I knew a girl…

I knew a girl, Mingchu was her name
I was in Form 6 and she was in Form 4
Then she moved to Hong Kong
Last I heard, she was still there, happily married with kids

LOL!!! I just thought I would start today’s blogpost with a little story about someone that I used to know because there is this made-in-Sibu product by that same name. My sister gave me a pack of the mee bo (mee pok) so I wasted no time at all in cooking myself a plate…

…to try, with some roast duck by the side.

My sister has been singing its praises for a long while now and I have been searching for it…

…high and low but to no avail. No, you cannot find it at the leading supermarkets and major grocery stores – perhaps, they have no intention of competing with their celebrated competitor in this same field that is being sold most everywhere all over town.

I like how they highlight Sibu, Sarawak in the packaging and looking at the information at the back…

…it looks like they are manufacturing their products for export to some place in Victoria, Australia.

Inside, there are 5 individual packets of mee pok

…and two sachets…

…in each of them, one with the oil and the other with the light soy sauce – I suppose you will get the dark one if you opt for that instead.

Incidentally, this is VEGETARIAN so true-blue Sibu Foochows will frown upon the fact that there is no lard in the ingredients, something that they will insist upon when it comes to kampua mee in order to meet their approval. Apparently, they do have those with the coveted stuff and my sister did give me a pack of that as well but I’ve yet to give it a try. Anyway, if you go to those Malay shops and stalls to enjoy their HALAL kampua mee (that is getting more and more popular by the day and some are quite nice, really), this is what you will get – lard-free kampua mee.

Empty the contents of the sachets into a plate…

…boil the noodles till soft, drain well and toss them thoroughly with the oil and the sauce…

…prior to serving. I had some leftover roast duck from the previous night’s dinner so I served that by the side and I did sprinkle a bit of chopped spring onion over the noodles.

Yes, it was very nice – quite plain and simple, not so complicated but I liked it! If I am not wrong, they will give you some fried shallots if you buy their kampua mee – I saw the photographs on their Facebook page and incidentally, if anyone is interested, the products are available via Lazada or Shopee. My sister said that she got her packs from Doremart here in Sibu and one can get it at Kim Hock and maybe Farley too.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

4 thoughts on “I knew a girl…”

  1. Looks like mee kua from the pix. Sometimes simplicity is the best and never judge by its looks. I will try to look for it at Farley. Thanks for sharing.

    Yes, seemed to take longer to cook too, like mee kua. The instructions say 2-3 minutes, definitely not enough.

  2. What a cute little story! I have a thing for noodles that are flat hah..hah…

    I do enjoy linguine, fettuccine more than those regular pastas.

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