All of it all…

My doctor said I should increase my intake of protein, something about all of it leaking into the blood stream or the urine or whatever but unfortunately, I have to stay away from red meat and dairy products. I was eating a lot of fish until the mere smell of it would make me feel sick instantly!

Eat eggs, he said, but eat the white only. WHAT? But I love the yolks…especially if they are soft and runny. Besides, if I eat just the white, what is going to happen to the yolks? Do we just throw them away? Isn’t that such a waste? Well, since I am not ready to do that, I would just limit my intake of eggs to say, around two a week…

According to this website, “…the problem with the yolk is its high phosphorus …but if you don’t have a phosphorous issue, you can use the yolk and this is for people who want to include some type of animal protein in their diet. The good thing about eggs is it doesn’t raise the blood sugar at all so it could be a good substitute for people that have or good food for people that have diabetic kidney disease.

Actually, my phosphorous and potassium levels are all right, no problem with them but of course, that does not mean that I can go ahead and eat all the egg yolks I want. Everything in moderation, that’s what’s best.

I like eggs in any form but these days, I will usually have them half boiled/half-cooked. I will bring some water to a boil in a saucepan and turn off the heat before putting in the eggs, straight from the fridge and leave them in the water for around 7-8 minutes. That way, the white will be cooked and the yolk is still soft and runny…

…both of them…

I don’t mind leaving them in the hot water a little bit longer so both the yolk and the white are a bit harder but the former must still be soft though a little less runny. The white would be a bit like the texture in hard boiled eggs by then.

I try to cut down on the soy sauce these days but I think I am o.k. with the amount of pepper that I add…

Once I’ve mixed everything together…

…I would just slurp it all down. I do enjoy eating eggs like this.

Then, there is this piece of information from another website, “However, in this context, even the earlier beliefs that the egg yolks are bad for kidney patients has been refuted to a great extent which means that the food item happens to be safe for the one and all…” and this website seems to contradict what all the rest are saying. Eat your egg yolks,” the heading says, “it’s the egg whites that can kill you! Heads you win, tails I lose.

I guess whatever it is, we should eat everything sparingly, not too much of anything, never mind what the people say and how good they are for you…and PRAY very very hard every day!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “All of it all…”

  1. I love half-boiled eggs and yours are perfectly done. I never get it right… 😊. Usually when I cooked half-boiled, it turns out abit on the hard side. Maybe because I cover the pan partly. I will try your method one of these days. Your method is after putting in the eggs, leave the pan open and let it stay in the water for 7-8 minutes.

    No, no…take the eggs out of the fridge, rinse them clean (I cannot get the picture of where they came from out of my mind! LOL!!!), drop them into the just-boiled water straight away and COVER THE SAUCEPAN…and then wait for 7-8 minutes.
    Take out and break open right away because usually, the cooking may continue in the residual heat on the eggs.
    My eggs are the medium ones, not the small nor the large. timing may vary depending on the size of the eggs.

    1. OK, thanks for the tips. Will try and see if I manage to get it right… 😊😊

      Hope it will turn out well, fingers crossed.

  2. I love half boiled egg too. But true, try not to overeat.

    Yes, at one time, I had two per day…and more if we had eggs in some of the dishes for our meals like the stewed ones with braised pork knuckle. That would be too many!

  3. Eat everything sparingly, that is my belief. Everything has its benefits. Hubby loves half boiled eggs more than I do but he won’t eat hard boiled eggs. I used a half boiled egg maker (a plastic container) and it won’t go wrong. Before that, I just used a stainless steel mug and just watch the bubbles coming out from the eggs to get it right.

    Yes, my late mum would cook half-boiled eggs in a stainless steel or enamel “kong” (cup/mug) with a cover – we had to eat two EACH before going to school every day.
    My school canteen last time used that plastic thing – it worked everytime, 100%, a sure proof way to cook half boiled eggs, it seemed.
    My missus will do it like me but she sets the alarm on her smartphone…and she will check for bubbles to make sure the eggs are perfectly cooked.
    I will eat eggs in any form, no problem at all.

  4. Oh dear, ironic isn’t it? You have to up your protein and yet you have to restrict the type of meat and have to avoid too many yolks. The quality of protein in egg yolk is superior to egg white.

    I dunno which way to turn now, just go on one day at a time…and pray…VERY hard!

  5. The yolk is the best part for me too. Have you considered beans, legumes, nuts and seeds as potential sources of protein?

    I do eat beans, the vegetables, that is. Limited, the variety of nuts that we can get here…other than peanuts and they are always salted. I do drink soya bean milk, unsweetened/sugar free.

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