on carbs especially anything made from wheat flour so I have not bought any. Nobody in the house wants to eat – I gave a few packets leftover to my sis…with a few from Maggi too since I am not eating them myself anymore.

  2. I only buy instant noodle as standby if we do get hungry when it is not convenient to go out to eat. I only buy local instant noodle. I usually use a third or half of the seasoning which is enough for our taste.

    Yes, half is definitely enough, don’t use all – it’s all salt and msg anyway so the less we use the better!

  3. I see that brand, Gomtang, in our Korean market. We plan to take a trip to that market on Friday.

    I love the bowl in which you plated your meal, and you did an excellent job displaying everything. I should work on that; I just take a photo and call it a day. lol

    Thanks for the compliment. Takes just a bit of effort to make instant noodles look nice and not just like any other instant noodles. They always come out so plain, not appealing at all.
    My girl and her mum would love to join you – we have a Korean store here – they love to drop by and browse around and will pick up a thing or two.

  4. I would like to explore more Korean cuisine.

    We only have one VERY good Korean restaurant here…but looking at the cars parked outside and all around every night, I think I would stay away for a while. COVID or no COVID, it sure pays to play it safe. I’ve seen so many people around me getting it even though it is not so serious most of the time since they have been vaccinated.

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