In the house…

We did not go out for lunch last Saturday. Instead, we had a simple lunch at my sister’s house and for that, I took my tiffin carrier out of the boot of my car to go and buy a few dishes at Ruby.

I was early, around 10 something in the morning and they were not quite ready to roll yet but they were willing to get down to it as long as I did not mind a slightly longer than usual wait.

My girl wanted the deep fried breaded fish fillet, served with mayonnaise…

…and their cangkok manis fried with egg…

I wanted another dish and decided to go with their bitter gourd with salted egg…

…instead of another meat or fish dish. Right now, we are staying off prawns owing to some allergy issues.

That sure was a delightful lunch – we thought it was nice to have it at home for a change but for the four of us, the three dishes, one fish and two veg came up to exactly RM50.00. Ouch!!!


is located at No. 71, Jalan Kampung Nyabor right next to HOME COOK CORNER  (2.292756, 111.825335) with the AmBank Tunku Osman branch in the very next block. (They have a new sign now, replacing that one with the neon lights above the door.)

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5 thoughts on “In the house…”

  1. I love both the vegetable dishes. For me, I prefer to have my meals at the comfort zone of my own home but most people if not all, prefer to eat outside as they find the dishes taste nicer than buy home. No doubt about it, from the wok to the table. Can’t deny… 😊😊

    Yes, unlike Malay food, most Chinese dishes are best served piping hot straight from the wok. At times, the taste will change when it has turned cold and will not be nice anymore. Some are still all right even when they are not that hot.
    I do not like eating in crowded restaurants and places with a lot of people (especially here where many talk like they are giving speeches to everyone in the whole place) – sometimes, it would get so noisy that you cannot even carry on a decent conversation with the rest at your table and I would end up getting a headache and I would not enjoy the meal at all.

  2. I like the 3 dishes you ordered for your lunch. We don’t have cangkok manis fried with egg here.

    You have that vegetable added to your pan mee – maybe, it’s the stunted version, the sayur manis from Sabah. I used to buy a lot, nicer and sweeter, till word went round about the rampant use of pesticides and fertilisers at Kundasang like in Cameron. That was long ago, probably safe to eat now.

  3. I’m not sure where the last couple of months have gone but I am back and trying to catch up! Hope you are well! This entry way for the restaurant is neat…love the color!

    Welcome back! Yes, I love the colour – very pleasant. I think there are not many places here that take the trouble to make the entrance look different…and nice.

  4. All of those dishes go all well together. Love this.

    Very nice but not all that cheap by our local standard, one fish dish and two veg, around NZD16.00.

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