Should I…

I enjoy eating fruits a lot more than what I have for my meals in my low salt/low sugar/low carbs/no red meat diet but the problem is not all fruits are good for me. That is why I have to go online to read up on all kinds of fruits, what I should eat a lot of and what I should stay away from.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, they say…but avocados, bananas, oranges and so on are not for the likes of me, it seems. Thankfully, papayas…

…are good!

I got this from one website…

…so you can all go and click the link and read all about it.

These days, I only buy this variety…

The fruit is not big, smaller than a rugby ball and round in shape, not long and oval.

Inside, it is more like yellow in colour, not the usual red or orange and other than the fact that it is very sweet, it is not strong on that papaya smell that can be a bit over-powering in some papayas. At one time, everyone went crazy over the small round ones – just cut it open and eat with a spoon! I never liked those because I got somewhat put off by the smell.

Another thing about me when I eat papayas is after I have got rid of the seeds, I shall have to cut away the rough part inside where the seeds stick to the fruit so in the end, I have something like this…

– completely smooth and no seeds.

I can’t remember if I read something about that part that I cut and throw away but I hear the seeds are good for health!!! The aforementioned website has this to say about papaya seeds:
Papaya seeds are also named as “traditional healers treat”. As we are aware, kidneys are responsible for removing waste and impure substances from the body. These unwanted materials include metabolic waste, toxins, excess water, infection, drugs, etc. Once they suffer from a disease, they tend to lose this function leading to multiple medical conditions. Papaya seeds in this case help to heal the damage caused and prevent further complications. Papaya seeds easily remove the toxins produced in the metabolism of the whole body and excreted in the urine. An alkaloid named Caprine is present in the papaya seeds that help in detoxifying the body.

Unfortunately, I have tried eating the seeds but they are so bitter and quite impossible to eat. Some people told me not to chew – just swallow, they say but no, I think I’d just stick to the fruit proper and enjoy it…

…as it is. Having said that, hopefully, my condition will improve otherwise I would have no choice but to go and eat the seeds and pray that they will work as claimed.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “Should I…”

  1. I like papayas too. Wow, the way you got rid of the seeds and rough part inside looks super clean. Whereas for me, I use a spoon and try my very best to scoop out whatever I can, the seeds and the rough part but it is not as clean as yours, that’s all I do… 😊😊. Since you have a big garden, try getting the seeds of the papaya to plant.

    I planted a few trees – they all grew very well and they even flowered but no fruit. Dunno why. We still have one right now, hopefully we will get something this time around.

  2. I like papaya. Now growing 2 papaya trees at back. Spotted flowers on the bigger tree. Does it mean it will bear fruit soon??

    My kids pretty particular when it comes to Apple. They want these expensive imported mini apple. Phew. Nice and crunchy but not cheap. Over RM20 for 5 -6 small apples. But really nice to take. Not sure the price now as few months didn’t buy.

    So expensive in Kuching? Oh dear!!! Here I buy the red ones from New Zealand, 5 for RM12.00. The ones from South Africa also the same price but not as sweet and juicy. Another one, dunno from where, not so sweet, not so juicy, not much cheaper…so so far, I only bought once.
    My papaya trees flowered but did not bear fruit, so fed up!!! And the trees were so big, such a chore to get rid of them!

  3. When cutting papayas, I will use a spoon to remove the seeds but I will leave behind the rough part with the tiny white seeds attached. I have also heard about the benefits of eating papaya seeds but they (black seeds) are not palatable.

    Yes, so very bitter – impossible to eat. Some people say just swallow, don’t chew!!!

  4. Honestly this is one of the fruits I never got fond of eating, never liked the flavour and texture. In the Philippines to solve that issue we usually lightly mash them with powdered milk and sugar then add ice cubes, it makes it better for me.

    Oh? Well, you’re not alone. My sister-in-law from Auckland tried it when she first came here a long long time ago. She did not like it – said it tasted like rotten fruit!

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