Not all the time…

The other day, I stopped by the bank to get some cash from the ATM there and as I was walking back to the car, I felt the urge to go to the washroom. That was why I dropped by the outlet of our Sarawak’s own fast food franchise in that same block of shops at the other end.

While I was there, I decided to have fish burger (RM9.30 exclusive of the 6% SST)…

…to tide me over till lunch.

I did hear that they have jacked up the price from RM8.00 something before (up from RM7.00 something before that) and that was enough to change my mind about dropping by for this a few times in the afternoon when all the coffee shops were closed and there was nothing I could have for tea. You can see they have changed the menu on top at the back…

…to include the new prices but personally, I felt that the old one was more attractive and pleasant to the eye.

My order…

…came pretty fast in an environment-friendly paper bag and inside, there was the New Zealand Hoki fish fillet with a few slices of cucumber and some coleslaw served in a hot dog bun…

Service was top notch, very efficient and very pleasant too – the girls kept calling me “uncle” and they even asked me if I wanted some sauce with my order. I said I did not mind some tomato ketchup and one of them quickly went and got that for me…

As far as I know, at all the other fast food franchises, either you go and get your own or you will not get any at all and if they give out the sauces in little sachets, you will have to keep begging for them before they grudgingly give you one.

Yes, it had been quite a while and I enjoyed eating that…

…but I guess at that price, you would not find me eating it all the time. When I was through, I picked up everything on my table, the wrapper, the serviette and what not, to throw them away and one of the girls came quickly to take them from me to do just that.

I also bought this fish and chips (fries) set (RM12.10, excluding the 6% SST)…

…that came with a bit of mayonnaise and some coleslaw…

…for my girl for her lunch that day. I know she enjoys all these things from these fast food franchises and it sure would be a pleasant surprise for her to get this out of the blue to enjoy!

I checked my old post and much to my surprise, it was RM12.90 before. Wonders will never cease!!! This is the first time I’ve seen the price of something going down! I don’t know when I’ll be dropping by again for some of the things they have on their menu that I do enjoy…but I am pretty sure it will not be all that soon.

SUGAR BUN@PEDADA, the Delta Mall outlet (2.310929, 111.846391)…

…is located at No. 10 & 11, Ground Floor, Pusat Pedada, facing Jalan Pedada, now Jalan Datuk Wong Soon Kai, in the block of shops on the left of ASTRO Sibu, the first shop in the block on the right.

Author: suituapui

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6 thoughts on “Not all the time…”

  1. Yes, I like the fish burger from Sugar Bun too. I quite like some of the dishes from the menu, one of which is the deep fried Taliapa set. My son prefer their broasted chicken more than KFC.

    Yes, I like their deep fried tilapia too and indeed, I know a lot of people who like their broasted chicken more than KFC’s. For one thing, it is not oily!

  2. My girl likes its fish n chip too. I also long time didn’t taste its fish burger. The best!!

    I couldn’t agree more. That was why I went and bought one to buang gian, never mind the price increase – have not eaten for so long.

  3. Both the fish burger and fish and chips look good. I don’t mind going for these one of these days.

    I guess you do not have Sugar Bun there. That New Zealand Hoki fish is the winner.
    Sometimes we buy the frozen fish fillet or fish fingers or tempura from Pacific West – nice too but not as nice.
    Better than those cheap frozen fish fillet from the supermarkets though and definitely anytime better than those Dory ones.

  4. The fish fillet looks really good! I love those fish fingers that I can get at the supermarket. Perhaps I should pick up some this weekend.

    Yes, we usually buy the Pacific West ones. Not cheap but very nice, value for money. Lots of fish fillet, all kinds of brands – I get put off by the mere sight of the packaging!!! Just one look and we can guess what the quality is like!

  5. I know a lot of people who would love this, but white bread, deep-fried filling – I’m too health conscious to even consider it.

    Oh? Well, whatever your reason is, I do not go for it often too, not at that price!

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